Feng Shui Office Desk Direction Placing South Wast

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps people to promote balanced energy in their environment. It can be used to create better harmony between humans and their surrounding environment. In modern times, Feng shui is still widely used to enhance the overall quality of one’s life.

The main focus of Feng shui is how to best arrange items and objects within a given space for maximum benefit. The location, placement and arrangement of furniture and household items in a room has a major impact on the flow of energy, or chi, throughout a home or office space. This brings us to the topic at hand – feng shui office desk direction placing south wast.

South West Facing Desk – Definition & Benefits When following the tenets of feng shui regarding office desks, it is believed that placing an executive’s desk towards the south west corner of the room can provide energy enhancing benefits. South west facing desks offer potential benefits such as increased concentration, improved decisions making skills, enhanced leadership qualities and productivity. This position also promotes career progress since this is connected with academic recognition in feng shui beliefs.

Applying For Your Desk It is important that you take into account all aspects when setting up your desk for success in terms of feng shui office desk direction placing south wast. All other items such as various personal effects should remain outside certain angles from your desk; make sure that there are no corners pointing directly at your workspace to encumber good fortune energies from entering your workspace area while you work.

Keep things simple and clutter-free within reach; this way you eliminate distractions around your desk area and limit other forms of disruption caused by having too many knickknacks around you when trying to concentrate on a task. If possible, try keeping plants within arm’s reach because it helps bring more oxygen into the space which is beneficial for invigorating creativity and diminishing stress levels associated with tasks at hand.

The Benefits of Desk Direction Placement

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which focuses on creating harmony in one’s environment by balancing natural elements. The idea is that when the energy in one’s home or office space is properly balanced, it can bring positive benefits such as increased productivity and creativity to a person’s life.

One way of achieving balance and maximizing the flow of energy according to Feng Shui principles is to ensure that an individual’s desk faces a certain direction – the south-west direction.

The placement of desk facing south-west has its roots in cosmology. Ancient Chinese astronomers believed that from this angle, individuals can receive spiritual ‘chi’ from the sun, moon, stars and planets, thereby making them more creative, productive and successful in their work.

In addition, when a desk in placed facing south-west, this will provide a relatively even balance of light during both day and night time. As a result, individuals working behind these desks are less likely to be affected by the natural daylight cycle than those who have their desks placed in other directions.

The Benefits of South West Direction Desk Placement:

  • Improved focus
  • More balanced among darkness and light
  • Attraction of positive chi for success and vitality
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Sharpened intuition
  • Greater capacity for problem solving skills

Desk Placement Facing South-West

Weighted Atmosphere

The placement of an office desk facing south-west can have a positive impact on the ambience of a workspace. South-west, as one of the 8 cardinal directions, is associated with fire and wood elements in traditional Feng Shui. This alignment creates a fun, lively atmosphere which promotes creativity and intellectual thought. It allows for easy cooperation between co-workers by creating an energetic, charged environment that facilitates communication and is conducive to higher productivity.

Improved Focus and Concentration

South-west direction provides an ideal workspace for improved focus and concentration. As it is connected to the “Thought Element”, Southwest orientation helps maintain undivided attention to tasks at hand due to its strong fire element link.

Additionally, light from this direction appears warmer and not too intense due to the redness hue which can help create more relaxed atmosphere when working at a desk. Bad moods created by stress or any pressure can be effectively combated via this setup which encourages feeling closer to nature as it brings out our natural vitality in us.

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Enhances Health Benefits

When placed facing south-west, office desks imbue health benefits thanks to its connection with Fire & Wood elements in traditional Feng Shui principles. In particular, this configuration improves blood circulation enabling smoother flow from head up towards arms &chest areas providing much needed nutrients throughout the body resulting in better physical health.

Moreover, southwest facing set ups also boost mental health with increased clarity in thoughts – An essential factor when managing work related activities on a daily basis due to improved decision making capabilities arising from neutral energy balance nurtured from the space provided by this alignment.

Advantages of Desk Placement South-West

  • Desk placement in the South – West area can bring advancement in career and promote growth. As people employed in office environment rely on their employer for recognition, appreciation and growth it is believed that sitting or working from any desk placed in South-West can enhance the chances of success.
  • For those aiming at increased financial prosperity South-West direction proves to be quite favorable as placed in South-West the desk creates an atmosphere of power and strength which helps the individual to attract wealth.
  • It also supports creativity and adds innovative thoughts to our work which makes it easier to come up with better solutions. So those wanting to unleash their creative side should try out this direction.

Visualize Your Goals


Visualization is an important part of setting a goal and to make it more likely that it will be achieved. Visualizing the results of reaching this goal, such as a new career or a happy family, can help to create motivation and focus energy in the direction of achieving the goal. It can also help to decrease stress levels associated with striving for something and feeling like you have failed when things don’t work out perfectly.


Intention is the way we choose to direct our attention towards or away from something. Setting intentions that are specific and measurable will help keep us motivated on working towards achieving our desired outcome.

For example, if one may want to lose weight then their intention could be to exercise for at least 30 minutes three times per week. Being mindful about what your intention is and now letting your thoughts or emotions take control will help ensure that goals are being met and progress can be tracked.


Affirmations are positive statements that are used in order to encourage personal growth. It is important to use affirmations responsibly because they can easily lead us into false optimism if we over estimate ourselves or underestimate the challenge/difficulty ahead of us.

But if used properly, affirmations can really strengthen one’s focus on reaching their goals through positive reinforcement instead of negative feelings associated with failure. This type of self-talk helps our brains build concrete neural pathways that make us naturally think more toward our desired end results – thus making it easier accomplish difficult tasks while working towards our objectives.

What Objects Should Be Placed Nearby

When it comes to the objects placed near a feng shui desk, particularly in the South West direction, there are several recommendations for maximizing energy flow. Some of the most important things to be aware of is that all items should be clear and well organized as this will help with easy access, quick decisions and problem-solving. Additionally, having meaningful plants or artwork close by visually adds energy and inspires creativity.

The best type of objects to have nearby include personal sentimental items such as photos or awards that remind you of your accomplishments, along with images of nature (preferably water) which helps bring abundance and balance into the space. Additionally items that represent success such motivation quotes and dream boards may also be beneficial too. Items like these also act as positive reinforcements that keep you motivated in spite of difficult problems arising in the work place.

Other Feng Shui Considerations

Moreover when it comes to office furniture, feng shui principles suggest opting for natural colors and materials like wood or bamboo material which can help promote harmony within your space. Desks should also be placed slightly away from walls, stopping cold air from circulating behind it. Lastly using an adjustible chair allows you to find an ergonomic posture when working since sitting in uncomfortable positions can harmfully affect Chi energy within the space.

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Remedies for Enhancing the Desk Space

  • Create clarity on the desk by organizing all items required to do work – such as office supplies, computers and paper. Stacks of papers or files should all be neatened up.
  • Choose a desk that is harmonious with one’s own personal energy. Rectangular or square desks are traditionally preferred in Feng Shui.
  • Personalize the space using symbols of success, wellness and good fortune. A happy photograph, a favorite saying and crystal clusters all invigorate the office environment.
  • Choose well-made pieces made from natural materials, such as teak, rosewood and blue mahattan wood.
  • The chair should give strong support for your back and neck while sitting at the desk.
  • Accessorize desktop with natural elements such as rocks, plants or seashells to energize the surroundings.

Feng Shui Office Desk Decoration Colors

Creating balance and harmony in a South facing desk should also take into consideration carefully chosen colors. For Feng Shui prosperity and abundance, use shades of oranges along with earthy tones for uplifting energy flow. For career advancement choose reds sprinkled with royal blues and for the wisdom direction opt for purples associated with silvers. To ignite motivation select greens combined with yellows to create an inspiring atmosphere.

Feng Shui Office Desk Plants

Utilizing certain plants around any office space invites vital energy along with alive vibrant growth potential. Cactus soaks up harmful outflow while promoting resilients strength from within – making it an ideal choice for any bottom facing desk in an office space. Alternatively Bamboo inducing wealth opportunity coupled with mums symbolizing healthful energies creates balanced atmosphere both mentally and physically. Aloe Vera aids concentration while Rosemary highlights memory retention adding useful medicinal qualities overall workspace environment.


Placing a desk in the South West direction of an office is an important Feng Shui practice as it helps to unlock the energy and potential for success. This placement ensures that a person’s destiny and luck, represented by the south sector, are fully realized.

It also triggers productivity and augments results associated with the office space. When it comes to proper placement of a desk in this direction from a Feng Shui perspective, there are many facets to consider.

Firstly, when placing the desk in the South West direction of an office one should ensure that it has the right type of furniture; something that is not too bulky but allows for adequate work surface for office supplies and related paperwork. The quality of materials used must also be considered as they can have an impact on energies in feng shui practices.

Natural wood tones are ideal for achieving optimal balance between earth elements and producing regenerating energy in an office atmosphere.

The angle at which the desk must be placed is also key – desks placed diagonally can promote balance between opposite energies such as yin and yang according to Chinese Astrology principles; several tools exist to help find these angles correctly like a compass or some other divination tool.

Finally, items placed atop or near the desk should be carefully selected so that they don’t interfere with one’s focus on work – mementos reminding you of vacations or leisurely activities fall under this category even if they may hold sentimental value; put those items away while you’re working.

Despite all these considerations given its importance, correctly placing a desk in this particular direction should not be difficult when given enough research into Feng Shui practice prior to taking action.

In conclusion, positioning your desk properly in South West section of your office based upon Feng Shui practice can do wonders for productivity and positive outcomes associated with your workspace – from increased success opportunities towards bettering general overall life circumstances. It is important however to remember that you dedicate care when applying different aspects such as quality furniture, angle placements and controlling objects in order to achieve desired effects from activating this powerful locational method.

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