Feng Shui Working Office L

Feng Shui is a set of ancient Chinese principles that are based on the idea of balancing energies and organizing the environment to promote balance and harmony. Re-examining your office with this in mind can do wonders for creating an energy efficient, positive and inspirational workspace.

Feng shui working office L is all about ensuring that the layout of your office is filled with objects and décor in order to attract life energy (chi) that will improve your work success, creativity, productivity, relationships and overall wellness.

The Working Office L Layout: Using the Bagua Map to Bring Life Energy into Your Space When you apply Feng Shui principles to the working office L layout, you use a tool known as a Bagua map. The centrepiece of this design is a diagram that dictates where you should place certain elements in each room.

This may include furniture, plants, artwork or even just items such as candles or incense holders – anything that has meaning to you personally. The placement of these items should complement nine different positions in accordance with the Bagua map which are related to prosperity & abundance, partnership & marriage, family & health, children & creativity, helpful people &travel, career & life path, knowledge & self-cultivation as well as inner knowledge & fame.

Elements That Can Enhance Your Working Office L Layout There are several elements that you can consider when planning your Feng Shui working office L layout. For instance; adding wind chimes or art with bold colors can bring good fortune as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Plants and flowers also help achieve a sense of growth and renewal which could be beneficial for business success whilst adding mirrors can give off light and airy feeling within the space – opening up pathways around corners or dead ends if necessary.

Additionally, items such as scented candles are believed to enhance relaxation levels which is beneficial if you don’t want stress hindering your workflow throughout the day due to its calming properties. And or course then there’s favourite piece such as a symbolical ornament – crystal tree/Buddha statue – rather than just decorative item helps having softer vibrations within space – filtering bad energy from entering your personal space.

Identifying Positive Feng Shui for the Office Working Environment

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice to create balance in the home or work environment. Working in a stale and cluttered office hinders productivity while working in one with positive energy encourages creativity and success. Implementing Feng Shui principles can be especially beneficial for those who are working form home, as this practice helps them design a work area that feels welcoming, organized and positive. Here are a few tips for identifying positive Feng Shui for your home office:

De-clutter Your Working Space

The most important thing you can do to improve the energy of your office space is to remove any unneeded items and physical clutter from it. Clean out any paperwork, boxes, and other things from around your desk that do not serve a purpose. Getting rid of physical clutter will also help reduce mental clutter and help keep you focused on tasks at hand.

Opt for Natural Lighting

Natural light brightening up dreary corners has been linked to feelings of happiness and positivity. If possible, place windows in the area so that when needed, the view of outside nature can bring life into your workspace without being distracting or overwhelming. This will help enhance concentration while bringing positivity into the room.

3 Add Greenery

The presence of greenery helps induce feelings of calmness and serenity to any room; however, even more importantly it releases oxygen into the air we breathe which encourages alertness and focus – two qualities essential for productivity. Consider adding plants such as peace lilies or snake plants to bring new life into your workspace that will ensure a productive day ahead.

  • De-clutter office space.
  • Opt for natural lighting.
  • Add plants for greenery.

Examining the Core Pillars of Feng Shui that Impact Your Workplace

The Energy of your workplace has a huge bearing on how successful you are and it is therefore crucial to understand the energy that exists in your workspace so that you can make sure it reflects the kind of energy you want to manifest.

Feng Shui is a great way to do this and by looking at the core pillars in this article, people will gain insight into what steps need to be taken to bring positive energy into their office environment.

The primary areas we’ll look at include:

Place and Position of Desks

Your desk position plays a key role in determining whether the energy of your workspace is healthy for productivity or not. A desk should always be placed facing away from the main door as this allows for concentration and focus which makes productivity more easy to achieve.

Placing desks too close together can impede creative thinking and lead to an atmosphere where negative feelings can thrive, whereas giving employees space encourages a sense of independence which boosts morale and leads inevitably to increased success.

Vastu and Feng Shui Tips for Office

Lighting & Natural Elements

Lighting should also be considered when creating an enlightened office space; natural light coming from windows/sky lights has long been known to enhance moods, helping reduce stress levels, whilst strategically placed mirrors give the illusion of more room, thus emphasising an upbeat intangible ambience throughout the work environment.

Likewise, plants help create balance within any given area again bringing about high morale through feelings of security they promote – hence why indoor plants and flowers are popular additions to modern office layouts.

3 Cleanliness & Clutter Reduction

Clutter adds noise to life so it’s important that offices ensure that common surfaces such as desktops – and counter-tops are cleared up prior to any task being done; with anything non relevant placed in drawers or storage units out of sight – leaving only relevant work materials visible for immediate use at all times.

Additionally, vacuuming twice a week as well as performing regular dusting around knickknacks & furniture pieces ensures improved air quality further aiding positive vibes around those occupying said area.

Practical Tips for Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Desk Set-Up

Feng shui practitioners believe that the energy present in the environment affects your productivity and mood. This makes it especially importantt to be mindful of the way you set up your workspace. A few adjustments can ensure that your working atmosphere is conducive to productivity and well-being.


Clutter has been shown to have a negative impact on concentration levels, so it’s important to keep your desk organized and tidy. Begin by purging anything you don’t need – old documents, pens without ink, scrapped paper, etc. Once your desktop is clutter free, make sure the environment remains organized by separating papers into categories and throwing away unwanted items at least once a month.

Desk Position & Furniture Layout

Take some time to analyze how you use all areas of the office with respect to feng shui principles. Your desk should be positioned facing the entryway as opposed to facing a wall or windows with glare and outside noise.

Any larger furniture pieces such as file cabinets or shelves should be arranged from lowest point in height to highest from left to right as you face them for both visual comfort and ease of access. Additionally, choose functional furniture pieces that have pleasing shapes and decorative motifs; these will help promote calmness while promoting productive work habits.

Positioning Personal Items

Personal items and objects placed around your desk can provide mental stimulation for improved creativity. These items can be used strategically based on their color or shape; for example, a tall wooden sculpture or jade plants with rounded leaves placed behind the chair can create an energizing atmosphere ideal for getting work done efficiently.

Placing pictures of family members in visible places further encourages a positive attitude towards projects, reinforcing ideas of loyalty and stability as well as creating an inviting atmosphere for guests visiting your office space.

Establishing a Peaceful and Energizing Office Environment

Feng shui working office is a concept that encourages the selection and placement of items in a workspace to create harmony, balance, and energy. Feng shui principles work on the basis that the energy in a space can influence productivity, morale, and even success. Here are some suggestions on how to design any home or office based on these principles:

  • Allow natural light to flow easily into your office.
  • Ensure your desk is placed away from drafts.
  • Position the desk close to walls, facing out.

To further optimize an office for feng shui purposes, creating a balanced environment should be taken into consideration. Objects can be used strategically to foster peacefulness and good vibes. Incorporating plants in particular helps bring nature indoors and can reduce stress levels in employees who spend extended time at their desks.

Introducing a water feature such as a small fountain can also help with relaxation as the sound of running water contributes to calming energies. Mirrors should also be placed carefully as they can easily bounce negative chi around the space. Colours play an important role within feng shui as blue hues represent trust and loyalty whereas yellow stimulates mental activity and creativity.

Another essential element for practice in terms of feng shui is clearing clutter from workspaces. Applying basic storage solutions keeps smaller items organized which allows everything else that’s needed within easy reach without accumulating disarrayed papers or equipment around the room.

Additionally, the presence of hills or mountains behind a workspace also helps produce better energy within an enclosed area like offices since these natural formations will provide more power spiritually therefore attracting prosperity and nourishment according to ancient practices of feng shui.

How to Use Feng Shui Colors to Maximize Positive Energy Flow

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes harmonious arrangements in the environment by creating positive energy flow. It can be used to design your working office, to both improve wellbeing and maximize productivity.

Colors are a powerful tool to achieve this goal, as they affect our moods and behavior profoundly. The use of colors can help you create a comfortable, aromatic and energizing atmosphere in the work environment:

  • Red – Red is known as the most powerful of all colors because of its exciting energy and sensation of power. It also helps with determination, ambition and courage.
  • Orange – Orange has very positive energies, stimulating creative thinking and optimism. Its warm tones transmit enthusiasm.
  • Yellow – This color sends messages of joy, enthusiasm and bright energy, making it a great option for improving concentration levels.
  • Green – Green is strongly related with nature and growth, helping with stress reduction while increasing optimism.
Good Feng Shui Pictures for Office

When deciding how to use Feng Shui Colors in your work space, think about what you need more or less around you for inspiration or clarity. For instance: blue helps focus on intellectual activities while purple brings spiritual understanding; pink transmits love energy while grey promotes neutrality; etc. Consider which aspects need improvement for a better work experience before choosing any particular color scheme for your office environment.

Furthermore, distribution plays an important role when settling on the way Feng Shui Colors should be incorporated into the space. For certain activities you may want an area where different shades are combined so that you can take advantage of their combined healing effect; alternatively other rooms might benefit from lighter shades as shining walls will improve air flow within the room and will bring a sense of calmness and peace to those who enter it.

In addition each element associated with Feng Shui has its own purpose thus adjusting accordingly will enable optimal results for each one; focusing on balance between yin/yang energies as well as placement of essential elements such wind chimes, water fountains or plants at strategic points inside the office space will ensure continuous circulation of good Chi throughout your workplace.

Maximizing the Benefits of Yin and Yang for Your Office

Feng Shui is an ancient eastern art of using the energy of yin and yang to bring prosperity, health, and good luck to the individuals living or working within a space. When applied to an office space, it can have several benefits for both the employees and boss. This article will explore how Feng Shui can be used to create a more productive and harmonious working environment through the use of yin and yang.

By understanding the principles of Feng Shui, it is possible to use their elements in an office space in order to maximize positive energy for both productivity and harmony within an office. The most essential element of Feng Shui is the interaction between yin (or soft) energy and yang (or hard) energy. Yin energy helps promote clarity of thought while providing calmness; whereas Yang promotes assertiveness, focus, and creativity.

One way that Yin-Yang energies can be incorporated into your office environment is by choosing furniture which embodies a balance between them. For example, having one sofa in your waiting room that is Yin-oriented while having more tables with sharp edges in your conference room would give off harder Yang vibes.

This creates a balanced atmosphere where gentleness can combat urgency when necessary but also provide support when needed. It also helps create a soothing atmosphere for employees who work long hours or encounter stressful situations throughout their days at the office.

In addition to leveraging Yin-Yang energies through furniture selection, colors can be used as another feng shui tool around your office environment – warm colors such as reds, oranges, yellows that embrace Yang qualities while cool blues should introduce softer energies associated with Yin qualities.

Further bringing plants into the workspace on benches or tabletops allows for oxygen to circulate which encourages chi-the life force behind FENG SHUI-while creating a calming aura inside any area you’re focusing on enriching with good chi or quality life energy.

For even better results,you may want items that are specific to attracting wealth like money frogs, Chinese coins, 3 legged money frogs and other symbols indicating good luck.

Small framed images depicting landscapes with mountains,bodies of water or images encouraging beauty will bring serenity & positive vibes into your working environment. Lastly natural materials such as stones & crystals are great reminders during times where one might need more creative ideas on solving problems without feeling overwhelmed eventually leading their focus back onto productive endeavours.


In conclusion, utilizing Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment in your working office has numerous benefits. It not only creates a more visually pleasing space, but it can also have an effect on the productivity and creativity of those who use it.

It is important to consider how the section of a space can affect its energy, as well as understanding how colors and space design may impact an individual’s emotions and how they interact with their environment. Using elements such as plants, mirrors, objects of various kinds, and natural lighting to enhance the positive Qi of an office is advantageous when trying to create a strong work environment for yourself or others.

Taking the time to balance each area with specific items and colors can allow for better productivity while creating a calming atmosphere that all employees will appreciate. Utilizing Feng Shui makes it possible for others to make the most out of their working experience while also increasing their overall happiness in their place of employment. With the right touches and alterations implementing this practice will ultimately have long-term beneficial effects when fostering positive energy in your work environment.

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