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Introduction to Espelho Na Porta De Entrada

Espelho na porta de entrada, or mirror at the entrance, is a key component of Feng Shui. It originates from the ancient Chinese teachings of geomancy which believed that positioning and utilizing different objects would attract and redistribute energy throughout a space. In particular, Espelho na porta de entrada emphasizes the importance of mirrors near entryways to protect the home from negative influences such as bad luck, evil spirits, and even thieves.

People believe that once a person passes through the door, their reflection in the mirror will be doubled in power and allow them to harness a protective force around their home. It also serves as a reminder for guests and family members entering your home; greeting them with positive energy and encouraging an overall sense of wellbeing.

Whether this practice is actually imbued with magical powers or not is up for debate, but it is certainly an interesting form of decorating one’s entranceway. Many mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for creative expression that can add vibrancy to any entryway!

Explanation of the Fundamentals of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of determining the flow of good luck, wealth and health in order to promote harmony within a home or other physical space. Feng Shui applies the principles of yin and yang ” two opposing forces that must be balanced for peace and harmony to exist. It also relies on five foundational elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are used to create stability in a space as well as attract positive energy, which is believed to create luck, prosperity, and beneficial circumstances.

The concept of having an espelho na porta de entrada (mirror at the front door) can be traced back to ancient Chinese traditions surrounding Feng Shui where a mirror will reflect or deflect any negative energy away from your home. It is thought that the placement of a mirror near your entrance symbolizes welcoming people into your home immediately upon entering. Placing a mirror near the entry way can also help to balance energy in the foyer or entryway while acting as a protective wall to guard against negative aspects outside of your home. Additionally, it is believed that fixing any imperfections in previously placed mirrors may bring good luck – this could include placing red ribbons around them for extra protection from bad energies too.

The Benefits of Espelho Na Porta De Entrada

Espelho Na Porta De Entrada – Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which involves arranging the home in order to bring a positive flow of energy. The practice helps to create harmony and balance between different elements in the home, including the occupants and their emotions. Through this practice of placing mirrors near an entryway, it is believed that money and prosperity will continue to flow into the household. In addition, a Mirror Door can also reduce negative energy entering into the home by creating a barrier of light to deflect any negative forces or energies. It can also help to boost self-confidence as it reflects back any positive energy coming in from outside sources or from your own reflection. The use of Espelho Na Porta De Entrada – Feng Shui is said to help with emotional wellbeing, promote good health and foster luck and success in life. By creating and balancing these various energies within the home, one can gain insight into how this practice positively impacts overall energy in both physical and psychological aspects.

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Specific Rules for Placement of an Espelho Na Porta De Entrada

The placement of Espelho Na Porta De Entrada is an important part of Feng Shui. In order to maximize the positive flow of energy throughout the house, a mirror at the entrance should be carefully aligned according to specific rules. In general, an espelho na porta de entrada should be placed in a way that it reflects abundance and growth when entering the home.

When considering the direction that the mirror should face upon entry, there are a few key points to consider. If placed outside the house, it should be angled in such a way that it does not directly reflect either the arriving guest(s) or anyone else around them for inconvenience. Additionally, when placing an espelho na porta de entrada inside the home, it is best if it faces outward toward the paths of positive energy coming from both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, care must also be taken to assess how light enters from windows and how this effect on reflection can impact various auspicious locations within a home.

Finally, depending on type of house and entrance space available will also influence placement as well as other factors such as height/width dimensions, proper hanging accessories and possible relocation considerations due to sunlight proximity and other features such as neighbouring buildings or compound walls obstructing proper angles for further reflective angles. Therefore, any decision regarding use of an espelho na porta de entrada requires keen observation prior to securing its place within any given space along with recognizing all relevant rules associated with feng shui to ensure ultimate beneficial usage and benefit automatically surrounding occupants with ever-present good fortune at all times.

How to Feng Shui an Entrance with an Espelho

1. Choose the right location: The Espelho should be placed in such a way that when one enters the home, it is at the level of your eyes, allowing you to see your face in the reflection. It is best to place it near or above a door or hallway so that you can look into it before entering.

2. Pay attention to the shape: In Feng Shui, mirrors with rounded corners and edges offer more protection than those with sharp edges and corners. The Espelho should also not be too large as that might create a distracting atmosphere instead of a calming and welcoming feel.

3. Be mindful of its material: Traditional Feng Shui principles recommend using wood-framed mirrors instead of metal frames, as they have better quality energy patterns and thus offer more positive benefits for those living in the home. Tilting your mirror up toward the sky will bring grand abundance, while tilting down toward the floor is believed to bring wealth into your home

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4. Consider its placement: According to traditional beliefs, placing an Espelho across from another mirror doubles its power and potential effect on your space. You should also avoid having any open doors or windows behind them as they can channel negative energy outwards which could disrupt balancing energies within.

5. Utilize styling tips: Balance an entrance by pairing items like plants, essential oil diffusers and artwork alongside your mirror, to create an inviting atmosphere from all angles! Additionally, adding low lighting like candles can not only help you look fabulously chic but also balance out high energy areas (like halls) for perfect Feng Shui!

Common Mistakes with Espelho Na Porta De Entrada

Incorrect Placement: Espelhos should not be placed directly across from the entrance door. Doing so would reflect all incoming energy back out, creating a chaotic flow for guests and residents alike. Similarly, a mirror should never be placed at the foot of a staircase or hallway as this could cause misfortune to enter the home.

Incorrect Mirror Sizing: Many people naively hang oversized mirrors in an effort to make a hallway seem more light and spacious. However, feng shui states that a mirror should only measure up to two-thirds of the length or width of an opening. Too large of an Espelho carries too much energy and results in heightened chi in the area.

Reflection of Unwanted Elements in Mirror: The image reflected through an Espelho can unfortunately reflect elements both inside and outside your home. References such as electric wires, sheds or garbage bins can bring disharmony into one’s home thus it is important to careful observe what elements are mirrored before hanging them up.


In Feng Shui, having an espelho na porta de entrada is believed to evoke the energies of abundance and prosperity. In addition to this, a mirror at the entrance invites positive energy into the home”it has the potentiall to attract success and fortune. Furthermore, mirrors symbolize reflection and this can guide homeowners to recognize opportunities for their own personal growth. The mirror should be well-maintained with clean glass that reflects without creating distortion. Furthermore, it is also important that the placement of a Feng Shui mirror does not impede direct foot traffic as this could block incoming positive Chi energy from entering the home. To ensure good Feng Shui energy in your home, consider combining elements such as colors, placements of window treatments, or adding special décor items which reflect your personal style while honoring these concepts.

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