Feng Shui In Office Space

Feng Shui In Office Space

Unlock Maximum Efficiency With Basic Feng Shui Principles

The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to any office environment to ensure its occupants benefit from an energizing and productive atmosphere. Feng Shui, which literally translates as ‘wind-water’ benefits from the harmonious balance of its five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) in the design and layout of an office space. By paying close attention to the position and placement of objects, a balanced office environment can be achieved leading to increased efficiency and even the possible promotion of inspiring leadership.

Purifying Entrances

The entrance of an office is the ideal place to start implementing Feng Shui principles. This is due to the importance of this area as the first impressions when customers or clients enter the office can be heavily influenced. Ensuring clutter and blockages are removed from this area, students it with natural colors and filling the room with natural light such as potted plants and subtle decoration pieces.

Object Placement

Object placement is key when it comes to applying Feng Shui. Away from the entrance, furniture, filing systems and other storage devices should all be placed in strategic locations to create a relaxed and productive atmosphere. Business owners can also opt to install specialty decorations such as water rills, glass sculptures and wind chimes to further enhance the energy of the room.

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Symbols of Prosperity

Creative and colorful symbols of prosperity are ideal for bringing positive energy into the office environment. This includes various colors and animals, such as goldfish and water elements. Auspicious Chinese symbols may also be incorporated into the office such as images of dragons and fu dogs, fortunes gods and the 8 trigrams.

Mirrors and Crystal

Mirrors and crystal are two of the most important elements of Feng Shui. Mirrors hung in the correct positions will allow for the flow of positive energy through the office, whilst crystal ornaments will attract creative thoughts and ideas. As such, a mix of different sized mirrors and ornaments should be used to create the perfect Feng Shui effect.


By applying the simple principles of Feng Shui, entrepreneurs can easily generate an effective and efficient office space which benefits all its occupants. The balance of the five elements and careful placement of objects will help to usher in an atmosphere of good fortune and bring luck to the business.

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