Feng Shui Exterior House Paint Colors

Feng Shui exterior house paint colors are inspired by nature and believed to promote balance, energy flow, health, and happiness. It is a form of Eastern design that uses five elements in order to control the flow of natural energy that enters into a space.

Good use of Feng Shui exterior house paint colors can create a feeling of peace and tranquility while also cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, when used correctly, they can evoke positive emotions and stimulate creativity.

One should be mindful when applying Feng Shui exterior house paint colors for optimal results. Typically it is best to use a neutral color palette such as blues and greens to create a sense of balance and harmony. Reds should be avoided since they carry too much energy causing unnecessary excitement or stimulation in the home.

Also, one should consider the home’s facing direction when choosing their exterior house paint so as to take advantage of certain types of energies which relate to particular directions. For instance, cool shades with gray tones on the north-facing side could increase good luck while lighter yellows would provide protection against bad luck on the south side of the home.

It is important to apply Feng Shui exterior house paint colors at the right time in order increase its effectiveness. This includes starting in the springtime which will give off an energy that supports renovation projects as well as new beginnings since this is when plants start blooming again after winter passes by.

This ensures that homeowners capitalize on this positive energy when starting their Feng Shui project because having some help from Mother Nature can make all the difference in terms of how successful this type of project may turn out.

Overall, Feng Shui exterior house paint colors can have great benefits so long as they are applied thoughtfully and at the right time for maximum effectivity. With careful consideration and planning towards this type of design project it will serve its purpose for creating a peaceful environment while also contributing beneficial energy into your home.

Qualities of Good Feng Shui Exterior House Paint Colors

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice allowing energy or “qi” to flow freely throughout the home. Each color symbolizes certain elements of the home and environment, thus it is important to choose colors that bring positive energy and create harmony. The exterior house paint colors chosen must create cohesive balance between the power of nature and the colors of the house in order to be in good Feng Shui.

When selecting Feng Shui exterior house paint colors, warm, earthy tones are ideal because they promote a feeling of stability and security. These colors are believed to stimulate awareness, energize individuals within a space and draw in nourishing energy from outside spaces into interior walls.

Earthy tones can also bring out natural features in a home such rain gardens or landscape architecture. Colors such as light blue, lavender, white, beige or yellow can help create a calming atmosphere around the building by inviting peaceful energy around your outdoors spaces.

It is important to understand which elements can be implemented with each color that will allow for better usage of Feng Shui elements around your exterior walls:

  • Light Blue – encourages communication and relieves stress
  • Lavender – brings peace & prosperity
  • White – promotes concentration & purification
  • Beige – creates harmony in your nature surroundings
  • Yellow – expands mental clarity and encourages creativity

Choosing these specific Feng Shui colors for outdoor spaces allows for greater inner peace within any living environment while maximizing benefits gained from nature’s resources. In addition, neutral shades such as balck, gray or brown can be used throughout outdoor spaces as their connection between all four continents reminds people of unity with one another with its stable indications of yin yang balance.

Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to creating a harmonious and comfortable environment for our home, it is important to keep in mind the standards of Feng Shui. This concept ensures that all colors chosen are calming and balanced for a relaxed atmosphere. When choosing one’s exterior house paint colors, certain factors come into play such as the area needs, feelings that each color creates and staying true to Feng Shui guidelines while picky out a color scheme.

The area around the house is taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate hue. For instance, a bright color may be chosen if there is surrounded by dark greenery or mountains as this will add contrast and make the space feel more serene. On the other hand, lighter colors pair wonderfully with a sunny backyard setting to bring more energy into the outdoor space.

Determining which feeling or emotion each color creates is essential when making paint choices. Darker hues can give off feelings of security and a traditional influence whereas brighter colors promote more energy and liveliness in the environment. It is also very important to consider neighborhood culture while concurring with previous house paint schemes when selecting an acceptable color for one’s home.

House Facing North South Feng Shui

Following Feng Shui principles must always be kept at heart when deciding on why paint colors should be used for any type of property spaces; Exterior ones included. According to these teachings, taking calculated measures on how much of each shade should be used can create powerful effects on the occupants well being or energy levels.

Some traditional Feng Shui rules state it best to stay away from using a single hue too often since this creates sameness and monotony; Stick to clean simple combinations that result in balance and harmony instead.

  1. Choose The Area: Consider what kind of surrounding area your house has before selecting a paint scheme.
  2. Understand Emotional Impact Of Colors: Know how different shades emit different types of emotions.
  3. Research Neighborhood Culture: Study similar exterior colours before making your choice.
  4. >Follow Feng Shui Principles: > Be mindful not to apply too much of one colour in order o create balance.

Popular Feng Shui Exterior House Paint Colors

Feng Shui is a practice of interior design and architecture that has been followed for centuries to create harmonious living spaces.

Harmonizing with feng shui decorating rules, it’s wise to apply these same principles to our exterior surroundings by allowing nature inside in the form of landscape elements and house colors.Homeowners looking to give their exterior space a meaningful and unique touch can take advantage of the current popular trends when it comes to Feng Shui exterior house paint colors.

For those who want an environment that communicates balance, the most popular color trends right now are earthy tones such as light brown, medium gray and white. The neutrality of these colors allows them to seamlessly blend into the surrounding and add an unobtrusive warmth often desired by feng shui purists.

Picking elements of blues and greens such as sky blues, deep navy blues or sage green shades are also becoming increasingly popular due classic lines of color adding characterful but tranquil energy flows. To enhance colour impact whilst maintaining balanced energies, pick lighter tint creates harmony whilst darker hues bring sophistication but are best avoided if there are other single-tone walls nearby.

To make sure that you have properly chosen your Feng Shui exterior house paint colors, consider some of the following points:


  • Make sure your colour expresses yourself
  • 2.

  • Check how certain colours may look depending on the times during day or night.
  • 3.

  • Check how neighbours view your property and how they relate to your façade.
  • 4.

  • Consider the atmosphere you want in front room upon return to your home
  • 5.

  • Think about balancing particular colors with another set of shades like pale yellow opposing navy blue
  • Feng Shui Exterior House Paint Colors for Different Spaces

    Colors for the Garden Space

    The garden is an important part of a home in terms of Feng Shui and an inviting exterior is necessary to get the right kind of energy. The best way to achieve this is by using various shades of green. Green denotes health, wealth, new beginnings and abundance.

    Pastels shades like sage greens or olive greens can add a calming effect that helps soothe and relax one’s nerves. Bright hues such as chartreuse or spring green can be used as a way to bring life and vitality to any space.

    Colors for the Balcony Area

    The color of a house’s balcony area is usually determined by its environment-whether it faces a busy street or overlooks nature scenery. A neutral palette consisting of whites, greys, tan colors help create a zen-like atmosphere that can make it easier to de-stress when in the space.

    Applying soft pastel shades on accent walls are also great additions since these colors represent peace and freshness, while creating visual appeal without taking away from the tranquil feeling you want this area to have.

    Colors for the Garage

    If your garage faces outside then black should be avoided due to its strong energy radiating outwards from the house. Rich blues provide a serene yet energizing effect while greys can lend an airy feel especially for outdoor facing garages.

    If your garage doesn’t face outwards but has been converted into other purposes like guest room or storage units then probably warm earth tones would be suitable such as peach, forest green and dark yellow that offer more subdued hues compared to brighter ones like aquamarine and teal blue.

    Effects of Different Feng Shui Exterior House Paint Colors

    Auspicious Red Paint

    Feng shui recommends the color red for exterior paints to attract benevolent energy into a home. It is believed that this color can bring in good luck and protection to a house. The brightening effect of red paints makes it a great option for the entry way as it welcomes guests into the house with open arms.

    In general, red paint colors can represent power, wealth, strength, and courage. To incorporate these attributes into your home’s exterior décor, painting one wall with red paint would create a stunning view of that wall when passing by or visiting the house. Alternatively or additionally, red decorations such as flags and banners could be hanged from the entryway to bring in those energies.

    Calming Blue Paint

    Dark blue is another recommended color for feng shui house exteriors. This hue brings in an element of sophistication and serenity to any space and promotes relaxation in its surroundings making it suitable for bedrooms or areas where residents spend time reading or relaxing after long hours of work.

    Most Important House Feng Shui

    In terms of feng shui energy, dark blue is associated with the Water element which is representative of wisdom, success, resilience, patience; overall prosperities desired by many people when decorating a space.

    Therefore it’s a great choice for lounging spaces outdoors such as gazebos, porches or verandas as its calming aura creates a sense of stability under different weather conditions always keeping its occupants safe from any negative outside influences while enjoying their much-needed break time together with family members and friends.

    Grounding Earthy Tones

    Earthy tones such as shades of beige and brown are also popular amongst people interested in feng shui home exteriors. Mostly inspired by nature itself with shades taken from trees’ leaves and sand grains, these paint tones are considered quite grounding since they symbolize the connection between earthiness and traditional values once established in Chinese culture creating an atmosphere composed both by elegant aesthetics combined with necessary coziness through smart design manipulations.

    Plus their natural composition allows different structures built within thier vicinity look like part of ever-lasting landschaft whatever changes owners might go through over time while providing enough neutrality so everybody feels at ease when visiting them even if not used to exotic styles characteristics on other eras. Whether applied on rooftops, walls, window seals or ceilings, earthy tones will surely provide interesting details that will please all observers without leaving aside style present along every single centimeter around.

    Feng Shui Exterior House Paint Colors and Your Neighbors

    Most of us want our homes to be a reflection of our own personality and style, but living in close quarters can sometimes make this difficult. Exterior house paint colors may need to be carefully chosen so as not to clash with neighbours while still expressing our own personal tastes. With this in mind, it is important to consider Feng Shui exterior house paint colors when deciding on how you choose to decorate your home’s exterior.

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese artform which focuses on the way energy flows throughout a physical space. One element of lighting and design is the choice of color for any given area.

    In terms of determining what color you should use for your exterior walls, one option would involve looking at the colour combinations that are used by your neighbours or in the neighbourhood more generally and having some common factor – an overall colour palette – that ties them together. This could create balance and harmony throughout the housing complex; conversely, it could help distinguish your home from those around it while preserving an overall harmony with the environment.

    If you choose to go down this route then earth tones may be a good place to start – they are quite versatile and offer a range of options whilst still contributing to the communal look of the neighbourhood. Shades of reds, blues, greens, oranges & browns usually offer enough variation without clashing too much with other buildings nearby.

    In addition, these colours are often thought to bring about feelings of calmness, positivity & prosperity – perfect for creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy energy flow within each residence as well as for connecting different residences energetically.

    • Earth tones such as reds, blues, greens oranges & browns can create a harmonic look when applied correctly.
    • Having these similar tones among neighbouring properties can help distinguish someone’s home from their neighbours whilst also providing an overall sense of unity.
    • Earth tones have been known to generate positive energy which will help foster harmonious relationships between buildings.

    Concluding Remarks

    Feng Shui exterior house paint colors provide a wide range of advantages for homeowners, both in terms of practicality and aesthetic effect. This type of paint is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance and upkeep to keep your exterior looking nice. Additionally, Feng Shui colored paints are beneficial to the environment because they are formulated without volatile organic compounds, meaning they do not release toxin pollutants into the air.

    The colour most associated with Feng Shui is white – symbolizing balance, harmony, clarity and attainment of goals. Other colors such as blue, green or gray can also be used in combination with white to create certain effects – calmingness, spirituality or elegance.

    The choice of color all depends on whatever feelings you would like to evoke within your home’s exterior atmosphere. By properly choosing colors for the exterior walls along with carefully selected landscaping features such as plants or rocks, homeowners can achieve a desirable look that will provide peaceful vibes while helping bring health prosperity and abundance.

    To conclude, using Feng Shui exterior house paints can make a world of difference when it comes to creating a harmonious living space around your home. The materials used are environmentally friendly and offer many great benefits – including durability and low maintenance costs.

    Various combinations of hues can be chosen according to one’s personal taste in order to achieve desired emotional outcomes such as calmness or spirituality. Everyone is sure to appreciate the enhancements that using these colours can make.

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