Feng Shui Small One Story House With Garage Plans

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system providing guidance on how to live in harmony with the environment. It utilizes objects and energy, such as colors, light, shapes, sounds, and smell, to promote positive energy and create a balanced space in our home. Feng Shui can be applied to any home regardless of its size; however, it works especially well for a small one story house with garage plans.

Benefits Of Incorporating Feng Shui In A Small One Story House The main benefit for incorporating Feng Shui in a small one story house is the optimization of energy flow within the space. By using furniture placement, color palettes, and shapes found in both traditional and modern Chinese styles you can create a sense of balance and harmony that will provide enjoyment and relaxation.

With this harmonious energy present in the home it encourages beneficial chi or qi (“life force”) to flow more freely throughout your living space aiding in increased concentration levels and stress reduction enhancing daily life experiences.

A Boost To Home Design And Organization Feng Shui also helps with home design and organization when dealing with a smaller area. With careful furniture arrangement you gain every square inch of vital free space maximizing storage potential without feeling cramped or cluttered.

Utilizing discreet nooks within cabinets or shelving units keeps everything visually concealed while maintaining access to items at all times due to their increased visibility from easier all-in-one locations – hence preventing misplacement of items which leads to less hassle during cleanup time or when you need last-minute running out the door errands.

Furthermore as mentioned earlier details like colors used within any room are important tools for achieving important desired end results like meditation, relaxation or inspiration depending on what ambiance you want your place to emit throughout its duration use.

Understanding the Core Principles of Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and science of creating balance and harmony in one’s home. Feng shui small one story house with garage plans are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who wish to maximize the potential of their new home.Understanding the core principles of feng shui that can be applied to any size or type of dwelling is essential for achieving a harmonious living environment.

Space Clearing

Space clearing is an important step when creating a feng shui friendly space. This involves removing all clutter and items that may disrupt the natural energy flow in your home.

It is also helpful to clear out any dark corners so as to ensure there is ample light coming into the space. If you have not yet purchased furniture for your new home, it is also important to choose furniture pieces that have curved edges instead of sharp points as these can create obstacles for positive energy flow.


After clearing and decluttering your space, you can begin to look at the positioning within your new one-story house with garage plans. Pay attention to where doors are positioned in relation to other rooms as this can influence how energies flow through the different spaces.

You should also pay particular attention to where stairs in your house lead – stairways that lead directly into living room area should be avoided as these tend to block energy flow throughout the entire house by trapping Qi (positive Chi) in one room.

Furniture Placement

When positioning furniture pieces around your space, it’s important that they are placed far enough apart from each other therefore avoiding chi conflict (a form of energy disturbance). This means keeping furniture away from corners, walls, and windows so as not create clusters or blockages throughout the space. A good rule of thumb is making sure that every item has three feet of breathing room between it and anything else surrounding it.

Additionally, make sure sharp-pointed furniture pieces such as bookshelves and tables are kept away from long distance spaces (e.g. doorways, hallways) as these create obstacles for positive chi to move freely across spaces thus blocking circulation from being optimal level.

Harnessing Positive Energy in Your Home Design

Feng Shui, sometimes referred to as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional practice of scientifically determining the best location and orientation for one’s home. It can result in a more harmonious atmosphere of good energy within the household. Incorporating Feng Shui principles into small one-story houses with garages can help to optimize the flow of energy and create beneficial effects for both aesthetically pleasing and energetic reasons.

Gaining The Advantage In Home Design

The key difference between any ordinary building design and one backed up by Feng Shui is that it enhances positive energy around your property to bring well being to its inhabitants. This could range from improved concentration or better sleep quality all the way through to helping increase overall wealth with opportunities coming your way faster than before.

How? By properly positioning parts of your house such as entrance door, windows, garden landscaping or even furniture placements towards certain directions according to compass readings, so that they support this Chi flow rather than interrupt it or become an obstacle.

Avoiding Placement Nightmares

Although many Feng Shui practitioners offer full expert consultation regarding house plans, for those wanting advice on how best to set up their small house design without seeking lots of specialist help there are some essential points worth considering as part of incorporating this ancient Chinese system into their home design plans.

Feng Shui House Location

One should avoid plumbing or structural features from facing directly onto the front doorway – these should instead be placed at the side or back of room designs; however keeping them close enough so energies still pass through rooms easily is beneficial too.

Another factor relates to keeping sharp angles away from either interior or exterior entrances in order that the inhabitants don’t come across pointed attacks of negative energy when entering them.

When creating walls no two sides should be left open – either enclose it fully as with regular homes or build windows evenly opposite each other on all four sides – this helps ensure positive energy can circulate among places without becoming trapped inside.

Identifying Ideal Feng Shui Small One Story House Plans

Identifying a perfect feng shui small one-story house plan is the key to benefiting from feng shui energy within your home. A typical small one story house plan should be able to accommodate a single level of living while leaving a modest amount of extra space for entertaining, hobbies, and other activities such as gardening.

Feng shui incorporates elements of nature, so consider incorporating features that are more in line with your environment and natural surroundings when trying to identify an ideal plan. In addition, there are many key elements that need to be included when searching for a feng shui small one story house plan.

Incorporating Nature into Plans

When exploring the feng shui principles in designing floor plans, make sure to incorporate healthy examples of nature in the design.

Of course ensuring that viewable windows bring openings and views of positive / featured landscaping or natural objects is important, however even where property orientation doesn’t allow visible views from inside it could still be beneficial to have elements relating to landforms outside placed strategically throughout or near inside living spaces in order for them to be felt and enjoyed even without direct view.

Features like water features will add balance if placed with thought into the areas door placement and nearby open paths throughout.

Floor Plan Balance

It’s important that all floors provide an appropriate balance between relaxation and activity areas within the home, including plenty of potential places for both restful sleep (such as bedrooms) and fun activities (like family rooms), as well as kitchens intended for proper nutrition preparation.

Placement is also important here – bedrooms should remain on opposite sides of the house preferably if possible instead of all being grouped together in order create a balanced flow among other types of socializing rooms, work areas or even private nooks allowing times for everyone in the family do their own solitary pursuits.


Finding floor plans that suits your lifestyle should also be an essential factor when looking at different feng shui small one story house plans. Consider whether you are looking more towards a communal style living arrangement; maybe you’re looking for multiple master suites with amenities such as closet space or enjoying private family viewing lounges off bigger casual dining room?

Perhaps look at separate laundry areas off hallway pass throughs leading into garage car servicing bays? It’s also important not just factor in what currently exists but examine what could be expanded based upon future needs – rooms down hallways accommodating possible living children’s bedroom vacancies etc with creative thought any ideas can be incorporated regardless size limitations creating great opportunities maximize suitability potential long-term goals too.

Optimistically Enhancing Your Homes Exterior With Feng Shui

When looking for small one story house with garage plans, embracing the rules of feng shui can be a great way to create an aesthetically and spiritually appealing space. Feng shui is well known across cultures as a tool for balance and positive energy.

Incorporating its principles into your small scale home design will bring out the potential of a modest space. Consider how to create an inviting and peaceful entryway that allows for peaceful flow of energy to enter your home.

One way to start planning your small one story house with garage is choosing colors that signify wealth, luck, and health according to feng shui. It’s recommended to go for earthy tones, since these are associated with stability, such as browns and greens.

Also try adding doors positioned in the “bagua” map – which divides your home into eight major sections – doors should be placed in the north-east direction symbolizes opportunities for intellect and growth; while doors installed in the south-east position encourages connection or relationship within an environment. Other significant placements of windows or even mirrors should be considered as they also attract positive chi energy into your plan from outside sources.

The next step is designing a garden or yard that corresponds with the intent of one’s ever improving conscious lifestyle; this encourages using natural elements (rocks, stones, soil) symbolic of balance & harmony between life outdoors & indoors when not taken too far over onto another acre/lot. Place seating areas around trees which can divinity into our life force (i.e., wood element).

This would allow for maximum peace power from both inside & out while being graced by their exotic fragrance add-ons. As feng shui follows sequential steps like creating pathways made up of symmetrical shapes towards shapes depicting good fortune like rivers/mountains – all will turn it from just another bunch of tiny residence plans into real magic manifesting.

Embellishing the Interior Design With Feng Shui

Feng shui has been around for centuries and it is known for creating a more calming atmosphere while expanding on the appeal of any room. Many consider this old Chinese philosophy to be the perfect way to enhance your small one-story house with garage plans. The interior design can easily be transformed into one that is both pleasant to look at while offering a sense of balance in life.

Feng Shui House in Front of Road

One important aspect to remember when creating a feng shui layout in a one story with garage plans is the placement of your furniture. You should generally avoid placing heavy or bulky pieces next to each other and ensure furniture is spread evenly throughout the space.

The colors chosen should be warm and muted, such as earth tones, and furniture should use organic curves instead of hard angles to create good energy throughout the room. Adding plants can also bring in positive energy while harmonizing any stagnant air flow which could create an uncomfortable environment.

Incorporating water fixtures like small fountains or wooden bowls filled with pebbles are also suggested when focusing on good feng shui within a one-story house with garage plans. It is said that these elements will bring in wealth while calming down any negative energy in the area.

Strategic mirror placements near sources of light can amplify natural light levels but never directly face somebody’s bed or workspace as it is said to drain energy away from that person rather than adding energy considering direct eye contact with mirrors primarily negativity rather than positivity into a home personally or generally speaking all over the house which can disrupt ch’i (energy).

Choosing materials for have higher vibration rates like quartz crystals can bring out positivity through feng shuis energetic chi balancing pathways. A simple reading corner where you or other family members can sit back and enjoy some quality time will add peace and serenity into your living space, ultimately helping you achieve balance along with good Feng Shui principles being present throughout the entire plan layout.

Essential Touches To Enhance Your Feng Shui Benefits

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious energy in a space. To apply these principals to one story house plans with garages is a great way to balance the aesthetic beauty with practical functionality. There are three essential touches that can help enhance the feng shui benefits:

Enhance the Entryway

The entrance of your home should be inviting and protected simultaneously. One way to achieve this is to create a framed door, whether you choose frosted glass or wooden panels, they will give you full control over what guests see as they enter.

Placing a beautiful table with fresh flowers outside your door will also add to the warm welcome of your entryway. Additionally, decluttering the entrance of your home and adding some plants can help encourage positive energy and good fortune in your space.

Lighting Matters

Lighting is key in any feng shui design. Plain white lights are ideal for anyone working on feng shui principles as they bring clean, clear energy into a room.

Adding lanterns throughout your home adds tranquillity and encourages peacefulness, while warm ambient lighting emits comforting vibes all around even when other lights must be switched off. Lighting affects how open and inviting each room appears which is why it’s important to pay close attention to it when forming a space according to feng shui principals.

Encouraging Positive Flow Of Energy

For those who want a hint of soothing flow in their one story house with garage plans should plan their spaces accordingly The kitchen should have pathways that allow free movement so energy isn’t blocked by closed doors or too much clutter in it’s surroundings while bedrooms should be well lit and feel secure from external influences.

When planning paths around furniture for example there should be enough room for people to move without having items too close together, obstructing paths within the house diminish the flow of positive energy from one place to another making rearranging furniture necessary on occasion.


Feng shui offers homeowners the chance to create a balanced home environment that promotes well-being and success. Using traditional principles, feng shui small one story house with garage plans can be designed to maximize positive energy flow within the home. For example, by positioning key areas such as the entrance and garage door in the right way, it will ensure that chi is able to move freely throughout the home.

Additionally, utilizing colors and natural materials can help infuse the space with yin and yang energies. Not only will these principles aid in bringing harmony to your home, but it will also define its sense of beauty.

Furthermore, implementing these principles into a small one story house with a garage is increasingly important as due to their smaller size their layout needs to be navigated more carefully. To do this effectively consider locations for large furniture items such as beds or couches within great care – avoid blocking passages or windows at all costs.

Utilize mirrors where possible, especially in long hallways or small rooms as they have the power to amplify both natural light and chi energy within them which cleanses negative influences and encourages relaxation and good fortune.

Finally, create integral storage spaces wherever possible – clutter dramatically hinders chi movement so eliminate any unwarranted items while also providing enough storage solutions that keeps surfaces clear and free of mess. Aim for a relaxed ambiance with diaphanous partitions, cushy furniture pieces combined with a warm inviting palette – these are ideal ingredients for providing a peaceful sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy.

Implementing these methods correctly ensures that your home’s atmosphere remains positive whatever your dwelling’s design may be.

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