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With a range of beautiful furniture and accessories, Arhaus allows you to transform your home into a rejuvenating oasis using the principles of feng shui. Whether you’re looking for an inviting living room set or a serene bedroom design, Arhaus has stylish pieces that will both elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal and add balance and harmony. From contemporary coffee tables to classic bed frames, their pieces draw inspiration from all over the globe, giving you the perfect opportunity to infuse your home with the special touch from an ancient art form.

Feng shui is all about connecting positive energy into the environment through intentional design and placement of objects. At Arhaus, this entails selecting furniture that compliments modern architecture while also adding life-enhancing effects through colors, shapes and materials. Every item is individually crafted to fit seamlessly into any space, allowing for creative expression as well as peaceful engagement with the elements around it. Their collection includes everything from luxurious armchairs to decorative rugs- meaning you can update your home furnishing without ever sacrificing style. Beyond just decorating with witty accents, they prioritize comfort by integrating plush fabrics that embrace guests with warmth and elegance.

Let Arhaus be your creative guide as you explore ways to cozy up your living space in accordance to feng shui principles. Not only will you find furniture that reflects your unique design style but you’ll also achieve the peace of mind associated with calming energy flow. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, their products are made from sustainable materials so not only will rejuvenate your home energetically but also represent environmentally conscious values as well when choosingArhaus!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to create balance and harmony in our lives by ensuring that our spaces are organized and decorated in a specific way. It promotes the idea of the flow of energy – or chi – throughout a space, influencing how people feel when they enter it. This includes colors, shapes, materials, and furniture placement used to achieve feelings like order, stability, safety, relaxation, care, and vitality. The goal is to use Feng Shui principles to ensure that your home is comfortable and inviting for both you and your guests. Arhaus offers modern furniture collections that can help you incorporate this aesthetic into your own space. With cozy couches and chairs in various colors and fabrics, lush rugs and blankets to complete the look, calming lighting options to put a finishing touch on any room: Arhaus Feng Shui will help bring balance into any living area.

History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui originated in China more than 3,000 years ago and was used as a way to determine the optimum placement for structures and homes. Feng Shui is based on understanding the balance between humans and their natural environments, that helps to bring physical comfort, spiritual harmony, and prosperity into our lives. In Feng Shui, it is believed that five elements guide energy flow: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Traditionally these five elements must be present in proper balance in order to create a peaceful environment.

With the use of this ancient philosophy over centuries, Feng shui has evolved into an art form that combines interior design with visual cues from nature. Color schemes are chosen carefully to create cohesion and harmony throughout the home while attracting positive energy or “chi.” Certain items thought to bring good luck or prosperity will be arranged strategically around the house in order to invite positive sentiments into one’s life like money plants or bamboo stalks with coins. Arhaus’ collection of furniture incorporates many aspects of traditional Feng Shui philosophy such as bringing indoor nature within your own four walls with live-edge products featuring natural materials like reclaimed woods as well as relaxing colors inspired by nature making your home a restorative haven for relaxation.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes the way you arrange your home and the items inside can affect your health and wellbeing. Whether it’s to promote positive energy flow, balance and harmony, or simply just to make sure your furniture fits in with the rest of your décor, Feng Shui is a great way to transform any living space. Arhaus offers a wide range of furniture, décor and home goods that use principles of traditional Feng Shui. From expertly crafted bedroom sets to welcoming entryways and harmonious reading nooks, Arhaus lets you discover new ways to cozy up your home while staying true to the teachings of Feng Shui.

2022 Colors Feng Shui

The benefits of Feng Shui include creating a feeling of balance and harmony in one’s living environment. This can lead to improved mental clarity, better sleeping patterns, increased positive energy flow between occupants of the home, an increase in peacefulness and relaxation within one’s space as well as an aesthetic upgrade for the particular room(s). When practiced correctly, Feng Shui can improve air quality by blocking natural toxins from entering indoors, create intuitive organizing plans for any type of room or storage space as well as open up blocked pathways by creating movement between areas of a house with large furniture pieces. Through specialized decorating items such as plants, water features or wind chimes; conversation starters like statues or art pieces; handy accents like candle holders or small tables; or even simply rearranging existing furniture can all be beneficial techniques when following traditional practices while implementing something new into one’s environment.

5 Types of Feng Shui Solutions

1. Bedroom Feng Shui: From serene colors to inviting bedspreads and throw pillows, Arhaus has great options to help you create a peaceful, inviting atmosphere that brings balance and harmony to your bedroom. You can also use accessories such as Zen decor or an aromatherapy diffuser to further enhance the energy in your room.

2. Outdoor Feng Shui: Make your outdoor area more welcoming and calming by adding pieces of furniture with energizing colors and styles. Place plants strategically around your outdoor space to add vibrant live energy that attracts positive Chi.

3. Office Feng Shui: Create a productive and inspiring workspace by arranging your office furniture according to the principles of Feng Shui. Use motivational quotes or vision boards in the area to keep you focused and motivated while working.

4. Living Room Feng Shui: As the heart of the home, it’s important for the living room’s design evokes happiness and comfort for family gatherings or entertainment purposes. Use light colors such as blues, greens, and yellows for walls, carpets, flooring shelves etc., all of which will reflect good vibes from the inside out!

5. Kitchens & Dining Rooms: Choose comfortable yet vibrant kitchen furniture, place green plants throughout your kitchen or dining room for a natural, nourishing energy; hang artwork that radiates joy and love; adorn counters with different stones/crystals . All of these small touches will go a long way in creating crystal clear positive energy!

Incorporate Arhaus Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes harmony and balance in homes and workspaces. With Arhaus furniture it is easy to incorporate Feng Shui principles into your living space. There are several ways to bring a sense of serenity and flow with Arhaus products.

Start by getting rid of clutter and creating clear pathways within the home. Take advantage of natural light, use soothing colors, and add decorative elements such as plants or water features to promote relaxation. Mirrors should be used strategically as they can help create the illusion of more space while also reflecting positive energy back into the room.

Next, choose furniture from Arhaus that provide adequate storage for items not in use as well as complimentary pieces like rugs or accent chairs that will draw attention away from areas you don’t want noticed such as corners or entryways into other rooms. Choose items based on their style and function so that your home looks beautiful but still has a sense of purpose. To further encourage relaxation look for natural materials like wood, stone, bamboo, or even metal can give your home a cozy atmosphere without taking away from its aesthetic appeal.

Finally, place objects according to Feng Shui rules by avoiding dead-end walls, keeping windows clear of obstructions, arranging electronics in different sections throughout the house, and placing important pieces in key locations like an entryway table near the door or a low shelving unit between two couches facing each other. Following these guidelines you’ll be able to make your home feel bigger even with minimal space while introducing calming influences into your environment so you can relax after a long day!

Bring the Outdoors In with Floral Textiles

Bring vibrant blooms indoors with Arhaus’ lush velvet and cotton floral textiles. The collection features bedding, pillows, and divan cushions in floral-inspired prints to create the perfect balance of warmth and tranquility. Each piece is designed with traditional Eastern motifs such as chrysanthemum and peonies—flowers often called “Feng Shui flowers” because they promote harmony, luck, wealth, health, and good fortune. In addition to being visually pleasing, these pieces contain elements of Feng Shui which not only look beautiful but will also bring positive energy into your space. Bring nature indoors with these textiles to make your home feel more connected to the outside world while creating a cozy retreat from everyday life. Add a luxurious comforter set or statement throw pillows to revitalize any room in need of renewal. Perfect for those wishing for an atmosphere full of comfort and well-being, the new floral textiles from Arhaus will provide just that.

Good Bedroom Feng Shui Layout

Utilize Artwork and Wall Art to Enhance the Space

Feng shui is an ancient practice of creating a pleasing and harmonious environment. In addition to furniture selection, the use of artwork and wall art can add harmony and energy to any home. Arhaus offers endless choices when selecting art and wall decor to compliment your feng shui design. You can choose from a variety of wall prints, sculptures, paintings, and photos to create the desired environment for your cozy home. Mixing vibrant colors with subtle neutral tones helps provide balance in the room and gives you a space to relax and meditate. Bring the outdoors indoors by hanging up nature-inspired canvas prints or vibrant floral pieces that let light into the space. Not only do these pieces aesthetically improve the area, they also serve as nice conversation starters with guests. For more intimate spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms, consider adding meaningful quotes or phrases using vinyl lettering on framed canvases as daily reminders of what is important in life. Ultimately, this type of wall art sets the tone for your entire room’s Feng shui layout complementing your chosen aesthetic perfectly.

Finishing Touches

The perfect way to add the finishing touches to a warm and cozy living space is by incorporating Feng Shui Arhaus furnishings into your décor. Arhaus specializes in creating home furnishings that combine beauty with thoughtful design, making their pieces ideal for achieving the desired Feng Shui balance. Their collection of furniture, décor, and accessories all boast great quality and timeless designs that will instantly give your space an upgrade. Whether you’re looking for accent chairs, coffee tables, rugs, wall art or anything else in between, Arhaus has something that will seamlessly integrate with your existing decor. In addition to offering top-of-the-line products, they also provide helpful tips on how to best utilize each piece so they can be implemented as effectively as possible into your own personal décor. From properly balancing colors in your room to pairing up various textures and styles to create an inviting atmosphere, there’s always something new and exciting to discover with Arhaus’s wide variety of attractive options that are sure to make any home more cozy.


Feng shui is a holistic approach to making the most of your home’s flow and energy. By incorporating Arhaus furniture into your décor, you can create a balanced yet comfortable space that enhances its potential compared to that of any other style of design. With Arhaus, you can instantly give your room an inviting atmosphere with pieces designed for comfort without sacrificing on style. Not only do their more modern pieces lend themselves to easier accessorizing, accessories like area rugs, candles, and artwork add finishing touches that will refresh any dull area. Then throw in some Feng Shui inspired wall art and mix metals along with various textures to improve the vibes emanating throughout your home’s newly blended design scheme. In one fell swoop, you can spruce up exhausted surroundings while still keeping it cozy and warm despite the changing colors outside. So go ahead, start incorporating Arhaus into your home now and gift yourself a renewed sense of balance by creating a more harmonious home environment with picture-perfect Feng Shui eloquence.

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