Best Place for Mirror in Bedroom Feng Shui


Bedroom Feng Shui is the practice of applying Chinese beliefs in interior design to create an environment that promotes good energy. The belief suggests you should consider your home’s energetic balance by how it is decorated and arranged. For example, incorporating mirrors into a bedroom is thought to bring prosperity and wealth due to the reflection which symbolizes doubled blessings. Furthermore, adding mirrors can also enhance chi which is the life force of all living things associated with luck and health. Therefore, the correct placement of mirrors in a bedroom can result in both financial stability and physical well-being.

Choosing the Right Mirrors to Enhance the Energy Flow

When you think of adding a mirror to your bedroom in terms of Feng Shui, it is important that the placement of it is done correctly. Ideally, the best spot to hang a mirror in a bedroom according to Feng Shui is on the wall facing the main entrance. This is known as the “commanding position”, and allows the mirror to be used to deflect negative energy upon entering.

In addition to placing the mirror in the correct spot, there are other considerations when it comes to Feng Shui and mirrors in your bedroom. When selecting a mirror for this purpose, make sure it is free from any defects; this includes cracks or chips. When you look into your own reflection in a clean and undamaged mirror, it should reflect back an honest and clear depiction of yourself and also symbolically protect your energy by reflecting any negative energy coming from outside sources. Additionally, avoid using multiple mirrors or having one that is too large for your room as this can cause confusion regarding your identity or cope with too much energy coming from all directions.

Essential Principles and Practical Tips for Mirror Placement

One of the essential principles in applying Feng Shui to your bedroom is understanding the best place for mirrors in your space. Placing a mirror in the proper spot can have huge effects on balancing and improving the energy flow in your room. Here are some Feng Shui tips to keep in mind when determining where to position your mirrors:

Position the mirror so that it reflects something beautiful. The goal of placing a mirror is to improve energy flow and balance by reflecting back enjoyable, positive things such as art, postcards from friends or family pictures. Avoid positioning them so that they reflect clutter or unpleasant views.

Ensure that you do not combine two powerful elements with a mirror such as a window and TV set. This combination creates strong tension and it’s best to avoid putting these elements in front of each other near a mirror at all cost.

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Check if there’s any spiritual symbolism associated with certain placements, such as having two mirrors facing each other or placing them above the bed (this is said to create high levels of stress). You must ensure that you take into consideration any part of your room that may be loaded with symbolic associations before deciding on its location.

The most important tip when determining where you should place mirror is making sure they bring pleasure and joy into your life every time you use them. Whether they reflect light, plants or art pieces, using them will enhance their benefits significantly if they bring happiness into your life each time you look at them. As always, assess which direction is most suitable for placement based on prior research; take care not to indulge blindingly yourself in superstition but guide yourself through knowledge and common sense.

Examples of How Mirrors Create Positive Feng Shui Vibes in Bedrooms

One of the best places to put a mirror in your bedroom, if you are following feng shui principles, is on the wall opposite the bed. When placed here, it gives the room an overall feeling of calm and balance while also providing a sense of spaciousness. However, make sure that there is no direct reflection of the bed in the mirror when it is placed here so as not to disrupt the calming aura. Additionally, large mirrors are NOT recommended since they can create too much liveliness.

In addition to hanging a mirror on the wall opposite your bed, placing one on either side of it can also create positive vibes for your bedroom. This will help to bring a greater sense of symmetry and order to the space, which reinforces feelings of calmness and peace. With these mirrors, though, you must be careful not to have them reflecting any clutter or mess in the room as this could lead to feelings of stress and restlessness instead.

Key Considerations When Selecting Mirrors for Bedroom Feng Shui

When selecting mirrors for bedroom Feng Shui, some key considerations are placement, size, and shape. Placement is the most important factor; you should never place mirrors in direct line of sight of the bed. Mirrors can be placed on any long wall, however avoid having them immediately opposite or across from the door. The size of the mirror will also have an effect on your energy, so it is important to select a mirror that fits harmoniously in the room. Lastly, the shape of the mirrors should take into account any features of the furniture that you’re trying to reflect; if there is a piece of furniture with an interesting shape then it might be better to choose a similarly shaped mirror. You should also take into consideration how much light will be reflected off each mirror and where it will fall – for example, different reflections could mean light hitting your head when trying to sleep which would cause unrestful sleep. Additionally, always make sure all glass surfaces are clean as dust and dirt could stop welcoming energy into the room. Finally, pick something that reflects your personality and interests – after all, this is your relaxing sanctuary!

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Variety is Key

When using Feng Shui mirror placement in the bedroom, it is important to create a balance between the size and shape of the mirrors, as well as the positioning. Smaller circular shaped mirrors which reflect the bed are great for feng shui. Larger rectangular mirrors can be used as an accent piece on one wall to reflect nature and light. Mirrors should never face each other directly or be placed across from each other because this will cause too much energy exchange between them.

Additionally, you should hang your mirror on a wall opposite a window to bring in natural light. This will capture positive energies that radiate from the outside. Mirrors can also be placed near a beautiful potted plant or artwork with calming colors; this will help bring peace and serenity into your bedroom. Similarly, a bright color object next to the mirror will add life and spontaneity to your space. No matter what size or shape you choose, always try to make sure each mirror is placed strategically within the room according to Feng Shui principles.


Bedroom mirrors are one of the most powerful tools in Feng Shui design. They can easily create illusions of space and light, bring positive energy into the home, and help balance a room’s energy flow. However, as with all renovations using Feng Shui principles, it is important to take into account the specific needs of the individual room and its inhabitants when selecting mirrors for use in a bedroom. Consideration should be given to size, placement, distinctiveness, convenience, brightness levels and reflection opportunities before deciding on where the best place for a bedroom mirror is based on Feng Shui principles. When considering these elements carefully and taking appropriate action regarding their implications, you can rest assured that your mirror placement will provide an optimal balance of energy and a successful result in ultimately creating a comfortable bedroom space with good Feng Shui design principles.

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