Benefits of Feng Shui Plants


Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize people with their surrounding environment in order to improve energy, health and luck. One of the ways to achieve this is by placing plants around a home or workspace. That’s because plants are believed to improve qi energy, enabling positive energy to flow freely.

Plants can improve the air quality in an enclosed space and make sure that oxygen levels remain healthy. Furthermore, they beautify the living space and fill it with life. Plants also play an important role in reducing stress as they help create balance and stability in any area of your home or office. This helps reduce stress levels, making you more alert and productive throughout the day.

In addition, Feng Shui says that having green plants around you can open up new pathways for fortune and prosperity to come into your life. The increased chi (energy) of the greenery will purify your environment, increasing potential chances of getting financial stability or good luck.

There are several types of Feng Shui plants that are known for producing prosperous energies such as bamboos, ficuses, jade, peace lilies, money trees, potted palms and many more. Each type of plant symbolizes different meanings; for instance bamboo signify strength and growth while jade signifies success and money tree prosperity. Thus when selecting which type of plant to include in your home or workplace it may be beneficial to consult a professional Feng Shui advisor for advice about which particular species best fit for each individual situation.

Moreover placing plants at specific sections of a room can create positive energy flow . For example money trees bring abundance when placed in east corner while ficus brings mental clarity when placed near working areas like offices desks or living rooms sofas . Additionally hanging plants on walls brings healing effect while large ones spread out on the floor create wellbeing feeling throughout any space . With all above being said there are definitely great benefits that come with having Feng Shui Plants included in any space whether indoors or outdoors .

The Meaning Behind the Ancient Practice

Feng Shui is an ancient practice originating from China and still used in many parts of the world today. It’s a process of arranging your environment to draw in abundance, harmony, and individual personal strength. Feng Shui plants and other objects play an important role in this process.

The placement of plants has several powerful benefits when it comes to Feng Shui. Plants are seen as symbols of health, luck, and growth. They refresh the air with oxygen while also providing a decorative touch to any room or space. The energy from the plant is believed to have curative properties which can activate positive vibrations around individuals. These plants can be found near windows and doorways; bringing balanced Yin-Yang energy that encourages productivity and well being. Using various colors for different rooms in the home is another indicator that brings good luck and improved relationships between people living together.

Finally, one cannot forget about the emotional benefit of having plants around; which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, making environments more inviting for guests or family gatherings. Plants have always been praised for their natural beauty delivering vibrant colors, scents, and textures that take us closer with nature.

Visualizing the Positive

Feng Shui plants can bring so much to a home or office space. Feng shui is all about harmonizing the energy within an environment, and it is believed that having plants in your home or office can help create a sense of calm and balance. It also helps us to centre our attention on something positive, which raises our vibration. Plants also have the ability to filter air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen – improving our overall quality of life.

In addition to these environmental benefits, feng shui plants have been known to bring in wealth, luck and fortune into our lives as well. Plants are symbols of growth and energy, so their mere presence can help us stay more focused and motivated towards achieving goals. They also attract abundance and good luck, allowing us to attract more wealth into our environment. Plants also represent life longevity, which signifies rebirth—potentially leading to a greater appreciation for life around you. Today many people use plants as part of their self-care practices; they’ve been found to be excellent ways of revitalizing yourself through nature’s calming effects. All in all, we believe that having plants in your space can positively impact your mental state, by providing balance between mind body spirit energies as well as physical health with improved air quality among other benefits!

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Making the Decision

When considering the best feng shui plants for your home or office, it is important to factor in the lifestyle that you lead. Certain plants work better for households with busy daily schedules, while others prefer a more peaceful atmosphere due to their calming qualities. Consider the environmental conditions like light and temperature as this will affect how well certain plants grow and thrive in your space. Aside from the physical environment, emotionally consider if you’re looking for a plant that is easy-care, produces a calming atmosphere, or which represent prosperity.

Once you have determined what types of plants are best suited to your lifestyle and atmosphere, it is important to research individual species to ensure that they will achieve the desired results in terms of beauty, air purification and calming energy. For example, giving cacti away may be an impulse purchased based solely on its visual appeal but they are not good at providing clean air as they emit more moisture than other more traditional houseplants do. Furthermore, many feng shui practitioners maintain that cactus ultimately has some bitter negative energy associated with them because of their spiny appearance. Additionally it may be beneficial to ask friends and family who have cultivated green thumbs or visit your local nursery for expert advice when determining what type of plants should go into certain rooms according to element and season.
Ensuring that you are knowledgeable about different types of Feng Shui plants can provide you with ongoing support as living things require maintenance that goes beyond nourishing soil and watering regularly. Transplanting them into larger pots as they grown; pruning so they stay healthy; misting foliagey if the humidity levels are low; checking the quality of light throughout each season; washing off pests; maintaining high standards of cleanliness in order to avoid mould spores–all these tasks require diligence but helps ensure that your green friends stay happy and healthy for many years!

The Subtle Effects of Feng Shui Plants

Feng shui plants are an ancient Chinese tradition believed to bring luck, abundance and harmony into your home or office environment. Not only do these plants aesthetically enhance the space, their usefulness goes far beyond the eye-catching beauty of the foliage. While not scientifically proven, many people believe that when you surround yourself with living things it raises your own and other’s energy levels.

Feng shui plants create a pleasant atmosphere and help keep dust levels low. They inadvertently act as natural air purifiers as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which can re-oxygenate the air in a room. Many studies have shown the real health benefits that come from having greenery present indoors such as increased concentration, reduced stress, improved sleep cycle and increased productivity since interior spaces are often lacking in important elements like moisture content or fresh airflow. Not to mention just how calming seeing greenery can be! Lastly, these symbols of life enriching our lives with beautiful visual cues further contributing to a more tranquil space for relaxation and inspiration.

Caring for the Plants

The practice of Feng Shui emphasizes harmonizing your environment with plants to bring luck and prosperity. Plants not only make any space look vibrant, but they can help purify the air, create a calming atmosphere and help to attract positive energy. In addition, caring for the plants is an opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself. Taking time to provide proper care and attention to the plants gives one a sense of groundedness and connection to nature.

When it comes to caring for your Feng Shui plants, here are some tips:
1) Choose the right plant based on its therapeutic purpose- some focus on relieving stress, others offer protection from negative energy in the home or office etc.
2) Invest in proper materials- use good soil and high-quality pots for succulents and houseplants so they can thrive.
3) Use correct watering techniques that ensure their wellbeing without overwatering them.
4) Place them in optimal positions where they receive plenty of sunlight or artificial lighting if necessary depending on what type of plant you have.
5) Feed your plants occasionally with fertilizer or use natural ingredients like eggshells or coffee grounds as a source of nourishment for healthier growth.
6) Prune regularly so that new growth appears and allows enough light into each leaf or branch so that photosynthesis can take place.
7) Spend time tending your plants every day by wiping down their leaves and stems with water, dusting them with cotton cloths and misting them carefully if necessary so that harmful bacteria don’t build up.
8) Be mindful when removing diseased parts immediately upon discovery, ensuring further spread doesn’t occur which can affect other healthy parts of the plant too. Above all else seek out advice from experienced growers or an expert gardener if you’re unsure about how best to proceed with looking after your special plants safely and optimally.

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Potency in the Small Things

Feng shui plants are said to be powerful tools in both the home and office. While many people instantly become overwhelmed and bogged down by the vast array of principles for using feng shui, the truth is that it can be very simple to incorporate these little ‘bits’ of energy into your environment, with one of them being plants.

Feng shui plants work on an energetic level, bringing in incredible blessings as well as ease and harmony to any space they occupy. Studies have been conducted on different types of plants, ones with larger leaves such as bamboo or peace lilies being particularly potent. These particular varieties naturally assist in dispersing or diffusing negative energy, while also increasing a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Smaller leaved house plants may work differently than the larger leaved specimens but in just as beneficial ways. Since they terrace their energies more gradually, smaller-leaved houseplants have a way of softening anxiety while providing a vibrancy to a room. Folks will often find situations where these come into play during conversations or conferencing – because internally everyone feels less forced or threatened – and arguments become more amicable! Even simply having houseplants adorning your home teaches us all how to appreciate life through their ongoing cycle of death, despair and rebirth! Ultimately though, such understanding really aims at providing clear insight into the healthiest circumstances for personal growth; growth which requires calmness and fearless determination – qualities that seemingly materialize from nowhere else but beautiful feng shui plants!

Working Smarter

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of interior design that aims to create peaceful and calming environments. The underlying principle of Feng Shui is to use the elements of nature, such as plants, in the home and workplace in order to bring balance, peace, vibrancy and potential wealth.

Plants add both physical and emotional benefits to any interior space. They freshen the air by taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. This can increase concentration levels as well as productivity as we work better with more fresh air. Many studies have proven that plants can improve focus and reduce stress levels during analytical tasks (reducing anxiety from decision making) resulting in faster completion times. Achieving this improved mental clarity can be beneficial for day-to-day business operations where multiple tasks are running in parallel simultaneously. Introducing indoor plants into office spaces is just one example of how Feng Shui principles can be applied to business practices.

In addition to the tranquil atmosphere provided by plants, they also bolster morale within any workplace environment based on their beauty alone. Making the office or workplace pleasant gives staff an incentive to work harder while promoting a harmonious atmosphere which will increase team dynamics while spur creative thinking among employees. Furthermore, some studies have even found that plants serve as a distraction from open plan workspaces helping creatives concentrate on their work with fewer disruptions leading to more efficiency when tackling everyday tasks.

Feng Shui plants then offer valuable elements not only for new businesses but any operation of earnest workers striving for excellence within their workspaces – providing positive physical effects such as improved concentration, enhanced morale through aesthetic beauty plus increased creativity levels – all coming together creating a stronger working environment allowing those involved pursue their activities more effectively with less stress – Working Smarter!


Feng Shui plants offer a wide range of benefits that reach far beyond simply providing aesthetic appeal to a space. Not only do they add a pop of color and life to an often sterile environment, but they also contribute to the improved air quality by releasing oxygen into the air and absorbing toxins like formaldehyde. Further, when placed strategically in areas that are regarded as having important energy properties, as in accordance with Feng Shui principles, these energetic benefits can be amplified exponentially.

Feng Shui plants also produce a spiritual element to any space, bringing with it tranquility and peace. They are thought to bring harmony by creating positive energy throughout the environment. Plants can be grounding, stabilizing energies through their roots that dig deep into the earth, which is yet another physical healing benefit. Finally, some practitioners believe that healthy plants heighten our intuitive capabilities since plants absorb cosmic teachings from the universe which can motivate us on a deeper level. All these mental and spiritual benefits should make it clear why adding feng shui plants to any home or office is so beneficial!

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