Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth


A Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth is a necklace believed to attract and maintain wealth, specifically financial success. It typically features particular symbols that signify money, prosperity, and abundance based on the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. It is believed that wearing this type of jewelry brings energy flow into your life that can improve career opportunities, increase income, and attract luck and good fortune. The main elements of a Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth are gold coins, lucky coins with five or six Chinese characters representing wealth and abundance; two knot-like patterns known as the “Double happiness symbol”; the Chinese character for peace; or an orange disc known as a Pi Yao bead. These beads are considered very sacred in Chinese culture and are thought to protect against poverty while drawing good luck in all its forms. Wearing one is supposed to universalize positivity and make it easier for people to draw in potential clients or partners who could lead to better financial success. In addition to these symbols, the necklace may be set with precious gems like jade which traditionally has been seen as producing positive Qi energy.

The Science of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth is a tool to bring blessing and luck in one’s life. It helps in improving the overall energy flow, resulting in improved financial fortune. It is said that when activated with proper rituals and positive energy, this necklace can even help in eliminating blockages from the financial way, leading to sustained success. The necklace also provides protection from enemies who want to harm your financial progress.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the necklace consists of a special mix of lucky coins and symbols associated with wealth. This type of necklace has been used for centuries by people seeking financial success. The most common shapes of the coins are circle (representing continuity) or a six-sided star (representing static harmony). Each coin is then tied off with red string (representing good luck), along with some ancient Chinese symbols representing protection from bad luck and increasing good luck. The practitioner must then activate this energy with rituals and intentions on behalf of the wearer.

In addition to providing spiritual protection, this type of jewelry may also have physical benefits. Some creative jewelers incorporate essential stones like jade and aquamarine into the necklace design which are believed to provide well-being benefits like balancing hormones and reducing stress levels – both essential components for successful finances. Finally, wearing the Feng Shui symbol is itself a statement – reminding us that one should keep their eye on their finances while at the same time keeping an intention on prosperity within our lives. Ultimately, it should be worn as a reminder that when we use our resources wisely we create space for lasting abundance!

A Variety of Feng Shui Necklaces

Feng Shui necklaces come in many forms and styles, from classic to modern. A carefully selected Feng Shui necklace can bring a sense of financial security and prosperity, helping to attract successful energy into one’s life. The most common type is the traditional Chinese Feng Shui necklace, which is made up of components such as tassels, jade discs, coins or even carved figures. In addition to the traditional Chinese styles available, there are also contemporary Asian-inspired necklaces with colorful crystals and stones strung on intricate cords and chains.

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Popular decorative bead work like pearls and semi-precious stones may also be used in creating a Feng Shui necklace design. It is important to create one according to the principles of Feng Shui in order for it to yield its full benefit; this means taking into account colors and shapes that represent wealth, luck, health and abundance like green jade or tiger eye shaped beads.

Uniquely designed Feng Shui necklaces should be worn around the neck area where it will have the most positive energetic presence and be seen clearly by others. The idea behind this concept is that it emits passive energy from the wearer continuously which will support plentiful wealth opportunities coming their way. Finally a reminder that when wearing a Feng Shui necklace remember not only its purpose but use your own intention setting practice when wearing it appreciate what it’s bringing into your life with open arms.

Advantages of Wearing a Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth

A Feng Shui necklace for wealth is thought to have numerous advantages. Wearers of such a necklace can benefit from the emotional and spiritual advantages of wearing one.

One advantage of a Feng Shui necklace for wealth is cultivating self-confidence. This type of jewelry often represents success and abundance, so it serves as an ongoing reminder to the wearer that he or she is capable and deserving of achieving whatever they set their minds to. By wearing this symbol, one will feel inspired by its constant reverberation. Another advantage is inviting positive energy into one’s life. By adorning oneself with a Feng Shui necklace for wealth, you allow yourself to be more receptive to the energy that surrounds you, allowing all sort of prosperity to flow in your life.

The third advantage is cultivating focus. The elemental symbols imprinted on this type of jewelry encourages inner growth and strength while keeping gratitude in the forefronts of our thoughts. This will allow us to focus more on what we want out lives instead than what we do not have or cannot obtain in the present moment. Lastly, it also serves as a reminder that abundance comes from within and when we stay positive it will help draw all readily available resources toward us.

Considerations When Picking a Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth

Design: When picking a Feng Shui necklace for wealth, design can be extremely important. For example, pendant necklaces with coins and symbols of prosperity are believed to bring good luck. The shape of the pendant is also quite significant and should represent an aspect of richness such as a deer, bat or a star shape. These trinkets have the power to attract wealth which is why they’re favoured among many Feng Shui practitioners.

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Material: When choosing a Feng Shui necklace for wealth, the material is not overlooked. Gemstones such as Citrine, amethysts, jade etc., are often pumped for their energy-refreshing properties and thereby believed to increase opportunities for financial success. Additionally, precious metals like gold or silver are believed to attract good fortune into one’s life due to its timeless nature symbolizing strength and power.

Colour: Colour carries special significance when selecting a Feng Shui necklace for wealth; red coloured objects invoke good luck while purple reflects royalty and emerald green represents money. Gold or yellow remind one of cash – both of these colours also carry associations with warmth and sunshine adding extra life-force energy signifying wealth accumulation.

Preservation of a Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth

Feng Shui necklaces for wealth are powerful tools to attract fortune and prosperity into your life. It is essential to take care of your necklace in order to maximize its effectiveness. To begin with, make sure to clean the stones regularly with a soft, damp cloth free of detergents or soaps. Then, when not wearing it, store the necklace in a safe place away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat, as this can cause damage over time. Moreover, ensure that you regularly charge the amulets with positive energy by placing them on sources of natural energy such as soil or crystals. Additionally, keep your intentions and mantra specific while talking to the necklace, as this part of Feng Shui belief requires pure focus and intention. Finally, have faith in the power of Feng Shui and constantly remember your intention while wearing it or while energizing and cleaning it periodically.


A Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth is a popular traditional Chinese amulet designed to draw good luck, attract happiness, and increase financial prosperity. It has long been believed that by wearing a Feng Shui Necklace for Wealth one will create an invisible energetic shield to ward off negative energies while simultaneously attracting fortune and abundance. By wearing a necklace of carefully selected authentic Feng Shui gemstones, including malachite and hematite, these powerful stones combine to create an energy that works to manifest prosperity. In addition, when adorned with specially designed mantras or symbols in gold or silver on the surface of the pendant-style necklace, these are thought to further facilitate positive and potent outcomes. This type of Feng Shui jewelry is especially useful for those seeking more stability in their finances as the intensity of its powers help take failure out of the equation. With proper maintenance and care, this item can bring with it great joy and fulfillment beyond anything ever imagined.

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