Feng Shui And Ovehead Beam

## Feng Shui and Overhead Beam

Feng Shui is an ancient practice from Chinese culture that is believed to improve the energy and flow of living spaces. In practice, Feng Shui attempts to bring balance and harmony to a room by creating an atmosphere of peace and abundance. Overhead beams are one of the elements that Feng Shui takes into consideration when placing furniture, art, and decorations in the home.

When a home includes overhead beams, they become an integral part of the space’s layout and furniture placement. To make the most of overhead beams with principles of Feng Shui, it is important to understand their subtleties.

### Negative Effects

When beams are placed too low, they create a sense of pressure and confinement, disempowering the space and the dweller(s). This is especially troubling if the beams are in an area that is heavily trafficked by people. Beams may also create an area of stagnant air and energy, making it difficult to circulate the energy of the space.

### Positive Effects

When the beams are placed higher, they become less oppressive and brings together more empowering energies. The space below the beams may remain open to the natural flow of Chi and energy. By making the most of the spaces between and below the beams, as well as decorating them in ways that brings out their beautify, a sense of balance and comfort will prevail in the room.

### Strategies to Enhance Feng Shui with Overhead Beams

– Place items beneath and between the beams to draw energy and focus on the area.
– Create a sense of symmetry with the spaces between the beams.
– Hang decorations, such as wind chimes or small mobiles, from the beams to bring a sense of movement to the area.
– Hang light fixtures from lower beams to draw the eye to the ceiling level.
– Hang mirrors below the beams to help bring the energy up.
– Use natural elements, such as plants and flowers, to bring a sense of life to the area.

Good Feng Shui Colors

The ultimate goal with Feng shui and overhead beams is to help people feel comfortable and safe in their space. With the proper placement of furniture and thoughtful decoration, it is possible to create a harmonious atmosphere that is pleasing to all who enter the space.

What are the potential effects of an overhead beam in Feng Shui?

The potential effects of an overhead beam depend on many factors, such as the type of beam, its length and the direction it points in. Generally, an overhead beam can cause qi energy to become blocked or stagnant, leading to challenges in health, relationships and finances. In some cases, an overhead beam can also cause disruption in one’s sleep and concentration, as well as a feeling of heaviness or oppression. In order to mitigate the negative effects of an overhead beam, one can use various Feng Shui cures, such as metal fixtures, plants or mirrors. Additionally, keeping the area below an overhead beam clear of clutter can help to reduce the build up of stagnant energy.

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