Bagua House Feng Shui Southern Hemisphere

### Bagua House Feng Shui Southern Hemisphere
Feng shui is an ancient practice used to bring balance and harmony to a home or office. The Bagua House Feng Shui Southern Hemisphere is a method of using the energetic principles of the Bagua, or Pa Kua, to create beneficial spaces for living and working.

The Bagua House Form of Feng Shui is based on one central idea: To always generate positive energy for the space you are using. This is achieved by creating an environment that is calming, balanced and energized. The Bagua House Form considers five essential elements: air, water, earth, fire, and wood.

When we apply the five elements to the Bagua House Feng Shui Southern Hemisphere, we use the Chinese geometric system of “Bagua” to inform the placement of furniture, artwork, accessories and plants in the home or office. In the Bagua House system, each corner of the house is assigned a specific element and its energies will be enhanced and balanced by placing the appropriate items in that area.


* Incorporating air-enhancing items such as wind chimes and birdbaths in the East corner of the home
* Reserving the Southeast corner for anything that encourages communication and the sharing of ideas such as bookshelves and aquariums


* Utilizing items such as water fountains or an indoor water feature in the North corner of the home to create a soothing atmosphere
* Placing items that reflect water such as mirrors in the South and Southwest corners


* Incorporating plant and flower pots as well as supportive, solid items such as crystals or a Buddha statue in the center of the home
* Incorporating potpourri and incense in the Northeast and Northwest corners

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* Creating an area to find joy and enthusiasm such as a special corner to pour a glass of wine in the South corner of the home
* Placing candles and lamps in the Southeast and Northwest corners


* Placing wood-based items such as wooden furniture in the East and Southeast corners of the home
* Placing wood-based items like wood frames or wood sculptures in the Northwest corner of the home

By following this method of Feng Shui, it is believed that good energy can be brought into the home, ultimately bringing balance and harmony to the occupants within.

What are the main differences between Bagua House Feng Shui in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere?

The main difference between Bagua House Feng Shui in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is the placement of the Bagua or Feng Shui energy map. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Bagua is placed with the career/life path section (Kan) in the front or entrance facing area of a home, while in the Southern Hemisphere, the career/life path section is placed in the back of the home. Other differences between the two hemispheres include the direction in which the home is facing and the colors and symbols used for the Bagua map.

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