Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on improving the flow of energy in one’s home. It is based on the principles of balance and harmony and seeks to create a living space that reflects these ideas in its design, colour scheme, and furniture placement. By making small changes to your home decorating pattern, it is easy to make big improvements to the atmosphere and energy within your space. Here are some Feng Shui home decorating tips for those wanting to maximize their positive energy.

1. Add plants: Plants provide fresh energy into the environment. They help create a positive ambiance with their refreshing smiles and life-giving oxygen. Place them in areas where you open windows or near any source of natural light for best results.

2. Rearrange furniture: Moving furniture around helps improve circulation throughout the room. Place couches, chairs, tables and other furniture away from walls, allowing light and air to move freely through the room. Positioning pieces in an L-shaped formation allows Chi (energy) to reach every inch of space, creating a balanced feel across the entire room.

3. Choose vibrant colors: Introducing bright colors such as marked reds, blues or greens can move stagnant energy and bring life back into a room’s atmosphere.. Try adding colorful accents like throw pillows or artwork that draw in the eye without being overwhelming or distracting from other elements of your décor.

4. Utilize key pieces of artwork: Artwork has been said to be able to shape how we perceive our environment mentally and emotionally – so why not use it? Place items such as paintings, sculptures or interesting photographs strategically throughout your home to add both visual interest as well as positive energy vibes!

By incorporating these simple Feng Shui home decorating tips into your next redesign project, you can start feeling better about being at home faster than you may think!

What is Feng Shui Decorating and Its Benefits

Feng shui is a Chinese concept that is based on principles of harmony and balance in design. It is an ancient practice that focused on aligning the energy of a space to create an environment conducive to physical and mental wellbeing. Feng Shui home decorating uses ways to shift the look and feel of a space that can bring both joy and prosperity. Utilizing placement, colors, and textures, you can create an atmosphere that resonates with your deepest intentions.

When using feng shui to decorate a home, one typically applies certain practices like utilizing the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – to bring balance into the living space. Placement can also play an essential role in creating harmonious flow for each room. Understanding proper feng shui furniture arrangement can help guide you in strategically placing pieces throughout your home so that beneficial energy freely passes from one area to another, enhancing conversations, activities and relaxation depending on your particular needs or desires. Utilizing colors according to their symbolic meanings as suggested by feng shui guidelines can also be beneficial for transformation which leads us to textures in interior design. Proper use of fabric textures can evoke feelings such as comfort or excitement, providing more opportunities to evoke feelings throughout the home environment; factors that maybe overlooked when considering how best a person’s subjective sensitivities may benefit from those changes made by bring such practices into the living space

Harmonizing with the Five Feng Shui Elements

The Five Feng Shui elements can have a big influence on the home. Depending on the kind of energy you are looking to cultivate in your home, you can design it according to the Five Elements:

Water: Represented by water features such as aquariums and water fountains. These bring in a cool dimension to the environment and encourages a soothing stillness. They impart a sense of peace and security that activates the energies of prosperity and abundance;

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Wood: Incorporate wood elements like furniture made of dark wood, bamboo or trees into décor. Place green plants indoors and out to attract healthy Chi;

Fire: This element brings joy, enthusiasm and spirit into spaces. Candles, incense sticks, fireplaces are all examples of this element;

Earth: The colors found in nature like brown, yellow and terracotta add balance and symbolise strength. Clay pottery is an example of representing this element;

Metal: This element promotes clarity over decisions and protection from external harm. Statues made from brass or other metal materials will easily incorporate this property into your homes interior. Gold accents also bring forth wealth & good fortune as well as stability into homes too. Utilize its power carefully because misusing it is said to bring health issues if practiced wrongly!

Balancing Color and Texture in Home Decor

When decorating with Feng Shui, it’s important to understand the balancing power of color and texture. Color has a strong connection with emotions, so you want to choose colors carefully. Choose warmer colors, such as reds, oranges and yellows, to create a feeling of warmth and positive energy. Conversely, cooler colors like blues and greens can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Texture is also an important factor in home décor. Smooth textures create a sense of peace while rougher textures give off more energy. Balance is key when considering both color and texture throughout your home; too much of one or the other can easily become overwhelming. Keep in mind that each room will have a different intention – some for relaxation and others for energizing activities – so the balance of color and texture should be adjusted accordingly. By understanding how to use these elements in harmony together, you can achieve the perfect Feng Shui atmosphere in any room in your home!

Creating a Welcoming Ambiance with Furnishings

Feng Shui home decorating focuses on creating balance and harmony in your living spaces. One way to create this welcoming ambiance is by selecting the right furnishings. When choosing pieces for your rooms, consider how they will impact the energy flow and styling of that particular space. Additionally, be mindful of their sizes and shapes; furniture should look like it fits without overpowering or taking away from the decoration. Following these simple rules will help you to create a comfortable, inviting environment in your home.

Another important element to keep in mind when selecting furnishings is color. Colors have energetic qualities; some are calming while others energize a room. Select colors that enhance each room’s function, such as lighter shades of blue for bedrooms since they promote restful sleep and concentration, or yellow for living rooms since it brings good cheer and positivity. Also consider integrating textures into your design for both visual interest and comfort – try adding velvet pillows or luxurious fabrics such as silk or bamboo into your home decor scheme. Lastly, don’t forget about using accessories such as lamps, rugs and plants to help bring each room together aesthetically while also bringing positive energy-flow into the area!

Utilizing the Bedroom for Maximum Bliss

To maximize the positive energy of a bedroom for relaxation and comfort, it is important to consider a few key items of feng shui home decorating tips. The bed should be placed in the farthest corner from the door, but you should still be able to see the door when you are lying down. Placing a sturdy headboard against the wall behind the bed can encourage greater security and safety in this space. Avoid obstructing any windows or mirrors with furniture items to ensure full access to air and light flow throughout the bedroom. Paint walls in calming colors such as white, pale green, light blue or gray which will encourage more restful sleep. Lastly, introduce natural elements like plants and Chinese water fountains into your bedroom décor that will help to infuse positive energy around your space.

Adding Natural Elements to Further Increase Positive Energy

Feng shui home decorating tips suggest that natural elements can be used to further increase positive energy in the home. Plants, water features, and wood furniture can create an inviting atmosphere and provide a calming effect on their surrounding spaces. Green plants bring life into a room and make it appear clean and vibrant. They are also believed to represent health in feng shui. Water evokes relaxation and when incorporated into design, like waterfalls or aquariums, they also serve to promote feelings of wealth and abundance. Furniture crafted from natural materials like wood provides texture, warmth, and stability to any area. Additionally, adding colorful rugs or accessories with images of nature such as mountains or flowers will enhance the vitality of a space while also activating its creative potential!

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Inviting Prosperity with Feng Shui Decorating

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that includes several unique home decorating tips to help create balance in your environment and attract positive energy. Start by keeping entranceways clear of clutter, dirt or debris as blocked entryways can impede the energy flow into your home. You should also incorporate peace and tranquillity into the main living areas. Keep the room clutter-free, keep bold colors away from main living areas and use soft, calming blues and greens instead. Incorporate items that bring happy memories to you such as photos of vacations or family gatherings. This will bring peace and harmony to your home. Plants are also a great idea for Feng Shui decorating since they represent growth and renewal. Place plants near windows or doorways to encourage natural energy flow throughout the home. Mirrors are also commonly used in Feng Shui as they act as portals to reflect light in all corners of the house – helping disperse stagnant energy while creating good luck vibes! Finally, make sure to address any potential safety hazards around the home such as loose flooring boards, exposed electrical wires etc., so that everyone can feel safe and secure within their environment. By following these simple guides, you can balance out the energies in your home and enjoy all its abundance!

De-Cluttering and Maximizing Abundance

De-cluttering your home is a great way to bring refreshing energy into your living space, as it opens up negative energies that can create blockages and impede growth. When aspiring to bring abundance into your life, the first step should be creating a clear channel for its entry. By removing unwanted objects, and reorganizing your space around items that possess sentimental or spiritual value, you can directly influence the type of energy that can enter. Doing so allows the positive vibrations from these special items to travel throughout the home and increase its overall atmosphere of prosperity. Additionally, by properly positioning furniture and avoiding visual distractions, you will ensure that positive energies continue to travel freely throughout the living space. In addition, minimizing clutter outside of the home is also important when looking to maximize abundance; for example, keeping a tidy yard or patio area will contribute towards attracting riches into your life. Finally, always maintain an open mind and outlook on life, as this will also help lead to success and an accumulation of wealth down the road.


To conclude, feng shui home decorating can be an effective tool to create a more balanced and harmonious environment in any home. By utilizing the principles of feng shui and implementing them into the design of the home, one can create a peaceful atmosphere that enhances relationships, happiness, productivity and financial stability. It is important to note that feng shui is not a “one size fits all” solution so experimentation may be needed to find the arrangement that works best for you. Keeping colors, furnishings and objects in their appropriate place based on the principles of feng shui will ensure optimal results for your unique situation. When done correctly, feng shui home decorating can bring an immeasurable amount of positive energy into any living space.

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