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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of philosophy that looks at how the layout of a place affects the energy flow and balance that is experienced by its inhabitants. The principle is based on harmony with one’s environment, such as air, light, sounds, smells, furniture placement and other elements. Depending on the region, there are two different styles of Feng Shui: East Asian and Western.

East Asian Feng Shui focuses mostly on specific formulas to identify auspicious and inauspicious directions or placements for homes and businesses but does not consider interior design. Western Feng Shui utilizes environmental science to incorporate principles from East Asia into contemporary architecture.

Como Colocar La Cama is part of Feng Shui’s Western school which seeks to enhance an occupant’s health, wealth and relationships through their physical environment. It suggests that one can achieve balanced energy in a room by positioning the bed strategically so it is free from clutter, away from doors and a radiator, not direct in line with windows or mirrors, out of line with any electrical equipment like televisions or computers, further away from loud noise sources such as hallways and bathrooms, etc. Additionally geomantic symbols can be added to amplify positive energy surrounding the bed such as water features like rivers or ponds near the blue sector (north), blades or threads resembling needles in the white sector (west) with red colors (south) adding strength and fire shapes around it. With these proper placements increased comfort and satisfaction should be achieved resulting in improved quality of life among its occupants.

Benefits of Properly Arranging the Bed According to Feng Shui

Proponents of Feng Shui believe that activating this area of the home can help to cultivate a healthier and more prosperous life. Properly arranging the bed according to Feng Shui principles may bring harmony to the home, allowing one to connect on a deeper level with their health, relationships, career goals, and self-improvement.

Studies have found that when people effectively use furniture layout principles in accordance with Feng Shui, people experienced decreased anxiety and improved alertness, energy, and well-being. Establishing balance in the bedroom by adhering to basic guidelines such as positioning the headboard against a solid wall also encourages positive mental states.

Fears or objections often include stigmas or various philosophies surrounding supernatural forces. It is important to note that any spiritual aspect associated with arranging furniture should be addressed according to one’s own beliefs. Furthermore, proper placement of the bed in accordance with Feng Shui does not seek to change reality but simply seeks to create an atmosphere conducive for one’s ideal lifestyle – whether it be attracting wealth or cultivating peace within the home

Essential Elements for a Good Feng Shui Bed Placement

The fundamental criteria for a bed placement to be in line with Feng Shui principles are, firstly, the alignment. The head of the bed should face a wall rather than a door or window, allowing you to easefully rest your head while cutting off distractions from outside. Secondly, the position must provide support and stability; ideally, it would be placed against a solid wall as opposed to an open space. Alternatively, if this is not possible, placing two large furniture items one each side of the bed will offer stability and balance by replicating the same effect. Thirdly, it should be elevated – either on some type of base or alternatively on wooden blocks – as sleeping too close to the ground may make you feel unbalanced and unsupported. Finally, its position should minimise exposure to electromagnetic waves such as Wifi or phone radiation for better sleep quality. As an example of all these criteria combined, one could have a platform bed placed in an alcove corner about 6 inches off the floor for equilibrium and protection from outside energies.

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The Best Directions for a Bed

The best direction for a bed to be placed in a bedroom is dependent on the size of the room. In a large bedroom, it’s optimal to place the head of the bed facing in the direction of the door, and have either side walls visible from all entrances into the room, ensuring that anyone coming into the room can see both sides. This placement also gives privacy when it comes to sleeping.

In a medium-sized bedroom, placing the bed diagonally with one side against wall is ideal because this will open up space and make it feel larger. It’s also important to ensure that not all visual energy flows towards the doorway in this situation.

In a small bedroom, it’s best to corner your bed since this allows you to maximize usable space while providing privacy. The bed should face away from any doorways leading into other rooms and any windows should be placed along either side so cross breezes cool down your personal space at night without you having to readjust your position every few hours.

Ultimately these directions work because they provide a sense of well-being and balance by allowing an ample amount of visual energy throughout each type of room as well as personal privacy while you sleep or rest. Feng shui experts believe that these placements promote positive flow within our living spaces and assist us in feeling more peaceful at home.

Items to Avoid Near the Bed

When arranging the bedroom, it’s important to take into account the items located near the bed. This is especially important for Feng Shui because certain objects can influence a person’s emotional and physical well being. For example, mirrors should be avoided as they can reflect events from the past which can create negative energy in the room. Try replacing mirrors with artwork or photos of nature scenes.

Other items to avoid near a bed include electronics such as TVs, computers, and cell phones as these can interfere with relaxation and sleep. Instead of having them on the nightstand, find somewhere else in the room that does not disrupt the energy flow. Additionally avoid sharp objects such as knives or scissors because these can also bring unwanted vibes into the space and even lead to illness. Place them in another room or if they must stay in the bedroom use a container like a decorative box.

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Furthermore avoid plants near a bed if possible, as some plants including aloes are associated with unlucky chi energy due to their long leaves that represent growth and excess greed. If you do want plants opt for species producing flowers and lucky wood instead such as bamboos or cherry blossoms.

Step by Step Guide to Placing the Bed

1. Choose desirable location: Ideally, the bed should be placed away from the door and should not align with a mirror. This will allow for a peaceful sleep (1a).

2. Place the bed in such a way that you can see the entrance of the room from it (2a). This allows for an improved sense of security.

3. Make sure there is solid headboard behind the bed (3a). This will ensuer that energy is not scattered in different directions when sleeping which could cause disruption to restful sleep.

4. Keep other objects at least three feet away from either side of the bed allowing for space to move around freely during sleep or when getting in or out of bed (4a).

5. Hang simple art on either side or over your bed but make sure they aren’t too excessive or overwhelming visually – subtle art pieces are best (5a).

6. Place items such as lamps, clocks and mirrors out of line of sight while sleeping to induce harmony and balance while resting (6a).

7. Make sure all electronics are turned off at night as they generate electrons which may disturb your peace-of-mind and interfere with sleep quality (7a).


Con el fin de aplicar los principios de Feng Shui para colocar tu cama de la mejor manera, es importante entender y respetar los elementos claves para garantizar el éxito. Algunas cosas a tener en cuenta incluyen mantener tu espacio limpio y ordenado, evitar camas frente a puertas o ventanas abiertas, no colocar la cama en línea recta con otros objetos como puertas o baños, y ubicarla de modo que sea visible desde todas las áreas adyacentes. En resumen, para obtener los mejores resultados con la colocación de la cama según Feng Shui, necesitarás limpiar primero tu habitación y después ubicar la cama lejos de ventanas u otros objetos similares. Con este tipo de cuidado puedes garantizar que tu habitación mantenga un flujo positivo de energía que te ayudara a lograr abundancia y fortuna en tu vida. Recomendamos investigar más acerca del Feng Shui para encontrar otros recursos útiles sobre este tema para obtener los mejores resultados con una buena ubicación para tu cama. Si realmente quieres aprovechar al máximo esta técnica milenaria, programa un día en tu semana libre para evaluar si necesitas hacer cambios en tu habitación como parte del proceso exquisitamente diseñado del Feng Shui Bed Placement.

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