Feng Shui Colors For South Facing House

## Introduction to Feng Shui Colors for a South Facing House
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement and balance of energy in a room or home. Using colors strategically can strongly impact the energy dynamics and bring in positive energy in the occupants of a home. This article will focus on colors that are best to apply in a south facing home to bring in positive energy and balance.

## Tips on Using Feng Shui Colors for a South Facing House
Choosing colors for dcor and architectural elements inside a south facing home requires careful consideration as colors have a strong influence on the living environment. Each color holds a different energy which needs to be balanced to create a positive and happy atmosphere. Feng Shui practitioners typically recommend vibrant colors with strong energy in a south facing home.

These colors include :
– Bright Yellow
– Purple
– Violet
– Red
– Orange

Using bright colors in small places like corner of the rooms or around a focal area like a kitchen or bedroom can create a vibrant atmosphere, full of positive energy.

The colors should be balanced, in such a way that when seen at a glance, the colors are evenly distributed. Too much of one color, or using more than one opposing color may have a negative and overwhelming effect.

## Benefits of Using Feng Shui Colors For South Facing House
Using these colors to bring in positive energy to a south facing house has multiple benefits. Some of these are:

– Improves the mood and atmosphere of the house, creating a vibrant and happy place.
– Brings in positive energy and balance in the occupants of the house.
– Increases the productivity and motivation inside the house.

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## Choosing Dcor Elements According to Feng Shui
When decorating a south facing house according to feng shui, there are various dcor elements that need to be taken into consideration. These are:

– Lighting : Bright and vibrant lighting should be used in the corners of the room to bring in positive energy.
– Colors : Colors should be chosen carefully, keeping in mind energy balance and focal points in the room.
– Furniture : Curves and round shapes should be used as much as possible to bring in balance.

By keeping these elements in mind and using colors strategically, south facing houses can be made vibrant and happy, full of positive energy.

## Conclusion
Feng Shui colors hold a great impact on the energy inside a south facing house. Wisely choosing colors and incorporating them in the dcor of a home can bring in positive energy, improve the mood and make the home more vibrant and happy. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting colors and other dcor elements to bring in the right balance and create a balanced, positive atmosphere in the home.

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