Feng Shui Of Master Bedroom

Feng shui of master bedroom is the ancient Chinese practice of using one’s environment to bring a sense of peace and balance to maximize luck in relationships, health, and wealth. The term can be translated as ‘wind-water’ which refers to the flow of qi, or life force energy that travels around the space.

This technique has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia as a way to secure positive energy throughout a given space or home. Utilizing this practice it is believed that physical objects such as furniture, paint colors, decorations, artwork and floor plans will influence how individuals interact with one another and the world around them.

The origin of feng shui can be traced back to 6000 BC when Emperor Huang Ti implemented massive modifications in his palace based on geomancy (or an advisory system which uses divining rods) as well as astronomical observations. Since then, feng shui has come to encompass the interconnectedness between humans, nature and their environments. The idea is that if your surroundings are orderly and balanced they promote better fortune and longevity.

The amazing benefits people get from incorporating feng shui into their bedrooms are numerous: improved sleep quality, increased harmony between family members, reduced stress levels from arranging their environment in an organized fashion that pleases the eye; these are just some examples of what this art form can provide its practitioners with.

Furthermore, this feedback loop between our bodies/minds and environment allows us to develop a stronger connection with nature leading many who adopt this lifestyle-style philosophy to feel more connected with one another as well as the world they inhabit.

Despite being developed over thousands of years by scholars who devoted themselves completely motivated by aesthetics created by varying application users often find themselves playing fast and loose with dictums set forth by these rules resulting in effects that may have unintended implications on users’ lives; thus mandating greater discipline should one wish reap all potential benefits offered by this beautiful art form.

Furthermore since its adoption into western culture several opportunities have derived from where practitioners “appropriate” various aspects of traditional doctrine unknowingly creating false representations masking true meaning running risk offending culture native caretakers.

Nevertheless its vast utility allows us explore various ideas towards goal improving wellbeing through making informed conscious decisions related altering layout infrastructure living environment bringing much needed respite society chaotic times we currently inhabit.

Room Layout and Furniture Placement

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and many people put a lot of thought into its layout and design. One of the best ways to ensure optimal comfort in the room is by making sure that all aspects are considered from a feng shui perspective.

Applying Feng Shui principles to the decorating process can help promote balance and harmony in the home. Here are four essential tips for incorporating feng shui into the master bedroom’s layout and furniture placement.

Create Positive Energy

Creating positive energy in a room is easier said than done, but there are certain things you can do to promote a sense of peace and balance. Start by making sure that there is good air flow in the room, including keeping windows open to let fresh air circulate throughout.

Once that’s taken care of, be conscious about color choices; using calming colors like blues and greens will create a more calming atmosphere compared to bright reds or yellows. Finally, take advantage of natural light when possible; even if window coverings are thick, allowing some light in will make it easier to maintain a positive energy flow throughout your living space.

Utilize Sight Lines

When designing any type of living space it’s important to consider sight lines-meaning how one looks at the area when entering or staying inside it. If you’re unsure how this works, imagine walking through a doorway: what’s immediately visible should be aesthetically pleasing since it sets up an initial positive impression of the whole space.

In terms of bedroom design specifically think about what “view points” you want as soon as you enter-these could be pieces like art/oh pieces on walls or large accent furniture pieces near entryways (bed frame/dresser).

3 Furniture Groupings

In order to maximize comfort, function and beauty in the bedroom it’s necessary to group items together accordingly with right ‘furniture placements’. This means creating small sections within a larger overall area where items make sense visually given their size positions & proximity relative to each other + around larger defining points such as beds or even entries (door+window frames).

Achieving such harmony between elements often takes customizing/tweaking even basic buy-out item layouts before their proper usage & makes all difference towards successful end result for any interior scene well worth its effort. Furthermore keep all these proportions balanced – avoid overcrowding sectional areas with too much clutter as this can drown out meaningful details hard purposes have been supposed serve wisely chosen from start.

Colors and Artwork

Colors in the bedroom are used to invite different energies according to the principles of feng shui. To create a harmonizing energy, colors should be chosen carefully and artworks should be placed where they bring balance and good luck.

The colors to use in the master bedroom can depend on the season; each season has its own color palette that can help bring harmony to the room. A spring bedroom is best suited with shades of green and pink, emphasizing life, growth and growth energy.

Feng Shui Bedroom Sliding Glass Door

Summer brings warms tones such oranges and yellows for positive energy and happiness, while autumn requires calming blues and purples that can promote relaxation. Lastly, winter demands rich hues like browns or dark reds to energize the feeling of abundance while highlighting comfort and security.

Selecting artwork for the master bedroom can also have great significance in terms of inviting positive energies into a space according to Feng Shui tenets. Here are some ways art works may accentuate the correct energies for a master bedroom:

  • Prints showing peaceful landscapes – These represent tranquility and relaxation
  • Incorporate tactile artwork like pottery or wooden artifacts – these emit a sense of groundedness
  • Images depicting fire or flames – sparks passion while inspiring feelings of bravery
  • Picturesque artwork that contains animals – dispels worries from within

Feng Shui Beds

When it comes to Feng Shui and your bedroom, the bed is one of the most important elements. After all, a bed should be both practical and beautiful-the ultimate goal being to maintain energy balance throughout the room. Here are some tips to make sure you pick out the right bed for your home:

  • Pay attention to placement of the bed in the room as per Feng Shui rules.
  • The ideal frame size for comforting dreams – King size beds are recommended.
  • Your best option for keeping a balance between comfort and support is mattress made from natural latex foam or memory foam.

When it comes to selecting the right position for the bed in according to Feng Shui principles, North-facing and central positions are considered good options. The North direction has traditionally been associated with power and career progress while Central areas can ensure positive flow of energy into any given space. Additionally, placing a bed near North walls can bring more focus on career success.

Feng Shui masters also recommend larger beds as these may provide additional protection even when sleeping alone. A full King-size bed 8×8 feet provides perfect balance between sleeping soundly alone while ensuring enough space when sleeping together with a partner providing extra bonding space.

The Bed frame should also always match your decorating style; wooden frames are usually preferred in traditional homes while metal frame might be chosen where modern looks predominate. Make sure that there’s no gap between your mattress and frame where chi (positive energy) could penetrate; you can prevent this by purchasing adjustable beds that perfectly match your mattress size.

Finally, make sure you select your mattress wisely; natural foam products are much better choice than spring mattresses since they provide improved circulation during sleep which result in healthier sleep environment overall.

Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting and mirrors play an important role in creating the right feng shui vibe for your master bedroom. Proper lighting should be a combination of natural, task lighting, and perhaps even slightly dimmed lighting depending on the preference.

To start with natural light, if you have windows reach out to let it in. Not only does sunlight bring good energy into the room but also has been proven to help regulate sleep cycles and provide us with essential vitamins such as vitamin D. If natural lighting is not available, opt for bright overhead fixtures that you can turn off at night for a softer effect.

Task lighting such as lamps and desk lights are great for creating specific areas within your room. For example, you may have a bedside table where you can place a small lamp providing soft light perfect for reading or relaxing before bed.

Desk lights are great if you plan to do any work in your bedroom – they also look stylish. Finally dimmed lights create an ambience that is calming but depending on what color bulbs are used can also be quite invigorating if needed.

When it comes to selecting the right mirrors also try and find one that is large enough to offer some reflection of the whole room – this helps promote good chi flow throughout the entire space including furniture pieces like night stands or closets which would otherwise be ignored by light reflections. Additionally placing a mirror somewhere near a window will produce more positive energy as it doubles up both sources of light and life force from nature – sunlight.

  • Choose natural, task, and dimmed lighting
  • Let sunlight in wherever possible
  • Use lamps or table desk lights for task lighting
  • Find larger mirrors to reflect more of the room
  • Place mirrors near windows for double dose of energy

Furniture and Accessories

Getting the right furniture and Feng Shui decor for the master bedroom is essential for creating a harmonious, nurturing, and secure environment – to also create positive energy that will attract wealth and love.

When positioning furniture in the room, make sure that items are not blocking pathways or any entranceways. There should always be a clear path to the bed. It is best if the bed has a solid headboard since it symbolizes support and security.

The bed should be positioned at least three feet away from the wall – this will improve active chi flow around your sleep area. Also, you can try rearranging the furniture in an intuitive manner that compliments and supports your needs.

Accessorizing with additional pieces such as floor lamps or hanging lights can offer more airy atmosphere without diminishing an important peaceful ambience of your master bedroom. To give warmth to the room, you can buy an area rug which must be placed correctly according to Feng Shui principles.

Where to Put Full Length Mirror in Bedroom Feng Shui

When choosing window treatments, opt either for those which let natural light enter or fabric based treatments like Roman shades or hangings with sheer material over them that still allow abundant light filter through them during the day time. Here’s a list of things you need to take note of when styling your Master Bedroom with Feng Shui:

  • Ensure there is adequate space between furniture and walls.
  • Furniture items should never be blocking any paths.
  • A solid headboard is ideal as it symbolizes support.
  • Position your bed at least three feet away from any wall.
  • Arrange furniture intuitively according to what suits your needs best.
  • Floor lamps, hanging lights etc., help provide airy atmosphere without distracting from peacefulness of interior
  • Choose windows curtains that let natural light come in easily while providing adequate privacy


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese study that emphasizes the importance of energy flow and balance in order to create positive vibes. According to this practice, a bedroom should be a place for relaxation and comfort, and unnecessary items can interfere with it. When decorating a bedroom using Feng Shui principles, the goal is creating an atmosphere conducive to good energy flow and communication between those living there.

Bed Position

The most important element in creating a balanced bedroom is where the bed lies within the room. It should be placed as far away from doorways as possible, but at the same time you want it to be easily and safely accessible.

The direction of the bed is also important – choosing North-South or East-West will give your room a greater sense of balance. Bed positioning should not face mirrors either; these can disrupt sleep patterns or create feelings of restlessness due to constant reflection.

Lighting Matters

For calming and peaceful energy, soft lighting such as lamps can be used instead of overhead lights. This will help promote peace so that individuals who enter here know they are entering a safe haven.

Generally speaking, warm colored light bulbs provide comfort for bedrooms since they evoke soothing sensations and feelings of security when dimmed low at night. Windows also let in natural sunlight which helps keep spaces bright during sunrises or sunsets when colors won’t be too harsh on sleeping eyes.

Furniture Placement

Besides placing the bed according to Feng Shui practices, furniture placement plays an important role as well – each item needs to have its own free space surrounding for better airflow circulation throughout the entire room layout design style wise-wisely. Furniture that’s arranged too close together will make it harder for Chi (Life Energy) traveling through rooms easier.

Ideas like bookshelves with some open empty space between them provide visual interest while allowing air pass more freely at same time in all directions needed; chairs within seating areas must also keep extra gap for easy movement everyone involved pathways out enjoyment.


Ultimately, Feng Shui can bring about meaningful positive changes in your life and in the lives of those who regularly use your master bedroom. Applying the basic principles of the practice can help you achieve a harmonious balance that will last a lifetime. Through furnishings, colors and other elements such as artwork and lighting, you can turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat and sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate in.

Even small adjustments can have an impact on energy flow: thoughtful placement of furniture, making sure pieces are not overcrowded together; decorating with bedding colors that are associated with comfort and relaxation; using low wattage bulbs for nightlights or lamps to create calming mood lighting; incorporating plants around the space to add positive energy; and maintaining appropriate storage solutions to prevent clutter from accumulating.

Setting aside time on a regular basis to make corrections when needed is also essential for getting lasting effects from Feng Shui practices.

It’s important to remember that mastery of Feng Shui does not happen overnight. It takes learning the fundamentals of the practice-such as understanding Bagua energies-and then gaining experience by experimenting with various combinations until you find one that resonates with you deeply. When applying knowledge gained through personal experimentation, take your time.

Refine patterns as much as possible so that adjustments merge well with existing room design, while simultaneously bringing more energy into it. Finally ensure that all family members are on board with any necessary changes so all will benefit from them over time.

Feng shui principles provide homeowners with very tangible benefits when followed correctly and consistently throughout their homes, especially their master bedroom spaces where relaxation, peace and comfort are aimed for most intensely.

Working slowly but deliberately while deepening our understanding is key for an enduring outcome: Bringing harmony into our environment while renewing ourselves over long term periods through mindful feng shui practices – completing the cycle by bringing energy back out again into our world after getting replenished within this special space.

Every time we nurture a place we inhabit, we raise its vibration – a gift which honors both us and those who enter creation afterwards.

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