Feng Shui Cleaning Tips


Feng Shui cleaning is a practice of organizing and eliminating physical clutter from areas of one’s home or office in order to promote balance, harmony, and positive energy flow. Clutter can be anything from collections of paper, knick-knacks, furniture, unopened mail, old papers, and things that are past their use.

The best place to begin is to start by looking at how organized your home is presently. Evaluate each room for the level of clutter as this will help create an action plan for where and what you need to clean up. Then decide which items are essential and which can be discarded without creating too much disruption to the existing layout. For example, if a room is filled with furniture that creates more confusion than order, rearrange it so it does not impede energy flow. When possible purge items that are no longer necessary by donating them or discarding them altogether.

The benefits of Feng Shui cleaning are numerous; improved focus and concentration from an uncluttered space, an overall sense of calmness since visual chaos has been reduced or eliminated, improved air quality since fresh air can circulate freely through the space, a feeling of spaciousness due to less obstacles blocking the movements in a room and finally increased productivity because decision making becomes simpler with fewer distractions present. By putting time into feng shui-ing your home or office you will have successfully applied principles meant to align yourself with higher vibrational energies.

Organizing & Decluttering

Feng Shui Cleaning Tips involve more than just giving your house a thorough physical cleaning. It’s also important to focus on organizing and decluttering in order to create a positive, harmonious energy flow throughout the home. Start by identifying problem areas where clutter has accumulated, such as closets and corners where items have been stowed away but never put away properly. This can be an emotionally charged task, so take your time when evaluating each item and deciding if it is necessary for you to keep it or not. If not, then donate, sell or recycle it – you’ll feel a huge sense of relief once it is out of your space! Once you are done with the decluttering process, begin organizing the remaining items into predetermined spaces like closets and drawers. Investing in clear storage containers is recommended since this will help keep everything looking orderly and visible so that it won’t be forgotten or misplaced again. Finally, create labels for all of your containers and store them accordingly so that everything remains neatly organized.

Splitting Cleaning Tasks

When it comes to feng shui cleaning, delegating tasks and establishing a regular cleaning routine can make all the difference. Tackling projects in sections will help you complete them more efficiently, and setting up a regular schedule for yourself can make sure that your home is never too cluttered or disorganized. If you’re looking to divide up tasks between family members, why not assign certain areas of the house to each person? This way everyone knows who is responsible for what section. For example, you might have one member focus on one bedroom, another on common living areas, and so on. Establishing routines can also be beneficial; try setting aside an hour every other day for sweeping and mopping, or designate particular days for vacuuming or dusting. Remember that it’s important to work efficiently–clean items as soon as you no longer need them instead of letting them accumulate dust and dirt in their original spot. After all, a clean environment is essential for good feng shui!

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Deep Cleaning

When it comes to Feng Shui cleaning, it is important to use the right cleaning agents on walls, floors, and furniture areas. For walls, a natural cleaner such as soapy water or vinegar and baking soda makes a great choice. As far as floors are concerned, it’s best to sweep and mop with a mild detergent and hot water. When mopping with a detergent, make sure to rinse the area afterwards so that all soap residue is wiped away. For furniture it is important to dust regularly using a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Any spills or stains should be handled quickly with cold water and a gentle fabric cleaner, making sure not to rub too vigorously in order to avoid damaging the fibers of the fabric. Finally, always remember to air out your home frequently in order to allow any stale odors trapped in your fabrics and carpets escape quickly.

Finishing Touches

When all the cleaning is done and your home looks beautiful, there are some additional things you can do to really finish the look and feel of your living space. Aromatherapy adds a pleasant scent to any room and helps improve your mood. Choose scented candles, diffusers, or air fresheners that help you reach a sense of inner peace. To add personality, consider decorating with items like indoor plants, art pieces, throws, pillows and other decorative items. Accessories like lamps and trinkets can also help create an inviting atmosphere and provide better lighting in dimly lit areas. Feng Shui cleansing isn’t only about the physical act of decluttering but making sure the home emanates positive energy through its look and feel as well.


Feng Shui cleaning is an important part of maintaining balance and harmony in one’s living space. While the techniques may sometimes seem complicated or time-consuming, the end result is always worth it. By creating clean, clutter-free spaces that promote good energy flow, you will be rewarded with a positive environment to live and work in.

When creating a balanced space with feng shui cleaning, there are several action items which should be taken into consideration. First, declutter your space”this means removing anything that doesn’t bring joy or serve a purpose in the home or office. Then, take the time to properly arrange furniture and decor by considering balance and symmetry when putting things together. Finally, use other feng shui tips such as adding house plants and bringing in air-purifying crystals to further boost positive energy.

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Good feng shui cleaning habits can truly make all the difference when it comes to maintaining balance within one’s personal space. When done properly with intention and attention to detail, these tips can create an uplifting atmosphere which can bring health benefits such as improved sleep and better concentration levels while also attracting abundance into your life. After going through the entire process of rearranging your home to adhere to feng shui principles, you’ll find yourself living happily in a highly balanced sacred space where good health, wealth and fortune prevail!

Bonus Tips

1. Leave a space for new energy: As you are going through and clearing out closets, drawers, and desks, be sure to leave a little space with the intention that it will fill with new positive energy.

2. Prioritize what is most important: When deciding on which items to keep in your home and which ones need to be cleared away, prioritize things that bring you positive energy – like photos of happy memories or special trinkets from loved ones. Try to rid yourself of any clutter or items associated with unhappy memories.

3. Refresh the home with plants: Plants can circulate life-giving Qi (energy) in your home and give it an instant uplift. Decorate the corners of your living room with leafy greens like money plants or Snake’s tongue ferns, or add branches of bamboo to liven up uninspiring hallways.

4. Open windows regularly: Fresh air disperses trapped Qi that accumulates in rooms over time when they are not aired out thoroughly at least once a week. Opening up curtains, doors and windows regularly allows stagnation energies to escape so that fresh Qi can enter in its place!.

5. Invest in cleaning materials wisely: Having quality cleaning materials such as microfiber cloths helps speed up the process of cleaning while protecting furniture simultaneously! Cloths attract dust particles like magnets and mop floors quickly without leaving streaks. Furthermore, using non-bleach detergents is better for the environment and safer for your family than harsh chemical cleaners full of carcinogenic ingredients!

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