Feng Shui My Office At Work

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is used to bring balance and harmony to a given space. This practice can easily be applied to any workspace, including an office. To ensure maximum productivity in your office, why not try a few feng shui techniques?

Whether it’s improving energy flow or creating a soothing atmosphere, there are endless ways that feng shui can transform your work environment. Here are some tips for how you can feng shui my office at work.

Create Space: Clutter has long been believed to attract negative energy, so it’s important to ensure that there is ample open space in your office. It’s recommended to avoid placing obstructions between you and the focal point of the room (like the door). Make sure everything is put away neatly, and don’t forget about surfaces like desks and shelves where dust and dirt can gather – keep these areas clean as well.

Utilize Natural Light:Natural light has been proven to be beneficial for both physical health and mood – let the sunshine in. If possible, move furniture around so that windows are uncovered by obstacles like bookshelves or file cabinets. Not only does this allow natural light into the room but also allows clear energy flow as well as boosts productivity.

Bring Nature Inside:The presence of nature can have an incredibly calming effect on people; bringing plants and other natural elements into the office helps create a soothing atmosphere. A few small potted plants placed strategically around the room will enhance the feeling of relaxation while still being classy and low maintenance (no one has time for plant care during their 9-to-5).

The presence of living things will bring a sense of life into the room which enhances its overall energy flow.

Conclusion:Feng shui principles are meant to help promote health, happiness, motivation, focus and relaxation. Incorporating these ideas into your workspace can help improve your workflow tremendously. Whether you decide to incorporate aspects such as better lighting schemes or add more nature elements into the space, applying simple feng shui techniques will undoubtedly create positive changes in your office environment that will ultimately increase productivity within it.

Defining Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese art of bringing balance and harmony to the environment around you, prioritizing intentional design to maximize positive energy. In other words, feng shui is a design philosophy with the purpose of achieving harmony between people and their physical surroundings.

Many businesses are beginning to incorporate feng shui into office layout and design to boost morale, productivity, and foster collaboration; something that’s come especially useful during a year spent largely indoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How To Feng Shui Your Desk

Feng shui isn’t just for dressing up your home or bedroom – you can achieve its benefits in your workspace as well. Here are some tips for incorporating feng shui principles into your work space:

  • Keep your desk clutter-free – tidying up your workspace gets rid of stagnant energy.
  • Organize drawers and file cabinets – creating well-thought out spaces in drawers and cabinets will ultimately help clear mental blocks.
  • Choose soothing colors – such as soft blues, greens or neutrals – when decorating your cubicle or office walls.
  • Bring nature inside – adding plants or flowers on top of your desk encourages relaxation in the mind.
  • Incorporate meaningful objects – such as a framed photo of family members or an item that carries personal significance. Such items provide stability and motivation.

Maximizing Natural Light & Wind Flow

It is incredibly important for workspaces to aim to get the most out of natural light & wind flow in order to feel more open. Depending on each individual’s work environment, it could look like replacing heavy drapes with light roller shades or using sheer curtains instead of mostly opaque ones. The goal should be letting light through rather than blocking it out from entering a room whenever possible.

Additionally, free air flow throughout the space should always be promoted so that energy can move and circulate throughout without becoming stagnant. If this isn’t possible due to lack of air vents/windows, consider getting an electric fan which will do just fine in helping spread good Chi.

Finding Balance

Using the ancient art of feng shui to create a balanced and harmonious workplace is a great way to increase one’s productivity while also creating a more pleasant physical space. Most people know that to work with the positive energy or “chi” of the environment, we can arrange different items according to the principles of this art form. But did you know that incorporating all five elements into your office space will bring even greater harmony?


Earth element representation in an office environment would be through earthy tones such as browns and greens, materials like wood, rocks or tiles, plants and other organic natural features. Place terracotta Buddha figures around each corner or table lamps with wooden frames for a touch of sophistication or add essential oils such as cedarwood or patchouli to help stimulate creativity and concentration.


The metal element provides an opportunity to incorporate tones like silver, white, gold, grey and occasionally pink for a subtle feminine touch when used wisely. These colours are representative of purity, clarity and simplicity in their many forms – from computer cords to pencil holders – something we could all use a little more of in our lives.

Feng Shui Tips for Basement Offices

Adding lighting fixtures made out of opaque white shades or silver metallic lamps can easily bring in this element. Vases that are filled with natural stones also represent this element very well.


The water element brings peace and calmness into the room with its blues rippling through wallpapers in subtle aquatic designs which provide an instant sense of tranquillity. Place some aquamarine toned glass sculptures on shelves or positioning clusters of shells on bookcases – it’s all about creating balance within your inner-self so find something that speaks true to yours.

Fountains act as effective water features adding both movement (yang) and sound (yin) into your workspace – they act as conduits for releasing stress, encouraging mental clarity and providing inspiration for those creative breakthrough moments. Put a pint-sized desktop fountain near your desk if living room décor is not what appeals to you.

Desk Placement

It is important to consider the placement of your desk when you are trying to create an environment of harmony and balance in your office. Feng Shui, which means “wind-water” in Chinese, is the ancient practice of arranging environments in such a way that will benefit its inhabitants through the use of energy patterns.

Properly positioning furniture and making use of natural elements can help bring luck and positivity into your life. Here are some simple tips to help you find the most optimal placement for your desk:

  • You should have a clear view of the door when sitting at your desk-positioning it so that your back is not facing the door allows for stronger calming chi energy.
  • Place your desk up against a wall to allow for an underlying sense of support.
  • If possible maintain a distance from windows, as too much external stimulation can be distracting.

In addition to considering the placement of the desk itself, it is also important to think about what items are placed within. Feng Shui creates balance by placing opposite objects near one another-such as yin (concave) and yang (convex) elements-to minimize their negative effects while amplifying good luck.

Some types of objects that can bring prosperity into an office are items like wealth coins or trinkets, live plants, artwork with calming colors, and images that reflect ambitions/goals. Objects with certain energies also have specific effects on well-being; for instance mirrors provide clarity while crystal spheres deflect negative energy away from you.

Your chair is another essential piece of furniture when it comes to creating a balanced atmosphere-it should preferably have arm-rests but they must be low enough so that they do not interfere with circulation and movement. It also helps if the seat cushion is full enough so that it offers sufficient support throughout the day but not too soft otherwise this could lead to fatigue over time.

Leather chairs usually make good options, with light or dark brown shades being particularly popular due to their connection with success-related energies. Furthermore if possible choose one whose back offers similar curvature as your own spine for optimal alignment.

Color Your World

Feng shui is not just a method of decorating your home. It can also be used to create positive energy and balance in your workplace environment. One key step for achieving the proper Feng Shui in the office is through colors. When creating a harmonious office environment, certain colors should be favored over others.


Red has long been thought of as the ultimate energizing color. In Feng Shui, it is seen as representing vitality and can help with energy and drive when working on tasks and meeting deadlines. Red is recommended for offices that require creative problem-solving or critical thinking, such as those employed in marketing or entrepreneurism. It’s also popular for students studying for upcoming exams or entrepreneurs who need extra motivation to stay focused on their projects.


Green has the power to evoke a sense of peace, wellness, and renewal-perfect for employees in health care or other service-oriented fields. Feng Shui indicates that green encourages revitalization and healing for its users.

Green rooms are often associated with productivity levels, so it’s great for workers who need some serenity through the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Color palettes containing shades of green are also great tones to consider if you’re looking to create an inviting space that promotes collaboration-perfect for offices where teamwork is involved.


Blue is often chosen because it invokes feelings of trustworthiness while also being very calming which helps foster communication between colleagues as they work together throughout the day. This color also resonates well with employees who rely heavily on technology such as those in IT departments or financial advisors who utilize various online tools when strategizing investments and performance metrics from clients portfolios.

To keep energy levels high throughout meetings or brainstorming sessions bring in a bright shade of blue like turquoise; this will provide vibrancy with out being overly stimulating like red can be before taking breaks during the day.

Feng Shui Accessories

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice which places emphasis on managing the energy flow within a room and encouraging positive chi, or energy that leads to happiness and success. Feng Shui your office is no different – it’s an important space in your life where decisions are made and goals accomplished. So why not cheer it up by adding cool yet functional accessories? When creating a harmonious and balanced workspace, there are some key principles to keep in mind:

Lighting Is Key

When incorporating Feng Shui into your workplace, having the right kind of lighting is essential. Natural light should be included as much as possible; aim for two windows or more wherever possible to clear away stagnant energy. You may also want to invest in a desk lamp for task lighting when natural light is not present.

Feng Shui of Office Desk

Ensure all artificial lights cast a warm yellow tone rather than blue-white hue. Avoid harsh fluorescent overhead lights that can take away from the balance of your space.

Bring Nature Into Your Space

Incorporating foliage inside your office can be an excellent way to bring in positive energy while adding color and texture. Incorporate plants like cactus, rubber tree plants, bamboo orchids, ferns or potted herbs for freshness and visual interest.

For those who don’t have access to natural sunlight during the day, try adding faux plants made of silk or paper – they still get the job done. Adding water features such as fountains also bring positive chi into your office environment creating calming vibes throughout the day.

Choose The Right Desk Chair

The right office chair will make all the difference: pick one that’s adjustable but comfortable so you don’t suffer from bad posture while you work. Make sure the material used on it embodies softness and ease with tranquil colors like blues or greens to maintain balance in any space Color is also important – neutral tones such as light gray provide peace without overwhelming our senses with loud colors.

Airy light fixtures above that emit gentle glow are optimal when wishing for feeling of blissfulness throughout our workspace.

Clearing Clutter

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui emphasizes the importance of creating an environment that can help spark creative flow and success in the workplace. What may look like a small change such as altering your office space can make a big impact on your day-to-day experience. One important step to creating a positive environment is to clean up any clutter from your office or workspace.

What Causes Clutter?

Clutter has the tendency to build up over time. No matter how hard you try, it seems as though as soon as one desk drawer gets cleared out, two more seem to fill back up with paperwork and odds and ends.

The primary reasons for having clutter accumulate are wanting to avoid making decisions about what should stay or go, not taking immediate action after inspecting the area, fear of throwing things away that may be useful later on, and simply allowing too many items to accumulate without purging anything in between.

Making Room For Positive Energy

To make room for positive energy into the workspace starts with identifying where further decluttering is needed and assigning appropriate storage sections for everything that deserves a place within reach. Establish zones for paperwork filing so necessary documents are easy to access but don’t take away from precious space for other items.

Replenish stationary materials if needed but consider purchasing multi-functional supplies from versatile corner operating holders or tidy wall trays that prevent pens and accessories overflowing off desks.

Newly created spaciousness allows air to circulate throughout the workspace which helps amplify feelings of alertness and nourishes ideas of productivity better than when an area is cramped together due to accumulated belongings on various surfaces. Allowing natural light accompanying daylight hours also increases work effectiveness by exposing individuals in their office spaces direct access to natural resources such as Vitamin D from sunshine rays – increasing overall wellness levels at work environments.


Work can be one of the most prominent sources of stress and anxiety. Thus, it is important to create a working environment that is both pleasant and conducive to productivity. Good feng shui in the office can facilitate this experience as it optimizes creative energy flow.

It’s essential to analyze your office space in order to determine whether or not your desk is properly aligned according to principles of feng shui. Some basics for an ideal setup include keeping your back against a solid wall for support, having a view of the entrance when sitting down, and keeping your feet on the ground when working at your desk.

In addition, colors should be balanced throughout the workspace: warm tones on one side and cool tones on the other will help you stay centered and consistent in your work.

After establishing a foundation for accurate feng shui alignment in the office, it may be useful to start making some lasting improvements. Placing reflective materials such as mirrors or glass sculptures nearby can enhance internal ideas and creativity. Zen gardens are also great additions due to their calming effects.

Incense candles are another popular object found in many Zen inspired offices; not only do they provide natural fragrance while also adding texture to an area’s design. Lastly, bringing plants into the office adds color, life, air filtering capabilities overall positive impacts into any workspace Feng Shui technique adopted it just requires understanding and analysis time.

For those who feel overwhelmed by introducing all these elements alone, there may be assistance available from a professional Feng Shui master. These experts analyze each space uniquely after surveying points like floor plans or furniture arrangements per person preferences.

When done correctly, even small changes can make long-term differences with healthy outcomes for both personal growth as well as team morale and productivity at work. This way everyone can look forward to coming into a workspace that supports abundance in every aspect-mind body & spirit.

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