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Feng Shui Buffet Cohasset offers diners a truly unique and I experience. Along with its traditional Chinese buffet options, the restaurant features an open terrace that overlooks a beautiful view of the Cohasset hills. On the terrace, guests can enjoy their meal in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by calming nature sounds and fresh air.

The restaurant also boasts a large bar area that serves up classic Chinese cocktails and beers as well as delicious mocktails for those looking for something lower in alcohol content.

Not only does Feng Shui Buffet Cohasset offer great food and drinks, but it also has private dining rooms available for guests who wish to dine with added privacy. The rooms feature dark, moody decor that lends itself to an intimate dining experience perfect for romantic occasions or special corporate events. They come fully equipped with flat-screen televisions and comfortable seating – perfect to enjoy some time away from the bustling main dining area!

Special Promotions

Feng Shui Buffet Cohasset offers many special promotions and discounts, such as weekday lunch specials. These specials often feature all-you-can eat buffets of Asian dishes like shrimp tempura, sushi rolls, and teriyaki chicken. For large groups visiting the buffet they offer party-size trays filled with a variety of popular entrees that are perfect for sharing. They also have daily combination platters featuring four different entrees served together. Special promotions like these make Feng Shui Buffet Cohasset a great place to visit for an enjoyable meal at an affordable price.

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1. General Tso’s Chicken: This classic takeout favorite is made with crispy fried chicken, a sweet and spicy red chili sauce, and served with sticky white rice.

2. Mongolian Beef: Thinly sliced steak is stir-fried swiftly on the flat top and combined with a savory ginger-garlic sauce, caramelized onions and bell peppers.

3. Bangkok Garden Curry: A fragrant coconut milk-based yellow curry packed full of exotic flavors such as lemongrass, galangal, garlic and chili paste. Served with steamed jasmine rice and fresh cilantro.

4. Kung Pao Chicken: Boneless cubes of marinated chicken stir-fried with a flavorful blend of aromatics including; peanuts, hot peppers, hoisin sauce and toasted sesame seeds for topping.

5. Honey Garlic Eggplant: Crispy battered eggplant slices are coated in a sweet and sticky honey garlic glaze for the ultimate vegetarian dish.


“I’ve been to Feng Shui Buffet many times and I’m always amazed at how delicious the food is. It’s very flavorful, the meats are cooked perfectly, and I love all the traditional Chinese dishes they offer. They have an amazing selection of vegetarian options as well. The staff is always friendly and helpful, too! Highly recommended.” –John W.

“I recently tried out Feng Shui Buffet for the first time, and it was incredible! The variety of food available was impressive – classic Chinese dishes you don’t often find elsewhere in the area. The flavors were bold and fresh, and everything was cooked to perfection. Plus, the staff was super kind and attentive. Two thumbs up!” –Haley P.

“Feng Shui Buffet is one of my favorite places to go for a meal. The food is top notch – freshly prepared dishes that really pack a punch in terms of flavor. And their variety of craft beers provides an extra bonus that keeps me coming back again and again. Great spot!” –Josh T.

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Location and Contact Info

Feng Shui Buffet is located at 671 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy, Cohasset, MA 02025. You can contact the restaurant at 781-383-9212 to make reservations or ask any questions you may have. The restaurant can also be located by searching on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Lyb421sNF8JhTpTv9

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