Feng Shui to Conceive


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arrangement and placement of certain elements in a room or space to bring about balance, joy, and the feeling of well-being. It works by looking at the way energy moves through individual rooms, as well as its flow throughout the home. Achieving balance between the energies known as yin and yang is one way that Feng Shui practitioners attempt to find harmony. The goal is to maximize life’s potential by creating a healthy lifestyle environment based on respecting connection with others, physical surroundings, and nature itself.

In terms of conception and fertility, Feng Shui honors this process through creating an ideal environment for promoting conception. This helps cultivate mindfulness to reduce stress levels linked to infertility issues. In addition, consideration is taken in regards to both partners in order to inhabit a serene space tailored just for them so that they feel nourished, energized, and accepted. Specific advice includes bringing up walls in homes whose blueprints may have too much negative chi (energy), eliminating clutter from the bedroom in order to create new opportunities for growth and love such as removing outdated objects or artwork, placing energizing plants like bamboo or peonies into certain corners for added intimacy and support during this process of opening up one’s heart to a new family member. Lastly some piecesof furniture may be rearranged which could open up pathways allowing not only positive energy but also a greater sense of welcoming in more abundance during this journey towards parenthood.

Basics of Fertility

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize individuals with their surroundings and can also be used as a fertility tool. This strategy helps create a space that encourages the flow of positive energy, which, in turn, enables a woman to conceive naturally. According to traditional beliefs, fertility planning involves creating a physical environment where the energy can pass freely and allow the couple to focus on their ultimate goal: getting pregnant.

To achieve this goal under Feng Shui, practitioners arrange furniture, artwork, decorations and other objects according to certain guidelines designed to bring about prosperity and health. These guidelines include placement of beds in optimal locations; decorating bedrooms with bright, warm colors; and incorporating elements of nature in the home décor such as plants and stones. Furthermore, Feng Shui guidance works best when it is tailored specifically for each couple based on their individual needs and goals. For example, some couples may need extra abundance energy or confidence-boosting objects while others may require more relaxation or romance-based strategies.

In addition to embracing Feng Shui principles in the physical space, many couples opt for nutritive strategies such as following a balanced diet rich in folate sources like green leafy vegetables or consuming herbal supplements like chasteberry. Incorporating lifestyle factors like exercise into daily routines also provides key benefits during preconception efforts. Yoga is particularly popular as it increases blood flow throughout the body while providing spiritual relief needed during this process. Taking sexual enhancement supplements such as maca root powder or zinc can also aid many couples trying to conceive naturally by boosting hormone balance and improving sperm production quality.

Your Fertility Room

Feng Shui is an ancient art of placement used to create balance and harmony in a physical environment. It can also be used to improve energy flow, encourage healthy habits, and help couples conceive. An effective method for conception using feng shui is setting up a fertility room.

When creating a fertility room with feng shui principles, the goal is to maximize your space with essential elements for conception – such as serious intention, positive energy and relaxation – while minimizing disturbances such as clutter or distractions. The room should have good natural lighting and comfortable seating where a couple can relax while connecting spiritually with each other. Soft music can be used to create an inviting atmosphere along with the use of scented candles and romantic items that promote harmony between partners.

Feng Shui Colors For Your Bedroom

In addition, incorporating symbolically balanced furniture is important to feng shui success. Try placing pieces like a love seat or chair paired together that represent union – since promoting connectedness aids in conception – along with displaying uplifting artwork of motherhood which reinforces positivity towards having children. This supportive, blissful energy within the space helps enhance fertility conditions for those hoping to conceive.

Chairs, Couches, and Tables

Feng Shui to conceive is an increasingly popular way to welcome fertility into the home. To do this, it is important to prioritize comfort and relaxation in the bedroom and create inviting places for conception.

For example, having comfortable furniture that won’t encourage stress or overactivity can help increase fertility potential. Placing chairs and couches in the living room that are comfortable yet support upright posture can be beneficial, as they allow couples to relax while also creating a sense of peace.

Adding tables to your bedroom or living space is a great way to further promote relaxation and make the environment more open and inviting for romantic interactions. Tables should be placed off center of the room and if possible next to a wall for privacy; this will create a sense of space and calmness throughout the house which can help cultivate an understanding between partners.

In addition, adding art pieces or plants with fertility-enhancing elements can also help bring balance into your environment. Art pieces like pictures of sunsets or landscape paintings can stimulate happy emotions; furthermore, plants like bamboo, jasmine, lavender, and chrysanthemums have been found helpful in promoting fertility due to their calming properties. Finally making sure your bedroom ideas reflect peace, joy and love through decor will ensure positive energy flows throughout the room — fostering successful conception!


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice devoted to creating balance and harmony with one’s environment. When seeking to increase fertility, many people turn to Feng Shui as a way to improve their chances. Mirrors are considered by some experts to be a powerful tool in this endeavor, as they can help to invoke positive energy and increase the flow of potential within the home. Often, mirrors are placed in the bedroom facing into the room in order to encourage fertility; this allows couples to feel comfortable and relaxed while also promoting conception. In addition, it is important that when using mirrors for Feng Shui purposes not have them reflecting each other for too long, as this will produce negative energy that could block fertility. There are also special placement guidelines for mirrors; typically those looking to conceive will want the mirror doors of entranceways or closets facing away from bedrooms so that Yin energy does not clash with Yang energy generated from passion and sex in the bedroom. Finally, it is important currently pregnant women avoid placing mirrors facing into their bedrooms altogether as this can attract unwanted energy that could weaken the infant’s chi energy before birth.

Paintings and Decor

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to bring balance, harmony and luck into homes. The Color Red has been said to be particularly favored in Feng Shui as it symbolizes good luck, health and fertility. It is recommended to display pieces of artwork incorporating the red color scheme including a painting of two Mandarin ducks which represent marital harmony between two people. While utilizing bright colors like red, it is also important to include natural accents such as plants or flowers for fertility purposes. Other symbols of prosperity relevant to conception are auspicious fortune coins and bamboo plants. In addition to artwork and color schemes, the arrangement of furniture will bring energy flow into the home that may benefit a couple’s fertility journey. Change things up by rearranging furniture or introducing different shapes to introduce an active flow in the home or certain rooms that can positively impact a couple’s quest for conceiving a baby. Finally, items representing divine protection like bells and statues of gods are beneficial as they can offer peace of mind as well as spiritual protection during this important time!

Dorm Room Feng Shui

Lighting and Colors

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that can be used to increase one’s fertility. Lighting and colors play a large role in feng shui for fertility. It is important to choose the proper shades to create the most auspicious energy possible during a couple’s conception journey. Earth tones such as olive green, pale blue, and warm gray are said to help create balance and harmony in the home, which inherently allows positive chi to flow.

In addition to earth tones, it is recommended that couples avoid too many intense primary colors as they can be considered overstimulating and chaotic. Red should be avoided in bedrooms because it has been associated with restlessness and irritability. Rather than white walls or light fixtures, cream or yellow hues are better suited since they promote calmness which helps invite relaxation and the ability to fall asleep easier. Soft pastels like baby blues and pinks also have good connotations with motherhood and when used in areas like nurseries can help fertile couples visualize their dream of having a family. Soft lights should also be installed in bedrooms as too much harsh lighting has been linked to insomnia, an inability to conceive, among other issues.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used since the beginning of time to help enhance positive energy in a physical space and create harmony. When having difficulty conceiving, looks to feng shui for some assistance. Incorporating this practice offers couples scientific and spiritual guidance that can help improve their chances of becoming pregnant. A few adjustments in the home or bedroom can provide a greater sense of relaxation and peace needed for a successful pregnancy. Changing the decor of the bedroom, ensuring proper ventilation and avoiding clutter can assist in balancing yin and yang energies that are integral in creating a healthy environment conducive to conception.

In conclusion, feng shui is a powerful tool that synergies science, spirituality, mysticism, psychology and metaphysics during effort to conceive. Not only does feng shui help to create harmony at home but it also provides insight into how we function on a physical and emotional level thus affecting fertility issues. Making small changes like marking sure pathways are clear from furniture or adjusting colors of paintings can significantly increase the likelihood of conception by improving chi vibrancy contributing to relaxation and success with pregnancy. As such it is important not just believe in the power of feng shui but ensure you actually apply what concepts you’ve learned by ensuring your environments promote positive energy conducive to fertility as well as emotions required for your journey towards positive outcome in efforts to conceive naturally.

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