Feng Shui 2018 North Cures

Feng Shui 2018 Cures For North Directions

Cures For Health, Wealth, and Relationships In 2018 North

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that follows the law of Yin and Yang to balance energies in the environment and to provide a harmonious and prosperous life. This practice has been known to be effective for thousands of years leading to it being widely accepted and practiced throughout the world. In 2018, the North-facing direction brings great opportunities for health, wealth and relationships, and a few Feng Shui cures are recommended to help balance the energy and take advantage of these opportunities.


  • Positive energy objects: Placing positive energy objects such as crystals, vegetation, water fountains, lamps, and paintings in the northern direction of your home helps to nurture good health and ward off negative energy.

  • Health-promoting colors: Incorporating colors such as deep blue, purple, and green in the décor of the northern area of the home helps to promote healing, balance, and well-being.


  • Clutter: Removing clutter, organizing and decluttering the northern area of your home or workspace helps to create a clear pathway for wealth and opportunities.
  • Lucky objects: Placing a jade bowl, an elephant statue, a pi-ying, or a turtle in the northern direction helps to attract more wealth and prosperity.


  • Lighting: Adding more light to the northern area of your home helps to create an environment of harmony and balance, and makes it easier to maintain relationships.
  • Painting: Painting the walls of the north section of the home using colors such as peach, pastel green, or yellow helps promote happy relationships.

Feng Shui 2018 North Cures help to balance the energy of the environment, encouraging health, wealth, and relationships. Implementing these cures can help to make the most of the potential opportunities that the North-facing direction brings. Combining these cures with other rituals and practices can help to bring even more success and happiness in 2018.

What directions should be used in Feng Shui 2018 North Cures?

1. Enhance the energy of the north sector with water element items such as an aquarium, a fountain, a shui mirror, or a painting with a water element.

2. Hang wind chimes in the north sector.

3. Place a Wu Lou (calabash) in the north sector.

4. Place a pair of mandarin ducks in the north sector.

5. Display artwork that depicts nourishing fruits in or near the northern sector.

6. Light the north sector with warm colored lights.

7. Hang a 6-rod wind chime in the north sector.

8. Place a vase with peonies in the north sector.

9. Hang a peaceful painting or Chinese calligraphy in the north sector.

9 Oranges Feng Shui

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