Feng Shui Where To Put Desk

Feng Shui Where To Put Desk: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to office feng shui, the placement of your desk plays a big role. Since it is the foundation of the energy of your space, this is key and should be carefully chosen. Here is a comprehensive guide on feng shui where to put a desk for optimal wellbeing.

Factors to Consider

When deciding to feng shui your office space and finding the optimal place for a desk, there are a few factors that should be considered. These include:

  • Light: Natural light or artificial light should be bright enough to create a comfortable working environment, but not so bright that it creates a distraction.
  • View: Avoid placing the desk in an area with a view that could distract you, such as a window with a view of a busy street or loud office building. Instead, aim for a framed portrait or natural landscape that can help bring some calm to the space.
  • Privacy: Choosing a spot that is not in the middle of traffic can help create a sense of privacy and can reduce the feeling of being watched or disrupted.
  • Comfort: Choose a desk that is comfortable, with enough room to fit supplies and work.

Feng Shui Desk Placement

Now that we have established the factors to consider in finding the optimal place for a desk, let’s take a look at feng shui principles for desk placement for maximum wellbeing.

  1. Location: Aim for a spot in the room that has good energy, such as a spot near a window or a wall covered in natural materials. It is also important to avoid areas where too much energy gets blocked or stagnated, such as corners, hallways, and doorways.
  2. Position: The desk should face a wall and should not be placed in an area where you are looking directly at the entrance of the office.
  3. Direction: The desk should be placed in a direction that encourages growth and success, such as facing a north/south direction with a view of a natural landscape on the west.

Adding Finishing Touches

To ensure your office space is thriving with positive energy, it may be helpful to add some finishing touches that bring in some calming vibes. Consider adding one of the following items to your desk:

  • A live plant
  • Crystals or stones
  • A decorative poppet
  • A mini water fountain
  • A small Buddha or deity figurine

These items can help infuse your space with positive energy and help to foster a sense of calmness and focus.


Feng shui desk placement is an important factor in the overall wellbeing of your office space. With the right placement, your office space can become a productive, peaceful, and efficient workspace. Consider the factors that should be taken into account when looking for the best place to position your desk, use the principles of feng shui, and don’t forget to add some finishing touches for an even more successful workspace.

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