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Go Feng Shui, sometimes referred to as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional Chinese practice based on the idea that our environment directly affects our overall health and well-being. This belief dates back over 3,000 years and requires individuals to harmoniously arrange their living space in an effort to cultivate positive energy (Chi). By taking mindful steps to create a more balanced home or office atmosphere, practitioners of Go Feng Shui hope to bring good luck, health and prosperity into their lives.

The primary goals of practicing Go Feng Shui are to produce open pathways for Qi – a form of energy believed by many Chinese to exist and move through all the elements around us – and restore it’s equilibrium throughout the living space. When properly arranged in harmony with nature (Yin & Yang), optimal conditions for health, prosperity and luck are predicted. Popsiligal uses of Go Feng shui generally focus on specific areas such as furniture placement, interior design schemes and other natural elements deemed important by the believer.

History of Go Feng Shui

Go Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice with an ancient history that dates as far back as 4000 years ago. It can be viewed more as an art of intuitive environmental design than a form of superstition or religion.

The development of Go Feng Shui has evolved over time, developing from its ancient roots to the modern uses practiced today. The first use of Go Feng Shui was for practical purposes such as choosing suitable locations for burials, the placement of dwellings and creating temples. Over the centuries this has grown from these simple principles and now also includes practices such as placement of furniture, interior design and decoration. This visual concept was also supplemented by various techniques involving divination, energy flow, astrology and yin-yang theory.

Modern Go Feng Shui operates mainly on the mindset of ‘harmonising one’s environment’ through the use of decorations and objects with meaningful symbolism, in order to create a balance and positive energy within a space or property. Practitioners often focus on analysing the five elements (earth, wind, water, fire and wood) and using their inward powers to help improve luck, wealth and health within a person’s life. Nowadays there are numerous books available on centres such as Amazon which further explain this philosophy in simple terms.

Overview of Go Feng Shui

Go Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that seeks to harmonize individuals with the surrounding environment. The fundamental principles of Go Feng Shui are rooted in natural elements, such as fire, water and wood, having an impact on the energy flow within a space. Successfully applied Feng Shui creates harmony and balance between people and their physical environment.

Practicing Go Feng Shui involves identifying aspects among five key elements — earth, water, fire, wind and space — in order to enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal while creating positive energy flow within a living space. For example, one principle of Go Feng Shui is arranging furniture in accordance with the cardinal direction of the room measured according to compass angles. Other aspects include incorporating features such as round furniture shapes or proper lighting in specific directions to evoke balance and harmony.

The applications of Go Feng Shui extend beyond environmental design for homes or offices; it has been used for holistic healing as well. The different practices of Go Feng Shui aim to treat ailments by organizing environments based on Taoist philosophy coupled with modern day science and acupuncture theories. Further, some practitioners also claim that it can be used for divination purposes or ritualistic practice or even for protective fencing applications. Additionally, it may be used for selecting auspicious dates for events or seeking advice about personal relationships through object placement in buildings. Ultimately, the goal of applying Go Feng Shui remains consistent: to create a well-rounded environment that brings out its occupants’ best selves while fostering peace and joy both mentally and physically.

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Examining the 6 Elements of Go Feng Shui

Go Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese symbol system used to create balance and harmony in physical, mental, and spiritual spaces. It works by analyzing the directions, elements and symbols that make up an individual’s home or office environment and using these elements to improve flow of energy. The six main components of Go Feng Shui are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Space. Each of these elements has its own set of characteristics which can contribute to a person’s wellbeing when focused on properly.

Earth: This element encourages collaboration and communication within a space. Using materials such as stone or crystals can help promote stability and sustenance while calming any negative energies that might exist in the area.

Metal: This element helps promote focus and inspire ideas in a space. Symbols like coins or bells can be used to create an atmosphere of financial abundance and prosperity as well as bring clarity to new projects.

Water: This element serves to provide inspiration, creativity, cleansing energy and emotional comfort within an area. Incorporating water features such as fountains or aquariums into a room’s design will help encourage productive use of time while encouraging the free flow of energy throughout the entire space.

Wood: This element provides physical strength and growth to a space due to its natural properties as fuel for fire which helps repel negative vibes while inviting positive ones into your life; this element is often associated with luck and success in most cultures around the world. Adding plants or wood grain items will help bolster this feeling even more!

Fire: This element is all about passion and drive; it ignites ambition while boosting one’s personal power in order to achieve goals they have set out for themselves – making it perfect for any workspace! Brightening up one’s home through the use of red décor pieces will do wonders for this particular goal!

Space: Lastly – this is perhaps one of the most important elements that contributes greatly to Feng Shui’s overall effect on wellness – specifically dealing with reducing clutter from work surfaces (or anywhere else) creating a sense of openness & free flowing energy throughout whatever area you place it in; this premise is reflected in many eastern philosophies including Buddhism where ‘emptiness’ is seen as representative of one’s inner peace & tranquility so by removing unnecessary items from places (such as desks) you allow yourself access to those feelings anytime needed!

Designing a Balanced Space with Go Feng Shui

Go Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese philosophy of how to promote balance and harmony within one’s home or office. It uses the 6 Principles of Harmony- Location, Furnishings, Activities, Layout, Colors and Symbols to create an environment that is conducive to relaxation and good energy flow. The idea is that by applying these principles one can create a comfortable environment that promotes positive Chi (energy). To do this, one must first decide on the location of major furnishings such as beds and desks as these will have a big impact on the overall layout of the space. The next step is to choose furniture and decor items which are in accordance with their particular use. For instance, chairs used for entertaining should be comfortable while desks should offer freedom of movement. Additionally, activities should be arranged in coordination with layout; for instance, having the primary computer desk facing away from the door ensures privacy while creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

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Colors also play an important role in Feng Shui practice. Select soft colors for walls, carpets, and upholstery so you can achieve a calming mood as well as promote relaxation. Lastly, incorporate symbols from nature such as plants which act as natural filters for harmful chi energies into your living space (and home). By considering all these elements simultaneously one has a much greater chance at creating tranquility and balance in their life through Go Feng Shui.

Incorporating Go Feng Shui into Your Space

Go Feng Shui is a form of traditional Chinese geomancy which uses spiritual and physical energy to promote harmony and balance in the home. It is based on the belief that objects have an energy field and by rearranging them, we can release negative energy and enhance positive energy. As part of Go Feng Shui, you will use techniques such as arranging furniture to deflect stress, choosing colors that radiate calm spirit, utilizing river stones which bring the flow of life, hanging pictures with spiritual messages, planting beautiful plants throughout your home, and filling the air with aromas that create relaxation. By applying these practices your environment will be more uplifting and energizing. Additionally, there are many rituals that are associated with Go Feng Shui such as burning incense for cleansing purposes and using religious artifacts to ward off bad luck or attract good fortune. All these tips help in creating a healthier living space with improved airflow and increased positive energy. Furthermore, some decor pieces can bolster mental health or bring luck through their symbolism related to harmony between man and nature. The desired outcome is an environment which maximizes balance between people and nature while at the same time reduces stress levels within its walls.


Go Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that can be used to create balance and harmony in any home environment. The aim of Go Feng Shui is to achieve a home environment where occupants feel comfortable, safe, and secure. This balanced atmosphere is believed to bring fortune, happiness, and success into the lives of all living in the dwelling.

The benefits of Go Feng Shui are expansive. It helps to boosts energy levels by using different properties like shape, colour, and structure of objects or furniture in each room. Additionally, it focuses on removing any negative energy, such as cluttering or old objects that don’t give off positive vibes—by getting rid of these negative elements, households can make room for a more pleasant living space. Perhaps most importantly though, Go Feng Shui may help open the mind up to new possibilities and perspectives; it’s been said that having a balanced environment with good chi (energy) flow can ignite creativity, improve productivity levels, and even relieve stress and anxiety levels in individuals.

It’s plain to see just how useful Go Feng Shui can be for creating a better home environment—it helps energize dull spaces while simultaneously relieving stress or anxiety-inducing vibes. Ultimately this practice provides all occupants in the household with increased comfortability while potentially providing them with new opportunities they wouldn’t have had without it.

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