How Feng Shui Your Bedroom


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for millennia to balance and harmonize the energies of any given space. This can be done through the placement of decor items, furniture orientation, colour selections and lighting. The idea behind feng shui bedroom design, just like other interior design styles, is to create a living environment which encourages good health and fortune.

Feng shui bedroom design has many positive benefits including creating a peaceful atmosphere, improving sleep quality and removing negative energy from the room. It can even help bring in good luck and prosperity by creating an inviting and harmonious ambiance with minimal effort. In addition, it encourages greater self-awareness as it helps you align with natural energy forces while being connected to nature within your own home.

By implementing some simple techniques such as decluttering, clearing out old memorabilia, adding plants or crystals to your bedroom space, hanging specific images on the walls, arranging furniture in certain ways, or applying appropriate colours according to their related element you can easily along with Feng Shui into your bedroom design plan. Furthermore, selecting the correct bedding material such as silk sheets or cotton that fit your personal needs can also affect your overall well-being when sleeping in this part of the house. Ultimately these tweaks allow for an increased sense of personal security in one’s own home as well as improved physical health when utilising this type of ancient wisdom for modern lifestyle needs.

First Steps

Creating a feng shui bedroom requires taking some initial steps. The goal is to make your space calm, inviting and nurturing. Begin by clearing clutter from your bedroom. Remove all unnecessary items and rearrange furniture to give your room an uncluttered feel. Put bedside tables on either side of the bed for good energy flow but keep them clear of anything other than necessary items like a lamp and alarm clock. After clearing the physical clutter, create a Bagua map for your bedroom, which will inform you about where to place objects in the room for optimal energy flow. This involves finding the exact center of the room and then five compass directions (north, south east, west, and center). Then create a nine-square grid across these five directions where each direction will correspond to an area related to your life, such as relationships or career. Finally use colors that correspond to each direction so you can easily identify areas without having to look up their significance every time.

Choose the Right Colors & Materials to Enhance Good Feng Shui

Choosing Feng Shui colors and materials for your bedroom is one of the most important steps when it comes to creating good Feng Shui in the bedroom. Warm and peaceful colors such as shades of beige, off-white, brown and their various combinations are extremely beneficial for your bedroom space. Additionally, you should try to avoid bold and overly bright colors as these can hinder good energy flow in the room and be disruptive at night when trying to sleep.

Moreover, when it comes to materials that enhance good Feng Shui in a bedroom, look for natural fibers such as linen or cotton in furniture upholstery, curtains and bedding. Avoid synthetic materials whenever possible; if this isn’t feasible then consider blending them with natural ones — for example use synthetic curtains but have natural fiber sheets or a duvet cover on the bed. Incorporating elements such as wood accents and eco-friendly wooden furniture can further enhance the positive energy of a bedroom space while soft lighting will also help promote relaxation and peace. Additionally, introducing fresh houseplants into the room can really boost chi energy while purifying the air around you!

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Positioning Your Bed for Maximum Positive Energy

Feng shui your bedroom in accordance with the physical laws of chi energy in an effort to create an atmosphere that enhances positive emotions. To maximize this positive energy, it is important to pay attention when placing your bed within the room. Positioning your bed near (but not against) a solid wall will ensure adequate stability and grounding. Place it in a commanding spot that allows you to see the door from your bed, whether you are lying in the bed or seated on the side. Aligning your bed diagonally across from the bedroom door elicits feelings of safety as well as easy access.

Adding a headboard preferably made of wood, but if not stone or fabric are great alternatives to further emphasize stability and security. Supported by two nightstands for balance and symmetry will reinforce these proper feng shui forces for protection, success, and abundance in wellbeing. Hang at least one piece of artwork or decoration above the headboard that reflects peace and joy like nature scenes, graceful animals, inspirational words or symbols so they appear directly above while lying in the bed. Soft lighting such as salt lamps can be added to bring good fortune into a person’s life while keeping them emotionally balanced during their slumber. Additionally, it is wise to organize your closet space with orderly divisions; free-flowing chi energy focuses on neatness and enhancing clarity through organization. Finally, keep electronic items away from where you sleep such as TVs and computers which may emit interfering radiations that disrupt restful sleep patterns even when turned off at night. Taking these measures can help attract love, restful nights of rejuvenating sleep for improved longevity plus great life experiences into your life!

Lights & Decoration

Lights and decorations play key roles in achieving an optimum Feng Shui bedroom environment. Its important to place lamps and lights strategically around the room to create balance, harmony and tranquility. Position accent pieces such as wall art, photographs and sculptures with intention, choosing calming images that evoke thoughts and feelings of serenity. Aim to bring out elements of nature into the bedroom, such as natural fibers or fresh plants – this will help foster an energetic flow from the outdoors in. Color can also be used effectively to harmonize the space: warm colors such as reds, oranges and yellows evoke passion; cool colors like blues and greens promote inner peace; neutrals provide an inviting ambiance for restful sleep. Ultimately, careful thought should be given when decorating a Feng Shui bedroom to ensure that it is both comfortable and balanced.

Create a Tranquil Bedroom with Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps individuals create an environment of peace and tranquility. One of the most important areas to practice feng shui is in the bedroom. Bedrooms should be used for relaxation, rest and reflection and Feng Shui can help you achieve that goal. Here are some tips on how to feng shui your bedroom.

1. Position the bed: Put your bed in a commanding position in which you can easily see the door but it is not directly across from it. This will give you a sense of security while allowing the energy or Chi to flow freely through the room.

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2. Avoid clutter: To promote relaxation and better sleep, keep your space clutter-free. Make sure all items around you have their rightful place and avoid having too many decorations as this creates too much energy in the space making it more difficult to relax and wind down.

3. Paintings and photography: Hang up soothing artwork that reflects peace and tranquility such as nature scenes, scenic photographs or abstract art pieces which will help relax your mind further during sleep times. When choosing colours for paints, curtains or bed sheets opt for softer tones like blues, greens and lavenders as they induce peaceful vibes into the environment around you.

4. Clean regularly: Dust collects quickly so make sure regular cleaning happens in order to maintain positive energy within the space which allows good vibes to flow through unhindered by dirt or grime causing stagnation of energy within your bedroom hindering positive chi from entering the area in turn creating stress or even health issues depending on how long these areas remain untended to.

Tips for Avoiding Common Feng Shui Mistakes

When using Feng Shui to enhance your bedroom and live peacefully, it is important to be aware of common mistakes made when applying this ancient Chinese philosophy. Here are some key tips for avoiding common errors:

1. Positioning – When placing furniture in the bedroom, you should create a good flow of energy by arranging items so that the bed does not block windows, the door or entry. Leave enough space between each item for balance and try to avoid overcrowding.

2. Clutter – Excess clutter prevents free-flowing energy from circulating through the room. Make sure all surfaces are clear and clutter is disposed of in a timely manner or stowed away once it’s no longer being used.

3. Bedding & Pillows – Choose bedding and pillows with eastern influences like hot pinks, reds and oranges as they bring creativity into the space while neutral colors symbolize more profound relaxation states such as blues, grays, whites and greens.

4. Mirrors – Hang mirrors on walls opposite each other to circulate positive energy around the bedroom while ensuring they’re not pointed at you while sleeping as this disrupts chi flows in the bedroom


Living in a feng shui bedroom can bring many benefits to your life. You may feel more relaxed, be better able to sleep, and enjoy a calmer state of mind overall. With the correct placement of furniture, lighting, and accents in your bedroom, you can achieve a peaceful balance which will allow you to truly appreciate the space that is your own. Moreover, you may also find that your physical health benefits as well since all of the elements are properly balanced and working together harmoniously. All in all, with a feng shui bedroom, you have the potential to open up your life to improved comfortability, relaxation, and positive energy flow!

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