Feng Shui Colors for West Bathroom


A West-facing bathroom is a great place to draw on subtle yet energizing tones like reds, oranges, yellows and golds. Red is not just for love and passion — it’s also an auspicious color for wealth luck since it energizes the element of metal in the West. Neutrals with strong metal energy, such as gray or silver, can be used to balance out red walls or furnishings. To accentuate the red a bit more, lift up its energy by incorporating yellow or gold into your room. Orange also has good metal energy to help further strengthen the metal element. Consider adding elements such as brass or copper accessories and furniture pieces around the room too — they will help bring forth positive chi energy. Finally, don’t forget to bring in some green plants into help balance out all these vibrant colors as well!


Using Feng Shui colors in West bathrooms brings a feeling of calmness into one’s space. Earth colors such as beiges, yellows, and tans, are soothing to the eye and bring all the elements of nature, including metal and wood, into harmony. These colors provide balance to both dark and light energy in this area of the home, allowing for a sense of serenity. Additionally, lighter tones may also help boost creative energy while darker colors clarify decisions. Decorating a West bathroom with Feng Shui colors is an ideal way to optimize positive chi filling the room, enhancing one’s overall wellbeing


One challenge that comes with creating a Feng Shui bathroom in the west corner of your home is understanding the energy flow in this direction and dealing with any obstacles that may be present. The energy of the West direction is associated with creativity, enjoyment and collaboration, so it is important to be aware of how this type of energy will interact with the items placed within the space. Additionally, it’s important to understand any obstacle or boundary marks in this part of the home can bring some negative effects unless extra positive symbols are used to balance out its impact. Other challenges include space limitation and environmental factors such as location noise, plumbing condition, air quality, and lighting.

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Feng Shui is a thousands of years old practice originating from ancient China. It is believed that colors and objects within a living space can have powerful effects on the energy flow in the interior. Keeping this in mind, specific colors are recommended for west bathrooms according to Feng Shui.

To maximize positive energy flow, pastel colors or light neutrals work best for west bathrooms. Earthy tones such as tan, sandy browns or warm beiges are also beneficial for providing a peaceful retreat. Darker shades such as blues and greens should be avoided as well as overly bright colors that can bring instability. Accents with ocean hues including green-blues and teals can create energizing accents with enough balance to ensure tranquility and relaxation in the bathroom overall.

For further information about Feng Shui for West bathrooms, consider consulting a professional who specializes in the practice of Feng Shui. There are numerous books on Feng Shui available as well online resources that explain more details about how one might implement nautical inspired designs while also keeping the outdated rules of Feng Shuai front-of-mind. Additionally there are many websites which provide helpful ideas and visuals dedicated to creating unique spaces based on various principles of traditional Eastern philosophies.


Feng Shui can improve the energy flow in any home by choosing colors that best reflect its purpose. The West-facing bathroom of a home should make use of calming, peaceful colors representing trust and reliability. This includes pastels such as sky blues, ivory whites, and soft greens. Earthy shades like tans and yellow can also be used to bring balance into the space. Adding accents of metallic gray or beige will help reinforce the idea of security and stability. Water elements are good additions, both visually and symbolically; try incorporating glass tiles, mirrors, or a water fountain to stimulate relaxation while using this room. Other decorations such as plants, flowers, or artwork can also boost the positive energy associated with this part of the home- choose plants known for purifying air quality to ensure your family’s health and safety.

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