Feng Shui Number 3

What is Feng Shui Number 3?

Feng Shui Number 3 is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to bring balance and harmony to a space. It is based on the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and their associated energy forces, called the “ Five Elements “, or the ” 5 Elements Theory”. The number three is an important part of the practice, as it symbolizes the three essential qualities of success: creativity, wisdom, and persistence. Additionally, it is believed that the number three helps create a balance between the physical and spiritual realms.

Benefits of Using Feng Shui Number 3

There are many benefits to using Feng Shui Number 3 in your home or workspace that can help create a more balanced and harmonious environment. These benefits include:

  • Harmony and Balance: Number three is believed to represent harmony and balance. This can help create an environment that is peaceful, rather than chaotic.
  • Longevity: Feng Shui Number 3 is also believed to help create a longer life span for those in the space.
  • Abundance: Feng Shui Number 3 is said to represent abundance and prosperity. This can attract good fortune and wealth into a space.
  • Happiness: This practice is also said to help bring joy and happiness into a space.

How to Incorporate Feng Shui Number 3 Into Your Home or Workplace

Adding Feng Shui Number 3 to your home or workplace can be done in many different ways. Here are some tips:

  • Have a Three-Element Display: Incorporate the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water into your decor. This could be accomplished through a creative display of items related to each element.
  • Include Accessories: Incorporate items that are symbolic of the number three, such as three-petal flowers, tridents, and triangle shapes.
  • Place Feng Shui Items: Place Feng Shui items that represent the number three, such as a three-legged toad, in a prominent area of your home or office. This will help bring in positive energy and enhance the harmony in your space.
  • Choose Three Color Scheme: Paint your walls in colors that represent the number three such as blue, purple, and white. You can also use colors that are associated with good luck and fortune, such as red and gold.


Feng Shui Number 3 is an ancient practice that can help create balance and harmony in a space. It can also bring in abundance, longevity, and happiness. Adding items that are suggestive of the number three, such as a trident or three-petal flowers, can help to activate and enhance the energy in your environment. Consider following the Feng Shui Number 3 when decorating your home or workplace to bring in luck, fortune, and wellbeing.

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