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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on the belief that the arrangement of built environments can influence how people feel and behave. The two men credited with first introducing this practice in its modern form are Elsie Los Angeles (E.L) and John Palencar (J.P).

Los Angeles was an architect and designer who studied Taoist philosophy and geomancy, the scientific study of understanding energy flows through a landscape or urban environment, during his travels to China in the late 1940s. His work combined his knowledge of Taoism, geomancy, feng shui, and edgework”being aware of one’s environment to better understand it”for design which were intuitively harmonious with both physical and spiritual forces to create spaces with optimal balance between man and nature.

Palencar was an American psychiatrist whose interest in using feng shui for therapeutic purposes led him to develop his own school of thought for applying principles in contemporary settings. He devoted over 25 years to researching Chinese architectural design as well as folk wisdom traditions including tai chi, qigong, acupuncture, astrology, herbal medicine, numerology and yin-yang theory to a Western context. Palencar’s intention was to make it easier for people who were unfamiliar with Eastern philosophy and folklore to benefit from the principles of feng shui while emphasizing that true balance comes when a person takes responsibility for their immediate surroundings rather than invoking outside powers.

The dual expertise of Los Angeles and Palencar forever changed how Feng Shui is practiced today”integrating ancient practices into contemporary settings by making them applicable for everyday use”lowering anxiety levels, increasing productivity levels at work or providing tranquility at home. By introducing these crucial principles into modern life their mission still continues strongly today: integrating feng shui principles into everyday living without losing sight of its spiritual element..

Meet the Two Guys

Kalust Saraydarian and Jai Vaswani are two guys who teach a unique form of “Feng Shui” that helps people organize, balance, and harmonize their lives. Not only do they offer individual consultations to help individuals create their ideal living environment, but they also provide Feng Shui courses designed to empower people with the knowledge to correctly apply this ancient philosophy in practical ways.

Kalust has been studying various forms of Feng Shui since 2005 and has developed his own unique brand of the practice that combines ancient Eastern techniques with Westernized energy psychology and design. Jai Vaswani is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner who specializes in creating balance within the body through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. He teaches people how to utilize Feng Shui principles as tools for self-mastery.

Together, Kalust and Jai have become leading authorities in teaching Feng Shui to modern audiences. Through their lectures, classes, and workshops they strive to empower others with the most effective methods of personal transformations. Much of what they offer focuses on helping their clients identify where unbalanced energies lie within areas such as relationships, finances, career development, health, spirituality, creativity and more. They use their own carefully tailored blend of traditional Eastern teachings combined with interactive activities like meditations so that people can find a sense of peace in any environment.

Their Unique Journey

Feng Shui 2 Guys, made up of Thomas Lo and Brett White, have become two of the world’s most renowned professionals in the field of Feng Shui. They are both experts on ancient Chinese customs and philosophies and are extremely passionate about sharing the science that underlies their work.

Their unique journey together began when Bret, a professional artist living in Sydney, Australia, started studying traditional practices in Chinese metaphysics after noticing how it had an effect on his own life. Through further research he became interested in learning more about Feng Shui and its applications. He then connected with Thomas via an online forum seeking advice on the topic. Little did they know that this would lead to a friendship that would last a lifetime; one built on a shared passion for connecting others to their creative potential through the power of Feng Shui.

Taking advantage of their skillsets and amazing chemistry, Bret went on to attend university school in order to acquire formal qualifications while Thomas dived deep into his studies – quickly becoming notable for his knowledge across multiple topics including astrology, numerology and divination arts. As Thomas continued to deepen his understanding, both men ventured out into media appearing as guest speakers at events around the world whilst also producing courses on various topics from Feng Shui fundamentals through to space clearing practices.

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Today their works are recognized by leading institutions worldwide, with each staying involved with projects that capture their mission: “help people recognise the importance of energy flow within them” and “translate ancient wisdom into modern lives”. What started off as an exchange between two strangers has now developed into a business relationship like no other.

Breaking Down Their Techniques

Feng Shui 2 Guys Who R They is a duo of master Feng Shui practitioners located in California dedicated to providing knowledge and consultation services related to Feng Shui. The two individuals are Ryan Kimmel, who has been practicing Feng Shui for the past eight years with intense devotion and David Brice who is a student of traditional Chinese metaphysics and its relevance today.

Together the two have created an expansive system of energy management used to optimize personal environments. This system focuses on re-mapping energy points within the area being studied by using special rituals, visual aids, as well as five element theory in order to create harmony among physical activity, mindset, and spirit. Through this method they look to bring success, clarity, confidence and radiant health into the lives of their clients.

They often begin any new project with a comprehensive assessment of client’s existing layout prior to making any adjustments in order to identify underlying blockages that hinder desirable results from manifesting naturally. With further investigation these two examine cycles of nature as well as known symbols that represent beneficial attributes necessary for lasting change – such as career longevity or overall financial security.

In addition, use tools like Form School analysis that takes into account things like landforms or structures when analyzing a particular space along with other practices such compass school and shaplism all in order enlist favorable energies conducive for growth and prosperity. Ultimately their mission is to support people through spiritual studies aimed at addressing both current life needs while also setting up long term future plans based on the empirical principles they have built over time.

Bringing the Science of Feng Shui to Life

Feng Shui 2 Guys Who R They are two renowned practitioners of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Daniel Butler and Baron Spellman are two American journalists that began their Feng Shui journey in 1996, with a mission to bring balance, harmony and prosperity into our lives through practical tips and solutions inspired by the sacred art of Feng Shui. Their practice is based on the notion that when your environment is properly arranged and carefully planned, it will invite energy ” energy that can make all the difference in how your life unfolds. From decluttering to improve harmony in the home or understanding how to best display artwork to bring positive chi, they have decades of experience helping people enhance their environment. Through talks, seminars, books and their popular blog posts they have shared their wisdom with millions.

Gaining Worldwide Recognition

Feng Shui 2 Guys, often known simply as FS2, is a movement and lifestyle brand that began in the city of Melbourne, Australia. It was created by two men ” professional Feng Shui practitioners Dean Kraft and David Twicken ” with the intention of transforming people’s lives through the careful navigation of energy.

Since its launch in 2011, FS2 has grown to encompass consulting services and education dedicated to helping others understand how harnessing positive environmental influences can benefit them. Together Dean and David have helped homeowners around the world create positive living and working spaces that help reduce stress, maximize performance and overall enhance the quality of life.

In recognition of their efforts, they have been presented with several awards throughout their careers. In 2010 Dean won the International Feng Shui Academy’s Merit Award for Excellence in Buddhist Science Practice, while both he and David achieved first place honors at the Global Institute for Feng Shui Conferences’ Best Practitioners Awards in 2013. Additionally they have been listed as two of Feng Shui Magazine’s Top Five Best Practitioners worldwide every year since 2015. They are also frequently invited to speak as well as demonstrate their work at international conferences on a variety of topics relating to harmonious living.

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Exploring the Ancient Wisdom of Feng Shui

Feng shui 2 guys are the founders of Feng Shui Masters International, a professional consulting firm specializing in Classical Feng Shui and the Arts of Divination. Peter Leung and Dato Joey Yap are two of the world’s preeminent masters of the art, who have been instrumental in driving contemporary application and study on this ancient Chinese practice. Established 10 years ago, their work has enabled both private and public sectors to gain a deeper understanding of how it can make positive changes in their living and working environments.

Dato Joey Yap is a renowned speaker on entrepreneurialism, consulting, modern societies and personal development. His published works have been widely read among those interested in pursuing a balanced life through Feng Shui principles. Through his influence, the practice has come to be seen by more as an integral part of personal health and well-being rather than superstition or mysticism.

Peter Leung is an experienced practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in different feng shui practices. He already had extensive knowledge in Bazi (Four Pillars), Flying Star Analysis, Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Stars), Xuan Kong (Black Hat Tech) I Ching Hexagrams interpretation, Qimen DunJia(Ritualized Tactics), Yi Jing’s FuHsi Theory at 19 before he formally studied Traditional Form School & San Sheng Xiang Fa under Famous Master Professor Cheung from 1980 – 1983. His expertise has provided insight into how spatial arrangement affects luck patterns in business operations, relationships and personal career success.

Together these two highly esteemed professionals strive to bring quality education on balancing physical spaces with metaphysical vibrations for mainstream use within international elements so people can benefit from applying these concepts to benefit both the environment and its inhabitants. They are truly leaders within their field that are paving new paths for a broader audience to appreciate centuries old wisdom relevant for today’s high pressure societies across multiple cultural boundaries..

Final Thoughts

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the energy of a living space, and two influential practitioners in modern times are Joey Yap and Dr. Li Junjie. Both of these men have had incredible success by promoting their understanding of Feng Shui principles to people around the world.

Joey Yap is a Malaysian celebrity who authored one of the most popular books in Chinese metaphysics, The Mastery Of Feng Shui. Using his celebrity status, he has launched a business empire that includes seminars, private consultations and courses. His teachings have been embraced by many who credit him for increasing their wealth and creating positive energy in their homes.

Dr. Li Junjie is a leading expert in applied traditional Chinese metaphysics, particularly with regards to Xuan Kong and Ba Zi systems. He has written numerous books on the subject and taught extensively on the practice of Feng Shui. Many people have credited him as being instrumental in transforming their lives through application of his wisdom shared during seminars, lectures and consultations with clients across China and abroad.

The impact of Joey Yap’s approach to Feng Shui has been global while Dr Li’s focused more on his home country. Despite this difference between the two men’s paths, they are both dedicated to sharing their knowledge about how best integrating Yin-Yang energy can benefit life situations for all generations to come through better harmony cross physical boundaries They actively encourage new practitioners join them in making this ancient wisdom more accessible for modern society where people are more aware about diverse viewpoints associated with personal development. Whether it be around numerology or deep meditations, both respected leaders within the field continue to strive towards teachings that aspiring practitioners can adopt into philosophy when facing upcoming challenges in life that require inner strength .

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