Feng Shui Gua Number


Feng Shui Gua Number is an important concept within traditional Feng Shui practices. According to Feng Shui, each person has a particular number associated with them that can help determine their personal luck and fortune. This number is determined by combining two elements: the person’s birth date and Sheng Chi, which is derived from Five Element Theory. Sheng Chi refers to positive energy or life force that brings goodness, building happiness, health and wealth into one’s life. By understanding and harnessing this powerful energy according to your unique number derived from your birthdate, you can experience improved health, harmony and success in all areas of your life.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the 8×8 grid that makes up the core of all feng shui gua numbers. The grid is represented by two axes, one vertical, and one horizontal. Along each axis are nine sections filled with numbers from one to nine.

Step 2: Once comfortable with the 8×8 grid break it down further into eight smaller squares filled with two rows of four numbers each. From here you can begin to calculate your personal feng shui gua number based upon information such as your birth year and family name.

Step 3: If you don’t believe your birth year alone is enough information to generate a true gua number, you can also use information from your Chinese astrological sign if known.

Step 4: Utilize an online calculator or find a book that contains formulas to help you in determining your feng shui gua number accurately and quickly. Provide any requested information including your sex, birth date, birthplace and time of day for accurate calculation of your feng shui gua number.

Troubleshooting Section: Struggling to remember which way the two axis line up? Refer back to the diagrams provided which should help clarify how the letter and number grids line up together forming a square instead of crossing each other like traditional x/y coordinates would do. Additionally, if you find that after calculating multiple times using different sources that you still come up with different numbers remember it is common for multiple gua numbers to result depending on variables such as east vs west placement of birthdays and differing methods of calculation between calculators or books used.

Exploring the Traits

Gua Number is a core component of Feng Shui. It is used to identify the traits of an environment, by dividing a given space into nine functional areas. Each number corresponds to certain life aspects, qualities and characteristics that can be used to describe the energy of the space.

1: Creativity and New Beginnings
This number is associated with creative endeavors, curiosity and exploration. People occupying this area often feel motivated to make changes in their lives, and express their individuality.

2: Family, Relationships and Love
The second Gua number is associated with family and existing relationships. People here often experience enhanced feelings of peace, compassion and unity. It encourages deeper understanding between those that inhabit this space.

3: Abundance & Prosperity
The third Gua number symbolizes abundance and wealth accumulation. People in this area receive blessings from the universe, which may come in the form of new opportunities or even luck in gambling / investments/ speculation .

4: Education & Self-Growth
Number four Corresponds with knowledge acquisition and learning from others. Aspiring learners often respect teachers more when they occupy this area; allowing them to have a more profound understanding of different areas in life.

5: Reputation & Responsibility
The fifth number focuses on making wise decisions that benefit society as a whole, while contributing to personal success in terms of recognition of accomplishments or otherwise known as fame. Often aspects such as authority figures or reverence play an important role amongst people who occupy this area hoping to achieve self-fulfillment

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6: Career & Obligations
Number six relates specifically to career advancement or choosing suitable occupations for the individual’s future growth prospects.. The energy received must be utilized appropriately personifying persistence (within limitations) if one wishes to succeed professionally while avoiding any roadblocks along the way

7: Children & Future Growth
This seventh number centers around cultivating potential within oneself particularly when it comes to new adventures into unexplored territories either figuratively or literally! Innovative approaches towards attaining knowledge should be taken here accompanied by reflection and contemplation for greater awareness about physical stability ensueing future security for those that call what’s traditionally known as “the house” their home

8: Support & Protection
The eighth Gua seeks focus on what outside forces may enable us further progress within our lives – whether financial aid from others (funding) possibly social support network systems could create better surroundings attracting peacefulness & tranquility internally and externally while reducing anxiety/stress levels

9: Changing Cycles & Destiny Last but not least – without fail always consult with number nine regardless which situation you are seeking answers for – fate ,completion , insight determining how much influence these dynamics really do encompass our environment leading us towards long term prosperous considerations going far


Gua Numbers are a form of feng shui that date back thousands of years and can be used to bring balance and harmony into all aspects of life. Knowing your Gua number can be advantageous as it provides insight into how you respond to the elements, which can inform important decisions and guide daily activities.

For example, understanding your gua number allows you to make more informed decisions such as selecting career paths that suit your personality, arranging a home or office in a manner that supports various aspects of you lifestyle, and making relationships choices that are in-line with your values. Gua numbers can also be used to help promote good health by pinpointing the best spot for exercise equipment, eating areas, and sleeping areas based on how the environment will interact with your individual needs. Knowing your gua number is also useful for identifying good luck symbols or colors for special occasions like new jobs or family ceremonies. Furthermore, once one knows their gua number they can also practice preventative healthcare by avoiding any space or action that could disrupt their natural flow or bring them out of balance.

Examples of Feng Shui Practices

1. Adjusting the Energy of Your Environment:
In Feng Shui, understanding and making adjustments to the energy of your environment is fundamental. Certain areas such as doorways and windows will create energy shifts while other features in your environment can block or enhance chi flow. For example, one characteristic of good Feng Shui is a well lit room with an even balance of natural and artificial light so that both sides are balanced throughout the area. Additionally, in offices it’s important to ensure that standing desks and sitting desks have even amounts of space between them; otherwise too much chi will be directed at either one person or another. It’s also important to keep clutter free spaces because unnecessary objects can “clog up” chi flow resulting in blocked pathways or excessive energy accumulation in certain corners.

2. Harness the Power of Color: Color plays a significant role in Feng Shui practice when aiming to achieve harmony between man and his environment through color selection based on Gua number (also known as Bagua). In general, lighter colors are preferred as chromotherapy states that lighter hues have a calming effect on people due to their weak intensity compared to darker tones which would bring about more excitement and agitation. This can be applied not just to wall colors but also furniture pieces like chairs, sofa sets or any materials found within a property decor scheme in order to set a peaceful yet inspiring atmosphere for those occupying the area .For example selecting green with dark blue accents for a southwest corner living room promotes creativity for individuals occupying this area due its associated energies with wealth luck increase possessions according to the Bagua chart used for selection purposes.

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3. Use Objects Thoughtfully: Knowing how objects interact together when placed in certain locations creates an interesting dynamic filled with positive energy flow between them- this includes sound waves made by water features or air currents encountered when tall trees or plants are positioned around particular spaces outdoors especially when they stand near entranceways which lead into houses; causing chi circulation inside to be smoother than before. Objects can also provide protection like wind chimes hanging above stairs and doorways which act as symbolic shields against negative vibes entering properties whereas placing red objects near entrances or tables inside helps attract romance luck towards those residing within environments due its resemblance strongly tied towards passionate beliefs highly regarded by ancient Marvellous masters from China who practiced forms from thousands ago- this being said it explains why many still carry these techniques today throughout modern societies across world

Common Misconceptions

“Feng shui experts believe the gua number effectively serves both as an indicator and blueprint for realizing an individual’s or area’s potential. Unfortunately, some would-be practitioners persist in the practice of attempting to ‘match’ people with similar gua numbers, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation.” – Luke Tiang, Feng Shui Expert

“Gua numbers do not equal personality. People are often led to believe that their personalities are determined by this number but it is merely a representation of how certain energies/vibrations affect a particular spot.” – Zita Tulyahikayo, Feng Shui Practitioner

“Gua numbers should never be used to create a false sense of security by influencing another individual’s decisions, nor should they be employed as a tool for exploitation.” – Jennifer Law, Professional Feng Shui Consultant


Q: What is Feng Shui Gua number?
A: Feng Shui Gua number is a way of assessing one’s potential based on the Chinese concept of ‘gua’ or energy. Calculated using an individual’s exact date and year of birth, the number can be used to gain insight into a person’s personality traits, life purpose and potential luck in career and relationship matters.


It is important to remember that the Feng Shui Gua Number is only one of many aspects of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. If you are interested in learning more about this powerful technique and its history, then there are many resources both online and offline which can provide further details. Furthermore, giving careful consideration to these principles and actually applying them in your home or workspace can help improve your overall energy levels, mental focus, and feelings of peace and harmony. So go ahead and explore the wonderful world of Feng Shui today!

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