Feng Shui Tips For Good Health In Hindi

Feng Shui is an ancient system of harmonizing our environment with the energy of nature in a manner beneficial to human health and wellness. A number of elements from interior design to landscape choices can be employed to maximize the flow of positive energy in our home or workplace, or “qu” as it is known in Hindi.

For thousands of years, this practice has been used for its various health benefits, such as increased productivity, mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. By following some basic feng shui tips for good health in Hindi, one may experience an improved state of wellbeing and sense of balance in life.

The 5 Principles and Feng Shui Tips The five fundamental principles are essential for developing one’s understanding of feng shui and optimizing its benefits for good health. The first tip deals with colors and decors which symbolize abundance and wealth, such as golds, reds, greens, blues. These should be placed strategically around the house or office to promote creativity and prosperity.

Additionally, it is paramount to keep your space clutter-free as well as clean in order to allow qi or energy to move freely within your home or office without being obstructed by mess or dust. Furthermore, incorporating plants into the space creates strong natural energy which will help bring good luck into your life according to traditional Chinese teachings.

The Benefits Following these feng shui tips for good health in Hindi can help foster an inner peace within oneself that strengthens mental clarity and overall wellbeing. Not only can it positively affect physical health but also bring about a greater sense of comfort being at home or work which often leads to enhanced performance throughout daily activities.

Ultimately practitioners achieve a holistic state of body-mind connection wherein all elements work together synergistically allowing people to live at their fullest potential with joyous enthusiasm.

Overview of the History and Origin of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been around for thousands of years. It has its roots in Taoism and believes that elements such as Chi, Qi, and Yin-Yang can be arranged to create a positive energy flow within your environment. The main aim of Feng Shui is to improve the health, wealth, and well being of those within its impact.

In the Hindi language it is called ‘Vastu Shastra’ or ‘Vasthu Vidya’ which translates into ‘the science of building design based on harmonious balance’. This unique tradition follows specific principles with an underlying belief that a person who lives according to them will be blessed with harmony and abundance.

Feng Shui Tips for Good Health in Hindi

1. Vastu mein Dhan aur Arogya prapti ke liye pratirodhak hai: When placing items in your home, ensure they do not point or direct towards any person as this could hamper their financial and health prospects by blocking their positive energy flow.

2. Darwaje ki sahi disha muh Dhyan rakhna chahiye: Doors should always face eastwards as this allows good luck to come in easily while enabling bad energies to exit the dwelling quickly without bringing them further inside the space.

3. Saaf suthari diwaro ko niyamit roop se uchaan karna: Walls must be kept clean for effective air exchange; dirt traps negative energy while fresh walls allow ample ventilation for reviving positive energies in the environment.

4. Aas-pass ke falmme rahne ka avsar dena: Suppose can plants or flowers near windows and other areas where they can receive natural sunlight; plants help draw vast amounts of oxygen to purify the home atmosphere while flowers help spread joy and keep negative energies away from entrenching themselves too far into the living space.

5. Surrounding mein paani ka svagat karna: Incorporate water elements such as fountains near entrances since water enables prosperity to enter while washing away dullness from surroundings with its moderating effects on temperature variations both indoors and outdoors throughout day and night cycles 6.

Candles ka tatva dharan karna : Candles have a calming effect that helps ward off negativity when placed strategically throughout the house; along with helping invigorate lost energies in times of need especially during evening hours when our bodies are recovering after a long day’s work.

Explanation of the Five Elements Used in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps us create balance and harmony in the space around us. In Feng Shui, there are five elements used to create a harmonious environment: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. All of these elements represent different energies needed for good health. By understanding their meanings and how to use them correctly in our homes or workplaces, we can achieve greater peace of mind and physical wellbeing.


Water is an important element when it comes to creating a healthy home according to Feng Shui. Water represents wealth and abundance. It also promotes fluidity in life by allowing obstacles and problems to flow away from us.

Health Feng Shui Lucky Charms

To maximise the positive energy associated with water, place mirrors near your entranceway that reflect images of flowing rivers or streams. You should also only decorate with cool colours like blues and greens that remind you of the natural movement of water in nature.


The wood element brings vitality and new beginnings into our lives as it is associated with growth and renewal. When using this element as part of your Feng Shui design, try to add plants to your spaces which will help increase air quality as well as circulating calming energy throughout your home or workplace. You should also incorporate more wooden furniture such as tables or chairs which will bring a strong sense of support and stability into your space.


Fire is an energy that represents enthusiasm for life and passion for achieving goals. This element helps stimulate activity within the home or workspace so its important to make sure not to overuse too much flame-shaped objects as this could lead to stress or unrest in the environment if it’s overdone too much.

To bring in positive fire energy into the space, use candles, lamps or other sources of light but make sure they are kept out of any direct sun contact so they don’t produce too hot a flame. Additionally, incorporating warm décor colours like reds & oranges can help bring this vibrant energy into your home.


  • Earth symbolises stability & structure.
  • Using live plants & materials with organic textures will help keep you connected with nature.
  • Earthy colours like beiges & browns visually ground you.
  • Using crystals & gemstones keeps vibrancy present.
  • Incorporating patterns helps activate the senses.


The metal element is all about bringing clarity into one’s life by helping clear away clutter from both physical & mental states of being. Using objects made from metal like fixtures, mirrors & lighting allows one to reflect on situations more effectively while cutting down on unconscious decision making habits that could lead to negative outcomes down the line.

Metallic hues like silver & gold are great when used sparingly because they infuse it sparks lively creativity while still keeping grounding principles intact.

Guided Steps for Using the Bagua Map to Design Your Home

Step 1: Understand the Ba Gwa Map

The Bagua map is an ancient Chinese method which helps to map out and identify areas of your home that can be enhanced for specific good-luck related goals. It divides each project or space into nine areas (gua) which are colour coded and represent various energy zones such as health, wealth, romance, friendship and family. The map is read from top to bottom counter clockwise across.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Map

Once you have a physical copy or image of the Bagua map it’s time to lay it out in your home. Before getting started, it is important to ensure that you orient the map correctly so that it matches up with directional compass which will provide the most beneficial results.

To do this, place any entrance doors of north facing walls on the bottom of the map and face them towards northeast direction while adjusting outward points like windows or balconies in a way they look at south, southwest or northwest direction respectively.

Step 3: Position Your Feng Shui Enhancements

Now that you have laid out your Bagua map correctly across specific areas within your property, you can start positioning feng shui enhancements across each gua area to promote good luck and blessings.

This could include placing crystal plants in an east section of your bedroom for creative energy; hanging wind chimes in a west facing window for protection; arranging a pair of Mandarin ducks facing each other on a northwest side table for relationship luck enhancement; or setting up a fish tank aquarium in southeast corner for wealth luck activation.

Analyzing the Best Colors for Good Health in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about achieving harmony and balance in an environment, with purposeful use of energy to create a space that’s free from disease and stressed. The colors used in Feng Shui are believed to be influential tools for enhancing wellbeing when mixed together and used correctly. Here are some suggested combinations that can help optimize health.

Basic Colors

  • Green: Since it symbolizes nature, Green brings a sense of calmness and peace to the space.
  • White: Imparts purity, freshness and optimism.
  • Blue: Represents integrity and we harmony which brings good luck to those living in the space.

Combinable Colors

Adding two or more basic colors together creates even more powerful effects on health. These highlights include:

    Purple and White: This colorful combination encourages spiritual enlightenment along with joy by offering the best of both worlds – relaxation (with white) and uplifting (with purple).

Exploring the Symbols Associated with Health and Well-being

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to bring a balance between the environment and its occupants. The goal is to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. In the Hindi language, Feng Shui literally translates to “wind-water”, emphasizing the importance of air and water in this process. There are several symbols and items associated with good health, according to feng shui principles. These include:

  • The Animals – A variety of animals represent health in feng shui – including dragons, turtles, koi fish, deer, cranes and phoenixes.
  • The Color Red – Red is thought to be symbolic of energy and vitality in many cultures. In Feng Shui, it is believed that red is a strong color that increases your chance of success as well as stimulate positive feelings.
  • Symbols of Nature – Many natural elements have important meanings within feng shui. Trees and flowers are both regarded as symbols of growth while mountains symbolize stability or a solid foundation.
  • The Element Of Fire – According to traditional belief, fire has qualities that can support one’s health goals by providing motivation and drive.
Feng Shui Bed Direction For Health

It’s important to consider how each item may be incorporated into your home or workspace for maximum benefit when using feng shui for health. For example, if you’re looking for more energy or motivation you may want to use some shades of red throughout your space such as pillows or wall art featuring this hue.

Additionally if you’re looking for greater balance in your life then incorporating elements of nature such as plants or artwork depicting mountains may be beneficial.

Lastly it’s important that whatever decor items you choose coordinate with each other so everything works seamlessly together as a holistic unit. This ensures vibrant energy that will attract positivity into your life.

Outlining Practical Tips for Enhancing Your Health and Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that applies to many aspects of life, including health and wealth. The purpose of this philosophy is to bring balance and harmony into the environment in which you live. A key component of Feng Shui is the placement of objects and furniture around your home or office. Careful consideration should be taken with the location and placement of these items for best results.

Good Feng Shui for health can be achieved by creating a positive personal atmosphere. To help with this, it is important to get rid of clutter and negative energy within your living or work area.

This includes avoiding direct sunlight that may cause warming in the space, fluttering curtains from windows or outside noise. Additionally, it is important to avoid placing water features where their movement creates negative energy instead of bringing calming prospects such as a fountain which can help balance emotions throughout the day.

In order to achieve good health through Feng Shui one must not overlook color selection in their home decor. Warm colors give off a feeling of optimism while cool colors inspire clarity and objectivity; remember that one wants their overall health energies to remain balanced between body, mind, heart and soul so choose wisely when selecting colors for wall paints, upholstery fabrics and artwork among other furnishings.

It is also beneficial to have plants inside your home as they produce oxygen, improve air quality, reduce stress levels caused by environmental pollution outside your residence or workplace and generate an ambience of peace within the household.

In short summary, following traditions from Draconian philosophy from ages past can offer modern-day benefits such as improved physical health while at the same time expanding upon wealth based prospects through superior interior design vitality. Applying foresight while combining creative arrangements will engender healthy benefits generated by harmonious Feng Shui which when implemented correctly will ultimately bring good luck, increased prosperity in addition to general feelings of wellbeing both spiritually and subtly.

Recap and Final Thoughts on Feng Shui Tips for Good Health in Hindi

Feng shui, which means “wind-water” in Chinese has been used for centuries by many cultures to create harmony between people and the environment, and India is no exception. Considered part of the Vastu Shastra in India, feng shui promotes balance and good health through its tips on color schemes, energy flow, objects arranged properly and more. Here are some feng shui tips for good health in Hindi that can be followed to maximize the positive energies around you:

• Color Schemes रंग तथ्या: Using colors such as yellow and red can help maintain a healthy energy balance. Yellow helps clear negative energies while red is thought to stimulate activity, encourage self growth, promote new ideas, increase mobility and ease stress.

• Keep Objects in Balance ऑब्जेक्ट से राही (Alignment): To keep good health vibes flowing correctly throughout your home or workplace, position objects so they create a balanced energy flow. This can be done simply by ensuring furniture pieces are even with each other and not too cluttered. Plants can also help provide this balance of energy throughout your space.

• Use Symbols for Well Being आरोग्य (Health) के लिए Symbola: To bring an abundance of positivity into your environment without spending money on new objects like paintings or artwork; use symbols instead. These can include religious images or meditating Buddhas which can help reduce negative energy within any space. Additionally, pictures/symbols of moving water like rivers or seasides may be used to bring calmness and serenity to busy places.

In conclusion, following these feng shui tips for good health in Hindi could provide your home or workplace with an aura of harmony and energy balance that helps enhance wellness from within. From using bright colors to bringing natural elements into any living/working space; these tips may just be what one needs in order to keep their wellbeing intact.

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