Feng Shui Gifts For Wealth

Feng shui gifts for wealth are becoming increasingly popular with more people looking to find good luck and success in their lives. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the balance of energy between your environment and yourself. It helps you create harmony in your surroundings, which can then bring wealth into your life.

Through careful design, use of auspicious symbols, and colors, you can create a space that attracts financial abundance to you. Feng shui gifts for wealth should be chosen carefully as they can be powerful objects that make a real impact on attracting positive energy into your home.

The Symbols Certain symbols are known to have strong effects when it comes to bringing wealth and prosperity into one’s life through feng shui. These symbols serve to attract the flow of money and abundance to the person or household they are placed in.

Some of these commonly used symbols include Fortune Bullion, Double Phoenix Coins, Chung Kwei figurines, The Laughing Buddha, Mandarin Ducks, Auspicious Animals, Prosperity Trees or Coins Trees. Each symbol has its own unique power to attract wealth and prosperity so it is important that they be chosen carefully depending on what type of luck and fortune one needs in their lives.

The Colors Colors play an important role when it comes to attracting wealth as different colors are used depending on what type of luck or fortune one desires in their life. Colors will also vary according to one’s personal preference as not all colors will bring about the same results for everyone.

Generally speaking though dark hues like blue, black or green work well when attracting money whereas brighter colors such as yellow and orange bring about optimism and positivity to ones space; both key ingredients for attracting luck and fortune. Other auspicious colors also include white for cleansing negative energy away from ones spaces as well as red which symbolizes joy and vibrancy among many others meanings too.

A Definition of Feng Shui Artifacts and Symbols for Wealth

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placing objects to bring balance and fortune into the home or workplace. According to followers of Feng Shui, certain artifacts and symbols can help attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance when placed around major areas of a home or office. Here are some of the common symbols and artifacts considered auspicious for bringing wealth:

  • Coins – Coins are perhaps the oldest symbol used in Feng Shui. These coins symbolize wealth and abundance. Hang them either in a group or by themselves in front of a mirror, window, or door.
  • Money Trees – These trees are often made from gemstones, jadeite, copper wire, precious metals, wood or other natural materials uniquely crafted to resemble a tree with dangling coins and leaves from its branches.
  • Citrine Stones – Citrine stones have long been prized as symbols of prosperity. Arrange these golden-yellow quartz crystals on your desk or shelf to help manifest your goals.
  • Red Envelopes – Red envelopes hold special significance in Chinese culture as they’re believed to contain good luck charms such as coin replicas made out of jadeite. Give these red envelopes filled with money rocks or gemstones to family members during special occasions.
  • Crystals – Place an assortment of crystals such as sodalite amethyst and rose quartz around your work area as this combination will supposedly create balanced energies that bring luck and success.

Incorporating these Feng Shui symbols around your space acts like visual reminders which can motivate you to attain your financial goals while providing comfort and protection along the way. To ensure increased wealth energy flow throughout a space; it is recommended that these objects be placed in prominent locations where they won’t easily go unnoticed like hallways entrance foyers living rooms reception spaces at desks near cash registers or any other places where financial transactions take place.

It is also important to regularly cleanse activate energize and replace them with new pieces every 6 months or so since energies dissipate over time making their positive effects less potent too soon they might even turn negative if not cared for properly.

What Colors Represent Wealth in Feng Shui

The most important representation of wealth in Feng Shui is the color gold. Gold is a very auspicious color that represents wealth and abundance in many cultures and is often used as a Feng Shui gift for wealth. Every shade of gold will be beneficial, including brass, bronze, light gold, and even rose gold.

Other colors are also considered to bring fortune and prosperity such as green, pink, purple, or burgundy. Any combinations like an accent of gold amongst these colors will be very advantageous.

When it comes to gifts for wealth in Feng Shui there are countless offerings that one can give as symbols of good fortune. A popular example could be something as simple as a coin-shaped keyring hung on the main entrance door. Coins represent money because they have a material form and their shape mimics money circulating through the house, awakening luck and affluence between family members or colleagues.

Feng Shui coins are regarded to bring positive energy into any space they occupy when combined with other objects to maximize their potential. There are also various animals associated with luck so offering charms shaped like pigs or frogs filled with coins added into them could be a better option than plain coins alone; these expressions of natural Yin and Yang energies celebrate the holding onto what has come before whilst preparing for new blessing coming soon afterward.

Besides that other alternatives may include anything from crystal unicorns to wooden ships that can attract ever more good luck into one’s home or office setting thanks to Feng Shui metaphors coded within them for prosperity and power going hand-in-hand with evolution over time due to all actions taken towards it wisely.

Commonly Used Feng Shui Objects to Attract Wealth

Feng shui is the practice of placing special objects in your home and office to attract luck and prosperity. In particular, many people use Feng Shui gifts for wealth. The objects range from traditional Chinese decorations to everyday items that can be found in any home. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used Feng Shui items for wealth:

  • Money Frogs – Also known as “Three-Legged Toads” or “Money Toads”, these are among the most popular symbols of wealth luck. They usually come in vibrant colours and feature a coin in their mouths.
  • Wealth Vases – Generally made from metal or porcelain, Wealth Vases contain powerful symbols designed to grow and amplify incoming wealth luck when placed in the right location.
  • Metal Coins – In Feng Shui, coins are one of the best cures for attracting money luck into your home or workplace. They can be displayed on shelves, hung by strings from nails on walls or even glued onto windows.
  • Wind Chimes – Wind chimes made with metals such as brass, copper or even bamboo are believed to bring more money luck into your life when they’re placed near entrance doors.
Feng Shui Wallet Color For Wealth

Using these items as gifts for yourself or others will help you manifest your financial goals and create abundance. When setting up these items, it is important to take note of where they are placed and how much energy you are putting into them.

It is also advised that each item is cleansed regularly with sage smoke – this will ensure that no negative energy accumulates around them. Moreover, you should make sure to dedicate a certain space for these lucky charms so that positive energy may flow throughout your home or office smoothly.

In addition to integrating these objects into your daily life, there are other practices one can do to increase their overall wealth luck including keeping track of expenses and investing wisely. To begin with managing finances better, saving a portion of income each month helps tremendously in increasing available funds for investments.

One must also create an efficient investment plan based on their goals and income source by understanding risk-reward ratios attached with various paths taken available within the market like stocks, mutual funds etcetera. Having flexible plans keeps out options open while enabling one to actively monitor performance over time along with making necessary adjustments if need be; ultimately paving way towards larger attractions such as promotions at workplace coupled with achieving financial freedom earlier than expected.

What Charms and Talismans Represent Wealth in Feng Shui

Wealth charm in Feng Shui is all about manifesting abundance and prosperity into your life. It is believed that by making use of symbols associated with wealth, one can tap into a powerful source of luck that will increase their finances. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui gifts for wealth includes items such as Money Frogs, Wealth Ships, ingots, coins, and pottery. They are all considered to be powerful symbols that can attract wealth while eliminating financial obstacles on the way.

The Money Frog or Three Legged Toad (Chelonethida) is a popular Feng Shui gift for wealth and good fortune. It represents fertility and great luck when it comes to money matters. The three legs signify the Trinity-heaven, earth and mankind-and its mouth is always open waiting to swallow gold coins from unexpected sources. The backside of this figure usually carries either a big pearl or a coin for attracting more money into your home or business.

The Wealth Ship (Fuk Luk Sau) is another traditional representation of wealth used in Feng Shui decor. It showcases three divine celestial lucky stars and these stars represent health, success and joy enlightened together in their peaceful journey to bring good fortune and abundances to those who own them. This special ship symbolizes the support from guardian spirits helping us to protect our families financially while opening up channels for more positive consequences related to money matters.

Finally, there are traditional comely coins called I Ching coins which date back over four thousand years ago. They are round coins with square holes believed to bring you luck, power and prosperity in all areas of life when used correctly according to Feng Shui rules.

Traditionally these coins were offered in threes because it brought triple potency for activating prosperity energy; tied together with red string which signifies commitment between you and your endeavors; lastly placed around doors/windowsills as boundary markers against bad chi energy entering your premise.

Selecting the Best Feng Shui Gifts for Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that brings balance and harmony to your environment through careful placements of items within a space. Feng Shui has been used for centuries to bring good luck, prosperity and health by utilizing energy and directing it towards specific points. One popular use of Feng Shui is in creating gifts for wealth.

There are many different gift ideas that can be used to bring good fortune. When selecting Feng Shui gifts for wealth, it’s important to understand the underlying philosophy behind this art form and what types of items will best support your intentions.

Before you begin your search for Feng Shui gifts, consider the type of energy you want to attract into your space with these presents. Wealth isn’t just about having money; it’s also about creating space for other valuable things such as joy, success and abundance. This idea should be reflected in the type of items you give away as Feng Shui gifts for wealth.

For instance, giving a beloved friend or family member a crystal money tree or a two-tier pi yao is an excellent way to promote greater financial freedom in their lives. Similarly, dragons are believed to be very powerful symbols of wealth and prosperity so any object adorned with dragon imagery would be appropriate as well.

When purchasing Feng Shui gifts for wealth, think carefully about who will receive the gift and how they might use it in their own home or office space. Keeping the recipient’s individual interests in mind allows you to tailor the item specifically towards them, making sure that they get the most out of the presents you give them.

A gift like a set of three lucky coins tied together with a red string is ideal because it not only attracts positive energy into their life but also promotes relationships between human beings – something which can be extremely valuable when working on achieving greater financial security.

Feng Shui Turtle For Wealth

Likewise, gifting salt lamps is another great way to invite positive energy into someone’s living space while providing soothing lighting at the same time – perfect combination for those looking after both their bodies mental well-being while striving towards better financial standing.

Where to Buy Genuine Feng Shui Gifts for Wealth

Feng Shui gifts for wealth are a beautiful way of expressing love and appreciation for friends and family. There is something innately special about gifting an item meant to bring greater abundance into one’s life. Buying genuine Feng Shui items may be a bit of a challenge, though, as markets have become flooded with various knock-offs that offer no real benefit. Below are three reliable sources to buy genuine Feng Shui products for wealth:

  • The Lucky Mojo Curio Company: This company specializes in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and sells many authentic Chinese medicine and Feng Shui items. Among their offerings, you can find crystals, charms, talismans, spiritual cleansers and more. All of their products come with instructions on how to properly deploy them to bring the maximum amount of luck.
  • Feng Shui Central: This store has been in business since 1996 and provides world-wide shipping services. They carry traditional objects like coins combined with wood or rope; wind chimes; home ornaments; gifts made from jade; lucky bamboo plants and bonsai trees.
  • Four Pillars Fortune: Located in California, this shop is run by master practitioners of the ancient Chinese classical divination system known as the Four Pillars or Ba Zi System. They offer fans; coins; keychains; door gods plaques; sun-powered Amulets; quartz wristbands and other authentic items tailored to optimizing one’s feng shui energy.

Two other popular ways of promoting abundance through feng shui are Chinese coins tied together with red thread or symbolically placed in corners of rooms (typically near windows)while goldfishes placed in water bowls filled with fresh water can bring good luck as well. It’s important to remember that feng shui shouldn’t be used excessively because it isn’t intended to be an overbearing form of energy but rather raise the vibratory field when practiced harmoniously.

Creating Your Own DIY Feng Shui Gifts for Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing people with their environment to create positive energy. Using Feng Shui to attract more wealth into your life involves creating a harmonious home and workspace atmosphere that embraces abundance and prosperity. One way to do this is to give meaningful gifts that promote a sense of wealth in the recipient’s life. To create Feng Shui gifts for wealth, it is important to choose items that have symbolism associated with it.

Creating DIY Feng Shui gift baskets is an effective way to highlight the power of intention while gifting someone some much-needed luck and prosperity. Here are some simple steps you can use to make your own:

  • Choose a basket: Use a basket, bag, or box which symbolizes abundance or even something decorative like an ornate serving platter.
  • Select items: Choose items with colors or shapes that symbolize luck such as coins, gems, or lucky plants.
  • Include charms : Think about including charms or amulets customized with personal affirmations for the desired outcome; think about manifestation cards as well.
  • Gift wrap everything: Wrap all components thoughtfully and neatly; you can even add a Prosperity Prayer card which states the time frame of when you want abundance.

These are just some examples feng shui gifts for wealth that consider the power of intention and could make wonderful personalized gifts for special occasions coming up. You may also opt to decorate your gift with glittering gold ribbons or tying spiritual beads in various knots for stronger intentions. Further, handwritten notes highlighting wishes of good fortune could be added as part of traditional representations such as bamboo flutes, Chinese coins etc.

For special occasions such as housewarming celebrations, select energy boosting items such as windchimes featuring animals like dragons, phoenixes etc., laughing Buddha statues etc., lavish jade plants etc., incensed candles in colors associated with wealth (like red & gold) will help welcome new surroundings decorated in honor of healthful investments; religious pendants containing traditional symbols peaking powerful prosperity mantras may also be included here too.


Feng Shui gifts refer to any physical item that can be used to promote the flow of prosperity into a space. These items are typically found in a variety of stores and online, and may incorporate various crystals, gemstones, or other symbols for wealth and success.

While the items themselves are important, it is also important to focus on the intention behind the gifts, as this is what will ultimately determine whether the product can actually bring financial wealth and abundance into an area or not.

When it comes to selecting the perfect Feng Shui gift for wealth, there are a few key factors that should be kept in mind. First of all, consider what type of wealth you want to attract – career success, financial abundance or spiritual growth.

This will help you narrow down your selection and ensure you choose something which best suits your needs. Secondly, always keep in mind of where you plan on placing the item and its purpose within your home or workspace; having an ideal positioning for each item allows them to work together for maximum energies.

Finally, create an atmosphere by weaving in other uplifting items such as spiritual figures like Buddha statues which help energize spaces with positive influences that can help manifest prosperity. Adding thoughtful elements such as relaxing music or ambient lighting can help make your space more inviting and contribute towards achieving more harmony energy within the environment.

Ultimately, following these tips when searching for gifts designed to bring Feng Shui inspired wealth and abundance into one’s space will go along way in helping one grow and reach their goals by using energetic forces from Mother Nature herself.

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