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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that is believed to be over 3000 years old. Originally, it was used as a way to determine the best location for building homes, tombs and other structures in ancient China. The philosophy relies on the idea that energy comes from different directions and its flow can be affected by both natural elements and manmade structures. To face one’s house in the most beneficial direction according to this philosophy, the primary practice is of facing northwest.

Feng Shui experts believe that houses facing north west will bring aboutluck, prosperity, good health and positive energy within the family living there. This direction is considered particularly auspicious for couples who want happiness in their relationship and children who are expected to do great things in life. Therefore, people are encouraged to place a garden with flowers and herbs along with water features such as a pond or a fountain in this direction to open up the chi (positive energy) flow. Additionally, people often display artwork here that displays creative power like birds or stock images of success or nobility as these help manifest abundance throughout the dwelling.

Although Feng Shui experts also advise avoiding certain colors on walls that might block incoming chi as well as keeping clutter away which could inhibit its flow into a home, they claim that placing many other objects like wind chimes and crystals outside near windows facing north west will further maximize this favorable chi’s invigorating effects on all aspects of life within these homes.

Advantages of Building A Feng Shui House Facing North West

A home facing north west is an ideal orientation according to Feng Shui principles as it induces a harmonious and peaceful environment. This orientation encourages creativity, making it a great choice for home offices, studios or creative work spaces. The energy associated with this direction provides inspiration and the momentum necessary to reach success in any venture.

Having a north-west facing house is beneficial for health and wellbeing as it aligns with Chi energy that refreshes and energises the home. As this energy often carries new opportunity and progress, inhabitants of such homes can look forward to career advancement as well as other competitive advantages. It is also believed to help maintain mental stability, clear thinking, motivation and focus along with improved problem solving skills. Plus, when orientated correctly, family strength and unity increases too.

Feng Shui practitioners note that placing the main door of a north-west house in the far left side corner will help boost abundance vibes in all its forms – from finances to luck. This artificial structure works when combined with thoughtfully chosen decors indoors which makes use of reflective surfaces for increased luck wealth flow.

Factors to Consider When Building a Feng Shui House Facing North West

When building a Feng Shui house, it is important to consider the energy flow that will result from the facing position of the house. A house facing North West will have different features than a house situated in other directions.

When considering a house facing North West, you should think about which aspects of your life are most important for supporting healthy energy and prosperity. This includes allowing as much natural light into the home as possible. Placing windows in each of the room will help harnessing the wood element associated with this direction. It’s also advisable to incorporate plants or plants related décor throughout the home as Yang Water brings wholesome Qi for health and wealth.

It’s also important to consider color when decorating your home in accordance with Feng Shui principles. The colors associated with an optimal North West space are considered dark blues, whites, and greens, all of which allow more clarity while promoting a tranquil atmosphere. In addition to these colors being used in décor it is recommended to paint walls in comfortable tones such as cream or soft yellows to give off a pleasant energy that is comforting and inviting when combined with these colors personally chosen by you.

Finally, it is essential to create clear pathways throughout your home so that Qi can circulate freely around each room without hindrance to promote positive Chi travel through them – be sure to regularly edit furniture layouts and keep clutter away from open spaces! With mindful consideration for all these Feng Shui elements, one can definitely find harmony inside of their North-West facing home ultimately leading towards peace within their lives.

Types of Feng Shui Orientations for the Home

Feng Shui is a system of arranging the space in a specific environment to create beneficial energy, or Chi. It is based on the Chinese idea that living spaces should be designed with careful consideration of how to best facilitate positive energies. There are four distinct orientations when it comes to Feng Shui Homes: North, South, East and West.

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North Facing Homes – When a house faces north, the entrance of this home typically enters from either east-west or north-south directions. This type of home can symbolize longevity and is associated with personal power in some aspects of Feng Shui. This orientation encourages changes and new beginnings, as the door brings in freshness and positive energy from the Worldly influences such as wind and water elements.

South Facing Homes – Homes facing south bring in Fire element energy that inspires people living there to take action, provide warmth for all inhabitants and lead them forward in life. People who have their homes facing south are said to have good fortune and hold high positions due to their diligence.

East Facing Homes – East-facing homes benefit the occupants by bringing wealth luck into their lives, representing change rather than maturity which is connected with the side pointing towards north direction. This oriental can encourage risk-taking activities which trigger luck and potential opportunities; and also give rise to great creativity.

West Facing Homes – For homes facing west they tend invite supportive relationships into one’s life, offering emotional support rather then tangible prosperity or wealth magnetism like other directions promote meaning that we should make use of our social circles more liberally if needed – whether for resources or simply comfort.

Techniques for Achieving Harmony and Balance Through Feng Shui

When building a home that is facing the north west, good Feng Shui principles suggest basing the direction of energy flow on this particular direction. As such, design features such as windows or pathways should make use of the positive qualities present from this sector of your home including earth-style tones and shapes in order to maximize its effect.

The key to success in achieving harmony and balance through Feng Shui for a north west-facing house is to make sure that any elements brought into the space help accentuate the natural environment around you. To do this, think about ways to integrate wood elements such as plants, wood furnishings, and wooden structures into the overall design. It is also beneficial to choose pieces which bring out earth-based colors like greens, yellows and browns stronger in with toned down blues or purples elsewhere in the space. Additionally, combining soft round shapes like rounded corners with more angular lines helps promote peacefulness and balance between these features. It is also important to consider how you place furniture items within the room when designing a north west-facing space, as angling them towards walls or creating an unobstructed pathway through rooms can play a large role in creating cohesive energy . The location of doors and windows too can influence how useful or inviting behind areas seem for visitors so adding Feng Shui techniques here can be important when considering how best to decorate your home. Finally, try to stay away from clutter since it often blocks pathways and stops energies from flowing freely. Instead opt for items which evoke feelings of inspiration like artwork or sculptures on shelves instead of overcrowding surfaces with unnecessary items.

Strategic Placement of the North West Corner

The North West corner of a Feng Shui house is known as the Mentor or Travel sector. When it comes to placement in this area, the focus should be on having positive energy sources placed there—including both elements of the five Feng Shui element cycle and strategically-placed objects like crystals and water features that promote wealth, good luck, health and success.

For areas in the home that follow an auspicious direction, it is believed to bring in more power. In terms of energy flow for this area of the house, ideally a few tall plants can be placed here—which are believed to bestow a beneficial boost in correcting energy flow throughout any environment by absorbing excess yin energies in the room. Additionally, objects such as wind chimes, coins and related items can be used for further energizing this NW sector.

When placing furniture in this sector of the home, desks and armchairs should be avoided; instead favor couches and beds so that when people are seated they are facing Front Doorway Direction (FDD), which is important for balancing chi. Also try to avoid having sharp corners pointed towards where people are sitting because they can absorb too much yang energy without dispersing it correctly outwards. It may also be beneficial to hang mirrors or artworks that reflect beauty onto walls built in this sector —such as landscape paintings —which will help cultivate good vibes going forward into other sectors by representing fresh beginnings with abundance potentials.

Key Aspects of Feng Shui to Bear in Mind When Building Your Home

The science of feng shui seeks to harness the power of the elements in a home. When building or renovating a home with a north-west orientation, there are particular aspects of feng shui to be mindful of.

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First and foremost, you should consider how much natural sunlight will illuminate the living and working areas within your space. In feng shui, these are known as the “yang” areas and should have direct sunlight for at least 4 hours every day. This ensures that the energy in your home is balanced and can bring greater fortune for those who inhabit it. Natural fertilizer is also important for this wealth magnet and can be planted along window sills or other exposed soil facing North West.

Additionally, attention should be paid to any existing obstacles such as large trees or tall buildings present around your living and work space. If they obstruct too much of the incoming sunlight, it could hinder the Yang energy flow throughout your home.

Finally, the negative Feng Shui element associated with a North West facing house is metal. To counterbalance this potential issue, installing objects made from fire elements like candles or small lamps scattered about can help create good luck vibes. To additionally encourage good fortune, placing wind chimes near open windows facing North West can activate more positive energies from nature into your home!

Outstanding Tips for Designing A Home Facing North West

Designing a home that faces north west is a great way to maximize the level of feng shui energy in a house. In order to make the most of this direction, there are several key tips that should be considered when designing a home facing this direction:

1. Make sure to have plenty of natural light coming in through the windows and glass doors. This will bring good chi energy into the house and create a bright, energizing atmosphere.

2. Choose furniture and decorations with energizing colors such as yellow, orange, red, purple or blue. These colors symbolize wealth, stability and peace respectively and will help balance out the Yin (passive) nature of North West energies.

3. Adding items with water elements like aquariums or water features will also help bring harmony to the energy flow in your north west facing house.

4. Strategically place trees and plants both outside and in the home that represent strength such as bamboo, laurels or fig trees as they will act as powerful feng shui protectors for your house.

5. Hang artworks or symbols with curved lines on your walls or place them around your room as these shapes can add femininity to what would otherwise be a masculine environment due to the North West facing Feng Shui direction of your home.

6. Lastly, ensure that you create an open layout from front-to-back rather than just one large open area which can deplete Chi energy quickly if not managed well. Doing so will ensure that all rooms are connected yet still keep their individual identities!

Summary of Gains of Building a Feng Shui Home Facing North West

The main benefit of building a Feng Shui home facing North West is the gain in wealth and finance. This direction is considered to invite the energy of wealth luck, which brings about financial success. Other possible gains from this direction include better relationships, improved health, and a greater sense of creativity and inspiration. Additionally, having a house in this direction helps balance yin and yang energies since it does not put too much emphasis on any one energy or area. Creating harmony among the different elements of your environment will create positive energy for yourself and your family members. Moreover, bathrooms with windows built in this direction can act as an eye towards all kinds of good directions that can give you luck in all corners of life.

Final Reflections

Feng shui house facing north west is a great choice for individuals and families looking to improve the wellness and balance in their lives. This type of house placement provides calming energies that foster harmonious relationships, promote the development of career and business goals, and create contentment within the home. The north west facing direction is particularly well-suited to those looking for stability or refuge from external pressures and distractions. Furthermore, this orientation can assist homeowners in achieving mental clarity, health, and overall growth.

Overall, a north west facing home is a great option for those who prioritize a peaceful home atmosphere with strong energy flow. Therefore, when choosing your new dwelling consider the various aspects of feng shui – such as directional orientation – as they can potentially have significant positive impacts on your life. Make sure to take into account what you want out of your new home: whether you are aiming for personal growth or good fortune; the proper direction can lead you on the path to success I wishing you all the best in finding your perfect location!

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