Feng Shui Eagle Placement

**Feng Shui Eagle Placement: Taking Flight To Greater Harmony In Your Living Space**

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of arranging design and buildings according to the flow of energy, or chi, within and around the environment. Subsequently, Yin and Yang- the two complementary forces of the universe- are utilized to ensure an even balance of energy within the space. One of the most powerful Feng Shui cures, or symbols, is the eagle, which is thought to bring prosperity and protection.

When correctly placed, the eagle serves as a powerful tool for creating harmony, good fortune, and protection. To experience the full effects of Feng Shui eagle placement, here are a few tips:

**The Basics of Feng Shui Eagle Placement**

* Placement: The eagle must be placed with the head facing the front of the space, beak pointing towards the entrance. Generally, the eagle should be placed in the center of the room. The bird should be placed at eye-level or higher, out of reach by anyone in the home.
* Direction: The eagle must be facing the same direction at all times and should never be facing a window.
* Number: It is believed that one eagle is sufficient for a single space, with two eagles having a more powerful effect.

**Additional Tips for Feng Shui Eagle Placement**

* Colors: The eagle should be represented in earth tones, such as golds, blues, and browns.
* Symbolism: The eagle is thought to represent courage, nobility, power, and freedom. When placed correctly, the eagle is believed to bring the same qualities to the home.
* Adornments: The eagle should be adorned with a crown or feathers to help bring luck and glory.

How to Feng Shui Your Dining Room

A carefully placed eagle offers an immense amount of protection and balance to a living space. If done correctly, it can help to create an environment of increased Gai Chi (positive energy). Incorporating a Feng Shui eagle into a living space is sure to provide a feeling of harmony and comfort.

Where is the best place to place a Feng Shui eagle?

The best place to place a Feng Shui eagle is on the east side of a home or living space. It’s believed to bring in courage, strength and power to the occupants of the home. Alternately, some people prefer to place the eagle facing north to draw in new opportunities and good luck.

What are the different elements Feng Shui eagles are placed for?

1. Protection: Feng Shui eagles are often used to provide a protective energy in a space.

2. Wealth and Prosperity: Feng Shui eagles signify success and abundance.

3. Courage and Power: Feng Shui eagles are associated with strength and power.

4. Good Luck: Feng Shui eagles are believed to bring good luck to their owners.

5. Mental Clarity: Feng Shui eagles are thought to bring mental clarity, insight, and an optimistic outlook.

6. Balance: Feng Shui eagles are used to create a balanced and harmonious energy in a space.

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