Feng Shui Amber Placement

Introduction to Feng Shui and Amber Placement

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that serves to align humans with the energies of their environment. It is believed that when practitioners position certain objects within a home, they can encourage positive energy flow and well-being. Feng Shui Amber Placement is one method of paying attention to this energy position in the home.

Amber Placement requires understanding the energy “MAP” of a space or area—the Bagua Map—and how individual items are situated within it. Amber pieces should be placed in areas that correspond to specific goals, such as health, wealth, creativity, and love. Objects can work to focus and combine energies in particular directions for each purpose. For example, placing an amber piece in the creativity corner helps stimulate creative thinking; having amber pieces in the relationship corner can give relationships a boost.

Notable people such as Ivanka Trump and Harry Styles have both applied Feng Shui principles in their homes. Trump uses crystals in her New York City apartment for good luck and strong Chi, while Harry Styles hung pine cones from his ceilings to invite abundance into his life.

No matter who practices it or where it is applied, Feng Shui is important because it raises awareness around harnessing energy vibrating within and around us on a daily basis. Through Amber placement specifically, practitioners are able to create unique spaces filled with energizing healing properties.

Types of Amber Placement and their Significance

Amber placements have become increasingly popular in Feng Shui practice. Used for creating an energy balance, there are many different types of placements and their importance is believed to be key to a successful Feng Shui practice.

One placement is called a “Master of Site” or “White Dragon Place”, which is strategically placed at the entrance of the property. This placement symbolizes the dragon protecting the home from bad energy while allowing good energy to enter the home.

Another type of placement is called a “Bagua Place”, which uses directional trigrams that encourage positive Chi energy to flow throughout the entire space all around your home or office building.

The last placement is referred to as an Earth Gate Placement, which involves positioning nine stones at strategic locations outside of the house or offices in order to create protection against negative energies entering the premises. This type of placement has been used in Chinese and Japanese cultures for hundreds of years and its believed that each stone can invoke a particular kind of influence throughout its surroundings.

Other cultures also use amber placement for spiritual offerings inside temples or tucked away from prying eyes near areas with important artifacts, icons and symbols within religious sites. Using this method allow prayers sent out by those who believe, reach destinations more quickly according to traditional beliefs. Amber placements can also help ward off bad luck or attract good luck depending on where it is located and what it symbolizes.

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Different Strategies for Effective Amber Placement

1. Front Door Placement: Placing an amber on both sides of the front entrance instantly invites positive chi, or energy, into the home, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Diagram:

* ■


2. Wealth & Prosperity Shell Placement: For auspicious financial luck, position a wealth and prosperity shell with coins, jewels and precious stones in the Southeast corner of your home. Diagram:
/\ | ____
|[__]|/ \
| () \___O(jewels/coins/precious stones)
3. Ba-Gua Bagua Mirror Placement: Hung above the main door of your home or at the window facing outwards to help ward off negative energy in the form of spirits, ghosts or any perceived enemies is said to bring luck and protection. Diagram:

‘\/\/\/\/\/\’ ↑Outwards window/door *Ba-Gua Bagua Mirror

4. Water Fountain Placement: Position a water fountain – representing life and abundance – in the North area of your home to promote financial success and enhance fertility related wishes. Diagram:

|_________|______| ↑Water Fountain Geometry /\ \_____________/ | O →water flow ↓

Guidelines for Amber Placement in Your Home

Feng Shui has long been used as a way to focus on creating a positive, harmonious energy in the home. One way of doing this is by carefully selecting and placing certain stones, such as Amber. There are some guidelines for the best ways to place an amber stone in your home in order to generate a positive atmosphere:

1. Place an Amber stone or statue near the doorway of your entryway, facing outwards towards visitors. This will create a welcoming atmosphere, and is believed to also bring in good luck and fortune.

2. Place a smaller piece of Amber near windows or mirrors in order to attract ample sunlight and brighten up a room. It is said that light reflection from the stone can help performance and productivity in the home.

3. Hang an Amber pendant off of lamp fixtures or other lights in order to promote relaxation and sleepy vibes in specific parts of the house. Similarly, place small pieces around bedside tables or headboards to encourage tranquility and calm vibes before bedtime.

4. Another recommended placement for Amber is within bathrooms or laundry rooms as it brings about an energy balance which helps reduce stress levels around these areas of the house that typically require more attention from family members due to cleaning duties etc.

Benefits of Creating an Amber Placement in Your Home

Amber is one of the oldest and most powerful natural healing stones known to man. When placed in specific quarters of your home and work space, it can help reduce stress, bring peace and harmony, heighten creativity, encourage productivity, boost your health and well-being, improve mental clarity and focus, protect against negative energies, calm the mind and body and ultimately increase the quality of life. It is particularly known for its protective qualities. Not only does amber help to ward off any bad luck or harmful energy from entering your space but it also can dissolve any already present negative energy that may be causing harm or stagnation of personal growth in whatever area you feel needs improvement.

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The placement of amber can be used not just for protection but also for transformation. It’s location has been in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui – a system used since ancient times to create balance in our surroundings through the understanding of energy flows. Placing pieces of Amber strategically throughout our homes helps to create a tranquil setting where positive transformations can begin to occur naturally within ourselves as well as situations we find ourselves facing.

When placed near doorways or windowsills in areas such as living rooms or offices it absorbs certain atmospheric frequencies allowing us to maintain clearer minds while supporting increased productivity by adding an extra layer of stress absorption between ourselves and whatever “outside” influences exist. Other popular placements include areas that require extra focus such as bedrooms or studies where its calming presence serves as a helpful reminder to slow down. Incorporating an Amber into a room with lots of clutter serves as an outspoken reminder that stressful environments should never be tolerated making sure these settings are kept charged neither with stagnant negative energy nor overly stimulating chaos.


Feng Shui amber placement is a powerful tool in the practice of creating a peaceful, harmonious home environment. Amber increases energy, alleviates stress and opens your inner spirit to meditative, calming thoughts. By positioning elements such as embellished furniture and stones in relation to the direction amber floats in your home, it can create balance and harmony. Placing images depicting relaxation scenes, lavender incense and tinkling wind chimes near the amber can further enhance its tranquilizing effects. Moreover, selecting specially designed charms for furniture pieces, doorways or rooms you wish to especially protect can lend emotional power to their environment. Ultimately establishing an optimal Feng Shui amber placement in your home can grant it with long-lasting peace and grace from nature’s most precious energy source.

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