Feng Shui New Year 2022

Feng Shui for the New Year 2022

Welcome in the New Year with Ancient Wisdom

Each year, we all want to set a course for the best possible new beginning. We often turn to the ancient wisdom of feng shui, which promotes balance and harmony, to help us welcome in a productive and prosperous New Year. Here, we’ll explore some ways to bring feng shui to your home and life in the New Year of 2022.

Using Color to Create a Positive Environment

Using color is one of the simplest ways to promote positive energy throughout the home. For the New Year 2022, the colors that are favoured in Feng Shui include white, pink, light yellow, and green. White represents purity, cleanliness and new beginnings, pink is associated with love and friendship, yellow is associated with joy and laughter, and green symbolizes growth, abundance and good health. These colors can be used in the home through artwork, textiles, and other decorations.

The Power of Precious Stones

Incorporating precious stones into your environment can help to greatly improve the Feng Shui of your home. Consider arranging rose quartz, citrine, and aventurine stones in different areas of the home. These stones represent different aspects of Feng Shui. Rose quartz brings about love and compassion, citrine enhances self-confidence and success, and aventurine radiates a calming energy that eases discord and re-establishes harmony in the home.

Curtain Color Feng Shui

Divide Up Your Space

In the world of Feng Shui, the vast expanse of an open-plan office or home can be overwhelming and create an overwhelming energy. To intentionally create a calming and organized atmosphere, divide up and organize your space with thought-provoking, functional furniture. Think bookshelves, shelves, tables, armchairs and sideboards in inviting natural materials like bamboo and wood.

Bring the Outdoors In

Finally, bring the beauty of nature indoors by adding plants to the home. The presence of plants and flowers will promote feelings of peace and contentment, as well as purify the air. Consider keeping a snake plant, known for its soothing energy, and a jade, which represents good luck and abundance.

With proper Feng Shui, 2022 can be your most prosperous and positive year yet!

What are some traditional Feng Shui ways to invite good luck for the New Year 2022?

1. Hang auspicious symbols such as a fu, or lucky bats, in your home or workspace.

2. Hang up red lanterns, or banners with auspicious phrases.

3. Display mandarins, oranges, and pomegranates to represent fertility and abundance.

4. Display a picture of Fuxi and Nüwa, the gods of Chinese myth, to promote harmony and good luck for your home or workspace.

5. Place Lucky Fortune Bamboo near the entrance of your home.

6. Place a water fountain in a central place for luck energy to flow.

7. Place a ceramic bowl with eight eight coins in it near the entrance of your home to draw in wealth.

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