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Feng Shui artifacts are items that are used in order to improve the energy or ‘chi’ in a home or office. The Chinese practice of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years and involves the careful placement of objects throughout a space that bring about balance, harmony, health and prosperity. Items associated with Feng Shui may have either religious symbolism or practical uses, such as mirrors to ward off bad spirits.

Different types and variations of Feng Shui can be divided into three main schools: Classical, BTB (Black Hat) and westernized. In each school there are specific items used for each type of purpose, such as wind chimes for clearing stagnant chi or Chinese coins for wealth luck. Specific colors may also be utilized as part of the Feng Shui process according to various schools. Each color has its own symbolic meaning associated with aspects such as luck, health and love.

In terms of cultural relevance and significance, each item is chosen based on its individual symbolic meaning within Chinese culture. For example, a dragon statue is commonly used to add strength while stylized birds represent happiness and joy. Other symbols include those related to Taoism or Buddhism, ensuring each artifact expresses principles which embody positive energy.

Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui Artifacts into Your Home

Feng Shui artifacts, such as paintings and sculptures, create a unique way to incorporate Feng Shui concepts into your home’s interior. Such objects are believed to bring harmony and promote positive energy within a space. It is said that by placing certain items in specific positions according to the principles of Feng Shui can help to attract luck and improve overall wellbeing.

The health benefits associated with Feng Shui artifacts are vast. Placing items such as wind chimes and hanging plants around the home can produce calming vibrations that reduce stress levels, clear out negative energy and even contribute to improved sleep patterns. The carefully chosen artwork, sculptures or crystals used in this form of design offer protection from illness, calamity and misfortune; promoting positive energy flow throughout your life.

By tailoring the type of artifacts you use within your home you can create an environment that is beneficial for all its inhabitants. Opt for art pieces that evoke positive emotions – landscape paintings for example are said to bring joy and tranquility whilst representations of family members protect against bad luck and destruction. Remember to stick with natural materials whenever possible; stones, clay and wood being the preferred options as they contain unique spiritual healing qualities.

By incorporating these simple yet powerful Feng Shui artifacts into your home surroundings you may be able to improve aspects of your life such as relationships, career prospects, health & happiness – creating a harmonious balance between homeowner & natural energies both inside & outside!

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Types of Feng Shui Artifacts

Feng Shui artifacts are used to help improve the chi, or energy, of a space. People apply these items in different ways to increase their positive energy and bring good luck into their homes and businesses. People can incorporate regional and country-specific artifacts, such as wind chimes made with traditional materials, wall hangings that feature auspicious symbols related to that area, or sculptures and masks thought to ward off bad spirits. Additionally, Feng Shui artifacts can include rare and limited edition objects that may have spiritual significance due to their scarcity and the uniqueness of their artistic design. The use of water-related items is popular in Feng Shui practice as they represent wealth and abundance; this may include fountains, tabletop decorations, fish tanks (as long as they are not disturbed), or anything that brings life-giving water into the home such as a vase or plant watering device. Plant-related items add appeal because plants bring an energizing element through oxygen production; plants like bamboo are particularly sacred according to Feng Shui principles. Books of symbolism can be consulted so that you understand which items best suit your needs for harnessing positive spaces.

Tips for Selecting Feng Shui Artifacts

Feng Shui artifacts can play a critical role in balancing the energies within a home or office environment. When selecting these items, it is important to choose items which are both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for the space. Different environments require different energies and artifacts, and this varies from person-to-person. For instance, an individual looking to infuse balance into their workspace may benefit from the use of certain crystals, such as amethyst or quartz, while homeowners looking to invigorate a bedroom with romance may benefit from rose quartz instead. Additionally, it is important to note that Feng Shui starter kits are available which include various essential artifacts: wind chimes, coins, mirrors and more. However, these should only be used as basic guides and the presence of additional artifacts added for personal goals.

When placing these items in either the home or office environment, be sure to place them in areas where they will be most effective. For example, use wind chimes near a window or entranceway to welcome positive energy into the home while dragons should be placed prominently at the front door. Mirrors and crystals perform best when placed at high levels which allows them to harness positive energies more effectively. Furthermore, it is essential that all objects be cleansed before placement according to ancient Feng Shui practices – many suggest using sea salt and sage bundles. Finally, it is important that all objects take on meaningful roles within their respective spaces and serve purposeful purposes according to desired outcomes of energy balance.

Care and Maintenance of Feng Shui Artifacts

Feng Shui artifacts should be handled with care as well as maintained properly in order to maximize their potential benefit. Cleaning your Feng Shui artifacts regularly is essential for clearing stagnant energy and promoting fresh, vibrant energy. To clean them, use a damp cloth or brush and make sure to avoid acidic cleaning chemicals. Afterward, wrap the artifacts in silk cloths and store them where they are out of direct sunlight and away from electrical equipment which may disrupt their energies.

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Ensure each piece used in your home has good vibes by charging it with positive energy – this can be achieved through meditation while holding the item, chanting mantras, burning incense sticks such as sandalwood or sage ,or other rituals as appropriate. Lastly, stay mindful of the energies associated with each item; not every item will have the same effect on everyone so invest in items that resonates well with you before placing them into your home.

Expert Advice

Feng Shui artifacts are often used to guide positive energy, especially when placed in specific areas of a space. Using tools such as crystals, mirrors, plants, and other Feng Shui items can lead to better harmony within the space. When used correctly and with individual guidance from an expert in the field, subtle changes like colors and shapes can make all the difference in achieving harmony. Additionally, these artifacts are often associated with different elements which can be used to help balance out the energies present based on one’s astrological chart or numerology readings. Furthermore, there are several techniques that help maximize the potential benefits of Feng Shui artifacts such as placement and position according to the Bagua map, harmonization through proper placement of Yin and Yang symbols as well as use of colors. In other words, a carefully constructed and personalized plan created by an experienced Feng Shui expert is most likely going to yield best results when working with Feng Shui artifacts.


To summarize, this blog post touched on the background of Feng Shui artifacts, their various uses and varieties, and how they can be helpful in fashioning our home environment. This blog post further outlined the various kinds of Feng Shui products, the importance of using symbols that match your astrological sign, as well as guidance on how to best place them in your home. For those who are looking for more information about Feng Shui artifacts and how to incorporate them into their lifestyle, there are a wide range of resources available both online and offline. Finally, given the potential physical, mental and spiritual benefits from employing natural forces within our living spaces, why not pause for few moments to explore the wonderful world of Feng Shui products today?

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