Fake Plants in Bathroom Feng Shui


Bathroom Feng Shui is a branch of the popular lifestyle practice of feng shui, which involves creating an overall atmosphere in a living or work space that invites harmony, balance and positivity. Practitioners often focus on things like precise placement and mindfulness of objects and materials. In regards to bathrooms, this practice has been used for centuries in order to encourage peacefulness and relaxation therein. Fake plants can be an effective way to incorporate the principles of bathroom feng shui into one’s home.

There are some common myths and misconstrued ideas about fake plants’ effects on a feng shui-focused space. Contrary to popular belief, fake plants can help achieve equilibrium in a room just as effectively as real plants. While it is true that live plants bring natural energy due to their growth process, fake plants do an admirable job of bringing visual interest, texture, energy bias and balance into the atmosphere through color, shape and size. Additionally, they provide a sense of life without needing the upkeep that real plants do (watering, adequate sunlight etc.). Some would argue that although fake plants lack vibrations from growth processes common in nature, their usage is perfectly acceptable when working towards achieving basic principles in Feng Shui.

Benefits of Using Fake Plants in Your Bathroom

1. Fake plants can help to brighten up a dull bathroom, adding a pop of color and life into the space.

2. Fake plants can also be used to bring in a sense of nature and relaxation into any bathroom, helping to create an atmosphere that is conducive to a calming bathing or shower experience.

3. Fake plants are much easier to maintain than real plants and require little water or sunlight, making them ideal for bathrooms with limited natural light or humidity.

4. Fake plants have the potential to balance positive and negative energies by incorporating earthy elements through the vibrant colors of both faux and lifelike varieties of fake greenery in the space.

5. Additionally, depending on the type of fake plant you choose and where it’s placed, it can be used as an excellent accent piece as well as providing cleansing energy throughout the room, by bringing in and circulating air flow due to its gentle swaying motion when disturbed by air currents caused during showering or bathing activities.

6. Finally, choosing appropriate faux potted plants with pleasing shapes can also help alleviate clutter in your bathroom while actively delivering inviting energetic forces through design elements that create harmony within the four walls surrounding them.

Best Placement for Fake Plants in Your Bathroom

When it comes to placing fake plants in a bathroom, the perfect spot is one with good lighting or near a window. Avoid dark corners or other places where there isn’t enough natural light. Fake plants can also help liven up an otherwise barren corner of the room and add life to the atmosphere.

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Aside from finding a spot for your fake plants that provides adequate light, there are also other things you should consider when trying to maximize feng shui benefits from them. Different directions will affect the feng shui of the plant. For example, placing a plant in an east-facing corner can represent new beginnings, but an east-facing wall could be too much energy for that particular location. Similarly, having a plant in the southeast corner would foster creativity and abundance, while southwest could result in overstimulation and too much energy gathered at one point. Thus it’s important to consider all factors before settling on placement for your fake plants in order to get maximum benefit from them.

Decorating With Fake Plants

Decorating with fake plants can be an effective way to bring positive energy into the bathroom, according to feng shui principles. When you’re decorating the area around your plants, there are a few tips that you can use to create a beautiful combination of decorations and maximize the effect of the feng shui energy in the area.

The first thing to consider is which type of decorations you want to use. Consider using items like natural stones, crystals, pottery or wood carvings that style matches your existing décor and elevates your plant’s appearance. Incense sticks or scented candles can also work – just make sure they fit in with the overall design theme theme. Additionally, if you have enough space in your bathroom, consider adding a colorful rug and artwork that also compliments your chosen decorations.

To make sure all these decorations have maximum effect, be sure to arrange them symmetrically around your plants while keeping some space between each item. Finally, remember not to overcrowd the area; too many objects can actually weaken or negate a plant’s positive energy. With the right decorations and proper arrangement for your bathroom’s fake plants, you can ensure that good feng shui vibes will flow freely throughout your home.

Finance Friendly Fake Plant Options

Fake plants can be an useful and finance-friendly way to incorporate some of the design and Feng Shui principles of the bathroom. Here is a list of affordable and stylish fake plant options for those looking to create more visual appeal in the bathroom:

1. Succulent Arrangements: Succulents are a beautiful, low-maintenance option available today in all sorts of designs. Many stores sell small succulent arrangements in ceramic and stone containers that could easily become part of your existing aesthetic.

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2. Faux Potted Plants: Create the look of a verdant indoor oasis with faux potted plants ranging from tropicals to ferns, orchids and ice plants, firmly placed atop surfaces like shelving units and even alongside the bathtub.

3. Air Plants: If you want something truly unique, consider airplants which offer an interesting look without needing lush soil and compost. Check local craft shops for creative moss trays filled with faux captures ones an endless array of style possibilities.

4. Artificial Flowers: Artificial flowers are timelessly chic and reminiscent of traditional decorating styles as far back as Edwardian England. Select realistic plastic daisy orlyssum bouquets that can be used as centerpieces on vanity counters or tucked away into nooks behind vases or other decor pieces with great effect!

Creating your own fake plants is one option if you’re looking to save money while upgrading your bathroom’s overall aesthetic – here are a few tips for getting started:
1. Get creative with materials – screen wire, paint stirrers, newspaper – whatever tools you have on hand can help to create unique shapes that mimic floral blooms or pottery planters for added character
2. Keep it simple – a single potted flower makes a strong visual statement without too much effort
3. Choose colors carefully – choose colors for leaves/flowers that work well with other items in the room so as not to overpower them but rather compliment them accordingly
4. Group items together – beautifully arranged artificial flowers can create focal points around furniture rather than floating isolated items throughout the space


In conclusion, adding fake plants to a bathroom can improve guests’ feelings of relaxation, add natural elements to the space, and make people feel more connected to the nature that is around them. Fake plants provide an ideal way to add Feng Shui energies without worrying about daily maintenance. Ideas for incorporating fake plants into a routine include replacing towels on hooks with hanging artificial plants, placing potted artificial plants on shelves or counters, utilizing wall-mounted succulents, or adorning the walls with faux moss art. In addition, certain fragrant candles encompassed by decorative flowers may help imbue the area with healthful energies as well. Overall, adding artificial plants in your bathroom can make your guests feel welcome while actively improving their Feng Shui at the same time.

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