Feng Shui For Wealth 2020

Feng shui for wealth 2020 is the latest trend to utilize the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui to bring good fortune and prosperity into one’s life. Feng shui, as its name suggests, is a system of energy flow in an environment that helps promote harmony between people and their surroundings. This practice goes beyond merely decorating with objects; it consists of meaningful arrangements to create balance and unity.

The placement of different elements has a direct influence on aspects such as spirituality, career success, relationships, health, finances and more. When looking to apply feng shui for wealth 2020 specifically, there are a few specific habits and mindsets that can be used.

Firstly, one should begin by cultivating proper thought processes when considering prosperity. Many seek material gain without looking at the larger picture; this often leads to unfulfilled desires due to lack of effort or misplaced expectations.

To get the most out of feng shui for wealth 2020 practices, it is important to believe that joy and abundance come from aligning with one’s inner purpose rather than seeking superficial successes in the form of money or possessions. Developing healthy spending habits such as saving part of each paycheck can further support these efforts.

Secondly, maintaining a flow of positive energy within spaces is key for boosting personal finance results in the upcoming year. Creating a solid foundation by cleaning out old items from drawers and closets can help release stagnant energies where new beginnings can take place.

Room’s corners should be kept clutter-free while inviting items like plants or crystals that bring luck or attract positive vibes into the area are also beneficial actions when applying feng shui for wealth 2020 correctly. Aspects like colors play an important part too; green signifies growth while purple allures abundance into our lives – including financial gains if appropriately utilized.

These are just some tips on how to effectively use feng shui for wealth 2020 in order to capture desirable results in terms of increased success and money year-round. With commitment and dedication towards achieving divinely inspired goals accompanied by peaceful emotions such as thankfulness towards what we already possess – meaningful outcomes are sure to follow.

Ancient History of Feng Shui and Its Modern Day Adaptation

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back to over 3000 years ago. It is a combination of philosophies, spiritual beliefs, and techniques that were used in the past to improve wealth luck for individuals. In modern times, Feng Shui has been adapted to suit our changing lives and one of its main uses today is to attract wealth into our homes or business premises.

Though there are many practices associated with this form of feng shui, the basic intention when carrying out a traditional feng shui consultation is to look at the environment around us and make positive energetic changes to bring about desired outcomes such as improved energy levels, financial wellbeing and increased successful opportunities.

Using Feng Shui for Wealth in 2020

For those who want to attract wealth using feng shui in 2020, there are certain things they can do in their home or workplace which is believed to bring good energies for financial success.

For instance, ensuring that the entrance door is facing south as it symbolises money coming in; Keeping windows clean as blocked windows could prevent chi flow; decorating walls with auspicious items like artwork depicting nature scenes, bright colors (red being particularly prosperous); displaying symbols of abundance e.g bowls of coins and peaches etc.

In addition, placing mirrors strategically inside the house also plays an important part – reflecting qi energy around a room increasing circulation. Planting trees outside also invites nature’s Chi whilst activating money luck as wood element brings prosperity into an energetic space.

The placement of a fountain or waterfall near the door invokes water energy into your wealth sector thus attracting fortune into your home or business premises. On top of this, crystals specially selected for their advantageous qualities such as citrine can be used as they amplify good fortune energies and offer protection from any stagnation.

How to Use the Chinese Lunar New Year to Enhance Your Wealth

Feng shui is an important Chinese tool for enhancing wealth and it is critical to make practical use of it during the year of 2020. During this time, the lunar new year can be used to maximize your wealth potential especially if combined with other key feng shui principles.

To get started, one should prioritize their intention for what they want to achieve with their wealth in terms of both short and long-term goals. Once this is done, one can then begin to tap into the energy provided by this auspicious time of renewal and seek out ways in which they can best utilize these energies and energetic moments within their home or work environment.

One of the most popular approaches utilized in feng shui when landing wealth uses a special 6 metal coins combination as part of its ritualistic approach. To help improve the flow of energy to where it’s needed, these coins are taped together (i.e., joined heads together) making sure that they form a series of triangles which in turn helps create a protection from any negative influences that could impact prosperity.

This kind of ritual is particularly powerful during New Year and has become accepted as a widely utilized means of boosting prosperity through feng shui in 2020.

In addition to specific rituals involving coins, there are also some basic interior design components that should be taken into consideration when looking for ways to increase abundance through feng shui during Chinese New Year 2020. The idea here is to emphasize colors associated with success such as red, gold, green, yellow and purple while simultaneously highlighting elements related directly with traditional symbols for abundance such as peaches, luck charms or money plants (i.e., money tree).

Moreover, open doorways backed by mirrors allow success energy fill any space while also amplifying existing wealth energies already present around your home or workspace – all without disturbing any other areas or objects within its vicinity thereby preserving balance from being lost too easily throughout this period.

Overview of Common Feng Shui Principles for Financial Success

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which seeks to optimize the flow of chi (energies) in a person’s space in order to create harmony and balance. This can be used to improve one’s life, including their wealth. Here are some common Feng Shui principles for financial success:

  • 1. Declutter your home regularly.
  • 2. Introduce certain colors into your environment which promote abundance and success.
  • 3. Ensure that your north-facing front door is clear of any obstructions so that positive energy can enter your home.
  • 4. Designate an area in your home specifically for wealth-related items and furnish it with specified objects and decorations.
Feng Shui Tips For Wealth In Home

In terms of money management, feng shui offers advice on how individuals should use money in order to gain the most benefit from it. One popular suggestion is that you should never ‘give away’ money, as this reduces the likelihood of receiving more, instead ‘investing’ or exchanging it.

This means spending money on either investments, such as stocks, mutual funds or real estate; or exchanging it by buying things you need at a lower price than what you would normally pay or via bartering with others for services they can provide you.

Another recommend practice when managing finances according to feng shui is to ensure that all bills are paid promptly before other expenses are made; such as entertainment, clothing or food costs, as these have less value from a long-term perspective then paying off debts first does when seeking financial stability and security.

Additionally saving even small amounts each month can be beneficial to household finances over time due increasing interest rates over the same period if put into an appropriate savings vehicle such as a bank account or retirement plan.

Finally setting specific goals around personal income and allowing yourself choices around this by splitting excess income into various taxes e.g., savings vs splurge can help people remain disciplined about their budgets even when given unexpected bonuses or windfalls of cash while still providing rewarding treats along the way towards economic freedom if done responsibly.

Different Tips to Create a Wealth Vibe in Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that uses the power of energy and elements to bring abundance and harmony into one’s life. Many people find that applying Feng Shui principles to their home can help to create a sense of financial flow. Here are some helpful tips for using Feng Shui to cultivate wealth in 2020:

  • Place Wealth Objects: According to the teachings of Feng Shui, placing objects like money plants, golden trinkets, coins, or other objects associated with wealth can invite more prosperity into your home.
  • Grow Your Knowledge: To attract wealth, it’s important to boost your knowledge base. Keeping books about finance or business on display is a good way to do this.
  • Enhance Your Entryway: The entrance of your home should be inviting and clean; this is symbolic of opening up your space to new opportunities.

In addition to these more general tips, there are also specific placements that can create financial luck depending on which direction you believe your “wealth corner” lies in. For example, if you believe northwest is your wealth direction for 2020, then you may want to decorate this area with crystals such as jade or quartz, crystals which supposedly carry a strong energy field.

Additionally, if you’re looking for long-term investments or financial stability, then focus on activating the southeast area with water fountains and pictures/symbols related to success.

On the other hand, those seeking short-term gains should focus on energizing their north sector by positioning bountiful items like fruit bowls or lucky figurines in this space. Lastly don’t forget that clutter can build up negative energy so it’s important you maintain a clean living space and make sure windows are not blocked as doing so stops vibrant energy from entering the room.

Utilizing the Ba-Gua Map to Identify Wealth Areas

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which teaches you how to use energies. It encourages practitioners to observe the environment and create peace and harmony. In feng shui, one of the key focuses is given to wealth by using the arrangement of furniture, items, colors, and symbols in order to generate abundance.

Applying feng shui principles to create wealth can be achieved through the use of the Ba-Gua map. The ba-gua map helps a person find their true wealth area within their home or office.

By placing yourself at the main entrance of a building, you can construct a “ba-gua” map with 8 regions with “wealth” on top right corner and “career” in lower left corner. The 8 life areas are career, knowledge/education, family/health partnersips/marriage and other helpful people, children/creativity/fame and reputation travel and adventure helpful people coming into your life wealth/abundance and self realization.

Once you have completed your ba-gua map then you can start decorate each area based on its purpose; for example in terms of generating greater abundance in “wealth” area you would want to add money magnets such as coins or goldfish bowl with nine fish inside them as this will bring prosperity into your life.

A great way practiced by many experienced feng shui practitioners is called activating wealth corners which involves creating different collections in house connected with specific element that links up with that specific corner: metal (west), wood (east), fire (south) salt water (north). Activating these corners will result in more energy flow throughout your space leading to increase in resources like money.

Moreover it is also important take proper care of plants near each of these wealth corners as it important attract positive energy; try using essential oils like rosemary for east direction or jasmine for south direction which can also help invoke abundance into your life.

Taking care of indoor plants also helps relieve stress so try adding some live plants around your house especially if you work from home frequently as this will create fresh energy bringing great opportunities when applied similarly while ideaing or performing rituals focused on gaining financial gain from higher energy source like “spiritual spring” yearly event held at various temples across Asia.

Tips to Unclutter Your Home and Make Room for Abundance

According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, a home should be free from mess and chaos in order to promote prosperity and good luck. Here are some tips to help unclutter your home this year:

  1. Purge Unnecessary Items – The first step to uncluttering is to get rid of clutter. Get rid of unnecessary items you no longer use or need. Go through each room in your house and look for items that you can donate, sell, or throw away.
  2. Organize Items by Category – After getting rid of the unnecessary items, it’s time to organize what’s left behind. Group similar items together so it’s easier for you to find what you need when needed.
  3. Create Focal Points – Making a focal point will draw the eye away from any clutter and toward something positive. Hang artwork on the wall or display an interesting sculpture in a prominent position.

Feng Shui practitioners recommend decluttering frequently throughout the year as part of their wealth-building routines. This practice not only helps create more flow in the home but also psychologically conditions us to let go of excess baggage in life. Moreover, decluttering often takes less time than expected because most homes have many free spaces already waiting to be utilized after all unnecessary items are removed from sight.

Making proper use of existing storage space is another great way to keep clutter off your floor and create more wealth-enhancing energy at home. Utilizing built-in closets and cabinets are straightforward yet effective ways to keep everything organized while maximizing available vertical space On top of that, clear plastic boxes and labeled bins can easily banish all random excess items into one discrete place that’s easy on the eyes.

Free Feng Shui Tips For Wealth

Lastly, multifunctional furniture like ottomans or futons can instantly expand storage capacity without taking up too much room.

Affirmations and Exercises to Enhance Wealth and Generosity Mindsets

Feng Shui is a method of design and arranging interiors to improve the flow of energy within spaces. Practitioners believe that this improved energy has a positive impact on the inhabitants, particularly in terms of wealth, health, and relationships. As 2020 approaches, it is important to remember that Feng Shui can be used not only for physical rearrangements (clearing old furniture or repositioning one’s bed), but through the use of affirmations and other initiatives.


Affirmations are short statements written or spoken out loud with the intention of reinforcing positivity on a given situation or theme. Wealth affirmations have become increasingly popular due to their ability to reprogram negative mindsets and spur individuals towards prosperity-focused behaviour. Consultants recommend repeating these affirmations daily in order to infuse them into our subconscious and attract abundance into one’s life.

“My bank account is growing.” “I create money effortlessly.” “Money flows towards me easily”, are all examples that experienced practitioners recommend focusing on when affirming wealth intentions.

Breathing Exercises

The practice of mindful breathing has been linked with elevating feelings of wellbeing and relaxation which contribute positively towards healthy financial behaviour. The act itself encourages practitioners to focus on inhalation and exhalation as tension ebbs away from their bodies; with some theories suggesting that it can also help detoxify money related anxieties which can be inherited from past generations. This exercise can thus be used alongside affirmations in order to achieve maximum results during a Feng Shui Practice session.

Compassion & Generosity Practices

In addition, consultants also suggest looking beyond ourselves to others who may require assistance; by taking part in what is known as Compassion & Generosity Practices (CGP). This framework involves offering donations/volunteering services which helps members boost their inner worth allowing more prosperity into their lives.

Examples include donating unused items, giving small amounts of money away etc. By practicing CGP individuals report stronger connections with friends/family, increased self-esteem plus raised feelings joy overall – creating an entourage effect leading towards long-term financial stability.

Superstitions and Myths Versus Factual Foundations

The ancient form of Feng Shui originated in China, predating its modern day commercial adaptation. It is believed to be over 3,000 years old, having been used by the upper classes and nobility as a form of spiritual guidance and luck enhancing practice.

There are some common misconceptions surrounding it today, however such as that it involves the unproven manipulation of cosmic energy. Despite these false claims, the origins and principles of an authentic Feng ShuiFor Wealth are based on a set of practices woven into Chinese history for centuries.

Focused Wealth Intentions

Understood as a concept for optimizing specific financial opportunities within one’s personal environment, Feng Shui For Wealth 2020 encourages the use of targeted financial objectives to direct efforts towards these goals. Employing symbols related to money like coins or counting money can potential manifest greater wealth income in your life through increased inspirational intentioning directed at those objectives.

Another popular method is placing small amounts of strategically placed money around your living space so as to draw greater monetary gains into the home environment.

Certain colours such as gold or green are also believed to represent strength with respect to financial stability and progress therefore incorporating them into an individual’s home design or layout may aid in fulfilling one’s wealth desires further. Adding water features to your home, particularly those associated with water flows both indoors and outdoors may be interpreted as directionally contriving meaningful change which often comes with greater financial opportunities when cultivated with mindful practice.

Social Network investments

Further insight into how wealth might be manifestly expressed lies within human interactions and social connectivity which are often entered willingly through networking or partnership investments. When individual connections become inter-dependent upon each other valuable information can be gathered from multiple sources and used constructively to influence future decisions aimed at increasing one’s net worth moving forwards in 2020.

In addition, attending certain events related or connected to possible business dealings ot even investing in related hardware technology means capital outlay is unavoidable however potential returns could prove considerably profitable if planning is most considered ove rall strategy development here too. Ultimately having a clear focus on desired outcomes based on proven evidence mitigates risks for which intelligent investment decisions can then be made going forward.


It cannot be denied that 2020 has been a tumultuous year full of disruption and difficulty. Many people have faced financial burden, relationship strains, health issues and more which can often leave us feeling powerless in the face of life’s adversities.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can provide comfort during these moments by providing an effective tool for taking control of our lives by re-aligning ourselves with universal energies. With a focus on keeping chi energy balanced and flowing freely through our homes, businesses and personal spaces, the transformative power of Feng Shui encourages an abundance mindset that opens the pathways to manifesting wealth, contentment and good luck in one’s life.

Regularly assessing our home décor and applying beneficial direction placements found in classical Feng Shui can help to create internal balance alongside external harmony. It is important to ensure that any objects that are kept in view represent joyous possibilities when it comes to achieving one’s goals for greater success or prosperity.

Attention should be paid ahead to any potential area weaknesses caused by layout flaws or elemental imbalances, then remedies such as wind chimes, bright lights or lucky plants may be used to complete the vision for one’s desired outcome. Additionally, placement of wealth items such as coins around common living areas like entryways or bathrooms can invite robust wealth chi into the home and improve investment prospects for years to come.

The main takeaway from Feng Shui is that we must always honor our space and all its occupants with respect in order to attract abundance and good fortune into our lives.

We should aim to foster loving relationships both at home and work as they are ultimately more important than material possessions; while also being mindful of how energetic outlets such as music, art or books interact with our space so that the positive feelings communicated evoke feelings of positivity rather than fear or sadness within our environment.

Ultimately this approach helps us recognize how powerful cultivating inner peace can be when it comes to achieving balance with external elements in order to make meaningful accomplishments from them. By raising the vibration within oneself through introspection milestones can more easily become attainable goals leading us closer towards achieving an abundant life in 2020 with Feng Shui.

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