Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui


Elefante En La Entrada (Elephant at the entrance) is a popular Feng Shui practice that originated in China and is still practiced today. It is believed that placing an elephant sculpture at your front door will attract positive energy, wealth, health and abundance to your home. The elephant is said to represent power and strength, and it’s trunk symbolizes good luck. Because of its power, it can ward off bad spirits and negative energies from entering your home. In some cultures it is also believed that by placing an elephant at your entrance you will be protected from any kind of misfortune. Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui has become increasingly popular and can be seen in many modern interior design schemes due to its symbolism of protection, luck, prosperity and strength. It is now used as a decorative element all over the world by people with different beliefs who are looking to bring balance into their homes.


The principles of Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui is an art and science that uses the energy of space for balance, peacefulness, and support. Implementing Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui in an entryway brings physical and emotional benefits for those living or working in the home. Physically, these benefits include creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere that promotes positive energy flow to the rest of your home. Emotionally, it can help create a sense of balance as it guides you to make better decisions on how best to arrange your furniture, decorate, and more. Furthermore, designing with Feng Shui at the entrance encourages good fortune through naturalistic elements like plants and water while also setting a calm tone upon entering your home. Finally, it can evoke feelings of happiness by promoting open-mindedness through careful placement of objects throughout the space.


1. First the entrance of the home should be properly cleaned,paying close attention to the corners, windows and door knobs to ensure that all negative chi is removed.

2. Place a ceramic or brass elephant at the entrance facing inwards.

3. Place a broom made with natural fibers just inside the entrance, this will help sweep away negative energy from entering your home.

4. Hang up a lucky wind chime above the entrance to bring good fortune into your home.

5. Hang some red banners or ribbons around the front door, as this will bring luck and vitality into the room.

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6. Add some plants near or around the entrance to add life and freshness to your home’s atmosphere, such as lucky bamboo, peace lilies or jasmine flowers.

7. Place a small shallow bowl of water outside the main door every morning and let it evaporate throughout day; this is believed to attract positive energy into your home.

8. Make sure all entrances into your home provide an open, clean and welcoming environment that makes you feel safe and protected each time you enter it..


Feng Shui’s use of an elephant at the entrance is considered joyous and propitious, as per their traditional beliefs. The large size of the elephant symbolizes strength and prosperity for the building’s inhabitants.

To implement this Feng Shui technique in your home, make sure that you place the figurine of an elephant in the direction recommended by a qualified Feng Shui expert. Do not place heavy objects directly in front of it; instead, opt to use larger tufts to help soften its energy field. An important piece of advice is to never place two elephants right next to each other or look them in the face head-on. This can bring bad luck into your household.

When it comes to positioning your lucky elephant, timing should also be taken into consideration: if you want positive energy to flow into your living space, place a statue at night, but remove it during sunrise hours so that its energy is not overly concentrated in one specific area. Furthermore, as time passes dust may collect on the figure, so be sure to frequently dust it with a dry cloth or brush—not water—in order for its powers to remain intact.

Case Studies

One example of a successful implementation of Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui in a domestic environment is the case of an elderly married couple who had recently retired. Having settled into their beautiful home, they soon found that the energy felt stagnant, with negative thoughts and feelings plaguing their minds – feelings of listlessness, absence of joy and lack of enthusiasm for life. After analyzing their floor plan and completing the required Feng Shui corrections, they decided to place an elephant in the entranceway as prescribed by Elefante En La Entrada guidelines. This addition had an enormously positive effect on their lives from then on: the energy within their home seemed alive and purposeful; the atmosphere was far brighter than before; family members experienced much less stress when entering or leaving the property; and both husband and wife noted a marked increase in mental clarity and general optimism about life as a whole.

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Tips and Tools

Adding an elefante en la entrada feng shui to your home can be a powerful way to instantly inject welcomed energy and positive vibes into your home. Elefantes are traditionally believed to bring luck, protection, and good fortune to those who display and honor them. They also help deflect negative chi or energy that may be entering the house in the front door area.

When choosing an elefante for your home’s entrance, it is best to choose one made from a natural material such as wood, stone, brass, etc. It should also face inward towards your home’s entrance in order for it to gain access to any negative chi trying to enter the house. Furthermore, if you do decide on a painted or decorated elephant be sure that all colors used are appropriate in color feng shui, as particular colors can energetically affect the atmosphere of your home.

When placing an elefante en la entrada feng shui at your front door make sure they are placed strategically, both high enough and far enough away from foot traffic yet still visible enough so that visitors will notice it when they arrive. Additionally, try pairing it with a small potted plant near its feet as this creates even more positive energy or Chi in this space as well as bringing nature into your entryway – another idea consistent with the philosophy of Feng Shui!


Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui is a great way to bring balance and harmony into your home, workplace, or wherever you choose to place it. It is thought to bring health and prosperity into your life as well. Everyone can benefit from incorporating this unique form of Feng Shui into their lives! Its simple design and small size make it easy to place in almost any area that could use a touch of luck or good fortune. Give Elefante En La Entrada Feng Shui a try today, and see the benefits it can bring into your life!

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