Feng Shui House Facing North West

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice associated with harmonizing the energy of one’s environment to achieve balance and promote well-being. It focuses mainly on the placement of furniture and other items in a home, as well as understanding how energy flows around a space.

Having a house facing the north west direction means that it catches more east-to-west winds, allowing for fresher air to flow into the interior. Energy-wise, the north west direction suggest ideas such as creativity, leadership and knowledge.

Pros of Having a Feng Shui House Facing North West Having a house face the north west direction holds many benefits when it comes to feng shui. For starters, it allows plenty of natural light to enter through its windows throughout day due to its elevated position giving it higher exposure rates when compared to lower-level house facing other directions.

Furthermore, with its increased wind exposure, fresher air can easily flow into the home. On top of that, having your home facing such an auspicious direction can potentially contribute towards additional career opportunities and rewards – since according to Chinese tradition the north west symbolizes advancement in both career-related matters and educational endeavors.

Cons of Having a Feng Shui House Facing North West Despite all its advantages in terms of energy overall – there are some drawbacks with living in such a residence if you do not effective take into account these factors into consideration.

Firstly – because this orientation has guests entering from the north, one must be careful when selecting décor and landscape pieces – as they should neither point upwards nor be overtly overwhelming so as to avoid compromising their energy flow around visitors arriving at them home or distracting them due to their size or color scheme.

In addition – too much emphasis on receiving strong winds may also result in continuous drafts blowing through even via closed windows resulting in slower heating times for any furnaces or cooling units present within said building – further requiring efforts for maintaining optimal air conditions based on geographical regions climates range during peak seasons.

Benefits of a North West-Facing Home

Feng Shui considers a home facing the north west to have many benefits. These include:

  • Good health
  • Prosperity
  • Harmonious relationships with family members
  • Robust education and career prospects for children

A North West-facing home has its advantages because it allows a greater amount of energy from the sun to enter the house, adding an air of positive vibes throughout. This direction also aligns with the energy from water on this side of the directional wheel, making it beneficial for overall growth and prosperity within the home.

The availability of direct sunlight in this part of the house can also have physical health benefits; providing warmer temperatures that could increase serotonin levels, which would help ensure better mental wellbeing. It is important to note that all directions considered by Feng Shui may be used to manipulate Qi energy in order to create balance within any given area.

However, some directions resonate more strongly than others and it’s advisable to pay extra attention when dealing with homes facing these areas.

A North West-facing house can bring much needed abundance into a family’s patriarch’s life: facilitating his success in business or career related endeavours as well as aiding financial gains. This kind of house can bring greater prosperity and growth potential for its occupants as long as they are able to channel its powerful energies.

In addition, having this kind of house will enable family members to enjoy harmonious relationships with one another – creating more unity and trust amongst all family members present in the home.

Moreover, having this kind of environment can aid children, who live in such a household, greatly by offering them robust educational prospects through their studies as well as promising career possibilities upon graduation enabling overall success in life. Therefore Feng Shui recommends that aspirants looking for an auspicious life find residence in homes that face North West in order to gain all these potential benefits associated with this particular direction.

Guidelines for Determining Facing Direction for Maximum Benefit

Feng Shui House Facing North West is considered auspicious and it brings luck to the occupants of the house. Proper knowledge of its guidelines can help you determine the best facing direction for maximum benefit. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you make the right decision for your house:

  • The positive energy from the North West direction increases the chances of success in business.
  • People can enhance their reputation or social standing by opting for Feng Shui house facing North West.
  • It helps to improve financial status, thereby increasing your prosperity.

According to Feng Shui wise people, when a family opts a North West facing house, they have Jupiter under their influence which improves their career prospects significantly. Moreover, it also provides good education opportunities to children, health benefits and supports growth in a family. Furthermore, this energy has distinct powers that make it suitable for architects, engineers, builders or people related with any kind of technical profession.

How to Feng Shui My New House

According to Feng Shui experts putting an entrance door at north west provides opportunities for growth regarding fame and power in life and one enjoys great success during the mid life period of around forty years of age. This energy enhances logical thinking skills which further leads to success in dealing with complicated tasks at hand efficiently.

Additionally, this sector works well for those who want more fame as it gives them an extra edge over others making them more popular among peers.

Furthermore, based on FengShui wisdom those residents who choose this orientation receive sudden windfalls and new sources of income get open up during mid-life stage.

Also if there is an ill effect due to other directions then this sector helps in canceling out those unfavorable energies and amplifies the good ones too if present already anywhere else in the house like having some famous painting or sculpture near kitchen counter as these things become much more powerful here than otherwise anywhere else due to presence of ‘Tien Yi’ star here.

Advantages of North West Orientation

Feng shui house facing North West offers some of the most sought after benefits and advantages when it comes to harnessing good energy in residential properties. Most importantly, North West orientated dwellings benefit from the natural sunlight which pours into the rooms when compared to other directions.

The Benefits of a North West Facing House

  • Sunlight: The house will be bathed in natural sunlight all year round.
  • Health Benefits: During cold winter months, people will feel warm in north-west facing homes due to the sun’s heat.
  • Opportunity for Growth: A house oriented towards north-west has potential for business expansions as it is believed that it can bring financial gains.
  • Peaceful Environment: Homes oriented towards north-west favor peace and promote a sense of balance and harmony within its occupants.

Locations Benefiting From a North-West Facing Home

North-West orientation works best when your residence is located on an evenly rising land, or situated at top of a small hill. It is also advantageous if there are no tall buildings blocking the rays of the sun entering your home from this direction. Moreover, having open air space north-west of your property helps create positive vibes too.

Potential Negative Impact of North West Direction

The direction of a house is an important factor in Feng Shui home practice. The North West facing direction of the house has some potential negative impacts on residents that should not be ignored. Following are some of the possible drawbacks associated with this orientation:

  • Firstly, occupants with North West facing homes may experience difficulty in their professional life. This could manifest as career stagnation, slow progress in promotion or even job loss.
  • Secondly, there might be an increased chance of health-related issues within the family due to this particular cardinal direction.
  • Thirdly, people who are married and living in such homes might face problems related to relationships such as infidelity or unhappiness between partners.

Moreover, studies have indicated that children who live in North West facing homes may find it hard to concentrate in their studies and be less successful academically as compared to peers from other houses. It may also lead to behavioural problems and rebellious attitude among kids due to a lack of mental peace and stability at home.

Wherever possible, one must try and reduce any negative effects from this alignment by introducing elements like wind chimes, bells or crystals outside of the home generally aimed towards suitable directions. Speaking with professional Feng Shui advisors may also help prescribe remedies for these ailments where required.

Recommended Home Design Styles For North West Facing Houses

A North West facing house is considered to be ideal according to the popular belief of feng shui. It is believed that a house with this orientation has both practical and spiritual benefits which, when combined, provide the homeowner with optimum health and success. So if you are fortunate enough to have a North West-facing house, there are certain design styles you should strive for in order to make the most out of it.

Balancing the Yin and Yang energies in your North West-facing home is paramount for ensuring lasting happiness and success. This balance means introducing elements that invoke the energy of Yin in contrast with Yang elements.

As such, architects recommend that incorporating features like light curtains, airy ceilings, strong wood furniture, and more can create an inviting and calming atmosphere that provides the perfect equilibrium in your feng shui home. Additionally, it can also address any possible imbalances in your home by providing a sense of grounding energy throughout its entirety; this will help overcome feelings such as chaos or restlessness while enabling one to relax deeply in their space whenever desired.

Using natural elements like earthy stones or plants are other recommendations for homeowners living in a North West-facing house. Natural materials have long been seen as symbolisms of ferocity-think about granite mountains rising up out of the ground quickly through harsh weather conditions or how resilient plants survive relentless cycles out in nature-so introducing them into such dwellings speaks towards strength and resilience found within its inhabitants as well.

Alongside this reasoning, design professionals often suggest integrating glass walls or windows so that natural lighting might enter your home freely while at odds creating an atmosphere free from intrusions from outside forces; this makes sure harmony remains influential throughout each corner of your realm even during difficult times.

Feng Shui House Directions

Decorating Tips For Homes Facing North West

Decorating a home that faces North West with Feng Shui elements can bring balance and energy to the space. Here are some tips:

  • Add shades of metal colors such as silver, gold, white and gray in the décor items.
  • Lighter curtains and contemporary furniture pieces create a modern feel.
  • Bookcases add depth to the room without overpowering it.

The entrance to your home is especially important when using Feng Shui. Ensure that you place a doormat at the entrance to sweep away all negative energy into the universe. It is also a good idea to incorporate metal elements into your door or frame for added protection from negative energy. Placing two dark wooden pots filled with water creates positive Chi energy which radiates throughout the home.

You can also use certain art pieces on your walls that correspond with the North West corner of your house according to Feng Shui principles. A painting of mountain peaks or soaring birds is an excellent selection.

Place gold coins in frames beside these images for added positive Chi energy. It’s also recommended that you incorporate symbols like lighthouses or sailing ships into this corner of your home as they represent guidance and long-term success according to Feng Shui beliefs.

Using scents can be beneficial when decorating a space facing North West according to Feng Shui principles. Incense sticks help purify any negative energy within a room while essential oils like ylang-ylang, lavender and jasmine freshen up stale air, energize dull areas and promote positivity in any atmosphere.

Accessorizing Your North West Facing Home

Accessorizing a home with Feng Shui principles in mind, is essential in cultivating an atmosphere that encourages positive energy to flow. Those who are lucky enough to reside in a house facing North West can benefit tremendously from strategically placing items throughout the house in order to attract good luck. Here are the top 5 essentials for decorating any NW facing home:

  • Furniture: Furniture should be kept neat and tidy and placed at a 45 degree angle from the door so as not to block any chi from entering.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors are considered to be very auspicious, as they can create doubled flow of positivity into your living space.
  • Xunas: Xunas also represent wood element which makes for a great addition to balance out the yang energy of this direction.
  • Lighting & Colors: Choose neutral colors and white lighting fixtures to reinforce the calm environmental energy.
  • Plants: Place plants like orchids and bamboos near windows and entry points to your space, as these plants attract advantageous chi energy inside your home.

Wall hangings featuring images of mountains, rivers or bodies of water offers aesthetic appeal while inviting beneficial energy into space. Water features such as water fountains serve both aesthetically pleasing focal point as well as provide energizing qi and positive momentum within all areas of one’s residence.

Additionally, one should try hanging wind chimes outside their front entrance or near windows throughout the home; as chimes perpetuate relaxing vibrations which add more softness into spaces. Statues featuring deities, dragons or phoenixes symbolically represents strength, fortune and courage thus making them excellent pieces of décor that will shift the overall atmosphere within one’s house.

Summarizing the Benefits of a North West-Facing Feng Shui House

Feng Shui experts agree that the ideal house facing is one which has its main entrance facing North West. It is believed that this orientation will bring wealth luck and drive away obstacles. This is an especially advantageous position for those who wish to see their career and financial goals come to fruition. This orientation can also prove to be beneficial to those in fields like scientific research, where fresh ideas and cutting-edge thinking is necessary.

The advantages of having a home facing North West include being able to take advantage of the abundance of elemental energy found in this direction. Here, the power of metal dominates, stimulating metal-related activities such as finance and investment.

Therefore, residents living in a North West-facing home may find more success when it comes to money-making opportunities as well as with locking down desired job offers. The positive energy of metal also encourages innovative ideas while drawing inspiration from creative sources.

Apart from career growth opportunities, North West Can also bring benefits to personal life and relationships too. As the element Metal governs age here, inhabitants may encounter older people who serve as mentors or advisors during moments in need. Hence leads them to have a better understanding of life wisdom in general. Relationships formed during times spent in this cardinal direction are generally secure ones which last for a long time due to the stabilizing influence of Metal.

In conclusion, looking into constructing or purchasing a Feng Shui House facing north west should not be ignored. When it comes to bringing forward prosperity – whether it’s related business success or familial bliss – this direction can make all the difference when it comes to manifesting our highest aspirations.

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