Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui 2019

Introduction to Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui

Background: Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, focused on optimizing the flow of energy (or Qi) throughout a home or workplace. The goal is to ensure that the different components of a space, including furniture, lighting and décor, are in balance and harmoniously arranged according to principles based on the Bagua map. By doing this, practitioners believe that benefits such as luck, health and wealth can be attained.

Key Concepts: Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui consists of several key concepts– these include the use of design principles (such as symmetry), using certain symbolic objects to attract positive energy, planning for good use of natural light and ventilation within a space, choosing calming colors when painting walls or décor items and avoiding negative shapes in a room’s layout. Additionally, it is also important to understand how the five elements – metal, wood fire water earth – interact with each other in the environment.

Common Misconceptions: While many people embrace the overall philosophy of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui to bring harmony and balance into their lives, there are some common misconceptions about this practice that should be addressed. For example, some people believe that you can get “quick-fix” results from applying this practice when in reality it involves longer-term variations. Moreover, correctly applying these principles also require help from a qualified practitioner who is trained to interpret specifically tailored symbols for particular cases. Finally, it should be noted that while beneficial energy can be harnessed through careful application of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui principles; ironically imbalances in energy caused by environmental factors have no effect on one’s fortune or wellbeing whatsoever

Outlining the Core Principles of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui

Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui (AWF) is a popular school of thought that looks at ways to optimize the energy flow in space, called chi or qi. The core principles of AWF are directed towards harmonizing and balancing a person’s environment to create harmony, contentment and peace. By doing this it is believed that prosperity, health and wealth can be attained.

AWF focuses on the arrangement of furniture, placement of symbols and decorative items, directions, colors and objects. It is believed that when arranged in a particular fashion an individual’s home or office will naturally attract good health and positive energy.

The central guiding principle behind AWF is known as the ‘Bagua’, which states that every living or work environment has eight distinct zones that require special attention so they align with five natural elements; wood, water, fire, earth and metal. This helps to direct the flow of energy within the designated zone in order to bring balance and comfort.

Another key belief of the AWF school is that humans are able to develop deeper levels of spiritual awareness by paying close attention to their personal setting – making sure that all materials used for decoration promote peace, joy and several rather than sadness and anger. Symbolism also plays an important role according to this system with certain keywords representing various life aspects such as health, family or career success (represented by specific symbols). In addition paying attention to details such as proper ventilation for a balanced atmosphere between hot temperatures outside vs cold temperatures indoors is also important for optimal feng shui outcomes according to this school of thought.

Examining the Changes for 2019

Asiri Wanigarathne, a Feng Shui consultant and teacher who is based in Sri Lanka, believes that 2019 could bring with it some major transformations. In order to fully understand the potential of the year ahead, Wanigarathne suggests that one should take into account the energies and influencing forces within the Chinese ‘Eight Trigrams’ for 2019.

The effects of these eight trigrams range from cosmic effects on individuals or collective entities all the way down to even the most minute adjustment of furniture in your home or workplace. The good news is that success, wealth luck and fortune can be had this year if you channel energies correctly. Therefore, it’s important for individuals to make use of their own intuition which might help them tap into these beneficial sources of energy. Furthermore, by consulting a professional Feng shui master like Asiri Wanigarathne one can gain insight into how to overcome any potential blocks in this regard and be guided through ancient wisdom systems such as Feng shui following Ch’i movements so as ensure balance and harmony in life. Mining into this philosophy it is very vital to observe relevant traditional guidelines such as flying-stars chart used to locate suitable auspicious areas of your environment in order maximize desired advantages while avoiding adverse influences. This alone can greatly contribute towards overall prosperity and well-being of both physical environments as well as those patronizing them.

By exploring powerful changes provided by 2019 spring/summer/autumn/winter season cycles one could rediscover hidden opportunities within their own environment that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Changes touch all aspects from job positions to family welfare; from social gatherings to financial status – no matter positive or negative – these need be accounted for when attempting any kind of holistic adjustments or rearrangements in our homes or work places this coming year according to Wanigarathne’s observations for 2019 predictions guideline. Ultimately a well calibrated positioning element helps activate financial assets thus leading on higher level energy exchange opportunities within propelling larger reach circles just like ripples created after skipping stones over still water surfaces while maintaining individual intentions focused upon goals set ahead with times gone by being left behind safely tucked away inside sacred memories keeping nothing but best recollections alive although fresh ideas are awaiters awaiting reflections that will eventually materialise right on time if we allow life unfold naturally along periodic changes periods taking place throughout lifetime every year seamlessly manifesting dreams come true events gradually over time gathering momentum throughout four annual seasons noted down chronologically per calendar pages flipped forward then backwards leading up classical full circle motion practically closing entire orbits periodically depending upon what each entity (male/female) resonates regarding matters immeasurably discussed conclusively navigating movements linked through pathways build along exact frequencies concurring during importance dates scheduled inevitably striving towards evolutional growth prospects composed immediately at times surfacing over ten thousand daily revolutions integrated unceasingly towards upright achievements amazingly pursued ferociously compounding further intricate plans underline amplified far reaching schemes complicated dealt pragmatically somewhere parallel universes travelling endlessly between always ending beginnings ever seemingly lasting during eternal cycles governed famously powerfully magnetically indeed!

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How to Harness the Benefits of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui

Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that promotes positive energy, or ‘Chi’, in the home, workplace and environment. It helps to create harmony by building balance between nature and humanity. By learning the principles of Feng Shui and applying them in one’s own home or business, it is possible to bring a sense of peace while also enhancing relationships, health and wealth.

One way to harness the benefits of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui is to use the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Although these elements innately come from nature – from rivers to mountains- humans can also influence them craftily in their environment (architecture/interior design) for their benefit. Applying the concept of yin-yang which talks about balancing two opposing forces should be done when using these elements as this will help accomplish desired goals.

Another important principle of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui is the concept of Universal Energy (Qi). Qi is a mystical form of energy that flows through all living things (like people and nature). Drifting qi throughout one’s home can be done by introducing natural elements like plants or water sources (waterfall). Furthermore decorating one’s home with colours associated with prosperity – blues/reds -or rearranging furniture so its facing towards auspicious directions will help bring good fortune into one’s life while purifying negative energy too. It’s interesting how this practice could transform someone’s everyday life!

Overall Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui greatly improve peoples everyday life by having a positive impact on physical health, psychological well-being as well as financial stability. People are encouraged to use what they learn here in order to make informed decisions about how best to create harmony in their lives.

Breaking Down the Major Life Areas in 2019

Career: Asiri Wanigarathne’s Feng Shui advice for career in 2019 is to focus on communication and teamwork. She advises paying attention to the quality of interactions with colleagues and developing a dynamic working environment anchored around collaboration.

Education: For those looking to make progress in their education, Asiri recommends creating a study plan that sets out clear goals and deadlines. She also suggests taking time out for self-reflection, as this will help to bring clarity into decisions regarding career path or studies.

Family: There is an emphasis on family life this year according to Asiri, who recommends setting aside quality time to nurture personal relationships in order to foster greater understanding within a family unit.

Health: When it comes to health, she recommends exercising caution and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means making conscious efforts towards eating well, drinking plenty of water and taking regular breaks throughout the day.

Relationships: Relationships are likely to be especially important in 2019 because it will require energy devoted specifically toward increasing the understanding between people. To benefit from better relationships this year, Asiri suggests organizing activities that both parties will enjoy or finding ways which bring individuals closer together.

Money: Monetary matters are highly stress-inducing; however Asiri advises remaining calm during times of financial pressure. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by money worries, it’s best practice to stay level-headed when dealing with investments or finances by double-checking information before committing any transactions.

Applying Strategies of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui

When it comes to implementing the strategies of Asiri Wanigarathne Feng Shui, property owners and practitioners should focus on a few key precepts. There is an emphasis on finding the source of positive energy within a property, households should be aware of the dangers and advantages of pursuing certain purposes, and homeowners should understand that various environmental elements can bring prosperity, luck, and happiness to their lives.

First and foremost, in order to maximize the potential of Feng Shui principles, it is important to identify any areas where potent energy sources exist. This may involve the study of geomancy or the contemplation of local environment and energetics. Once this has been completed, there are many ways in which practitioners can go about harnessing lucky forces for specific activities or objectives; for example, map studying for increased business success or adjusting existing furniture and décor with yin-yang balance.

Practitioners must also be aware that some opportunities come with risks attached. While manifesting prosperity through synchronizing energies requires strategizing and a mindful approach—the wrong approach may lead to dead ends or even complete failure in attaining desired results. Therefore one must exercise caution when working with energies that have existed in one’s home since long before they stepped foot into it; as such wary practitioners would do well to perform legal research, learn how their household operates on both a practical level as well as an energetic level; check if desired configurations are permissible by relevant laws (or not).

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Last but not least homeowners need to remember that each building is unique; no two homes will ever operate under exactly the same set of principles. In order to truly benefit from advanced techniques like those found in Asiri Wanigarathne’s works one has to take into account all relevant factors—from energy intensities present at every corner as well as any possible influences from neighboring dwellings (including natural ones). Once all of these components have been taken into consideration then there is greater chance for success in applying Feng Shui techniques properly—ensuring spiritual wellbeing alongside physical abundance!

Tips to Combat Stress and Negative Energy

1. Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy: It’s important to create an environment where you are surrounded by positive people who can help lift you up. Be aware of the people and places that bring out good feelings in you, and keep away from those that cause negative feelings or stress.

2. Get rid of emotional clutter: Negative energy builds up when we refuse to let go of our emotional baggage – past hurts and fears. Let go of the pain, hurt and trauma – forgive those who have hurt you, accept yourself for who you are, determine how to heal from your traumatic experiences. This will release any energetic blocks in your life so that positive energy can increase again.

3. Spend time doing things that make you happy: Find activities that bring you joy and fill some of your down time with them. They don’t have to be big budget adventures but simple things like going for a walk on the beach or kicking back with a good book can do wonders for mood levels and decrease stress levels drastically.

4. Stay focused on solutions: Instead of ruminating over problems or challenges try finding ways to manage hardship or stressful situations by finding creative solutions instead. In this way you’re still able to remain solution-oriented and pro-active rather than wallowing in despair!

5. Make sure your home is energetically balanced: Keep your house free from clutter – too much physical clutter means lots of energetic blockages too! Use colors like blues, grays or earthy tones which calm the mind while filling it with positivity; also consider introducing crystal therapy into your household décor as it’s known to clear any lingering negative energy from the space that may otherwise contribute further to stress buildup.. Finally establish a daily practice of smudging (a ritual burn used for purification purposes) in order to eliminate any further negativity from entering into your home environment.

Taking Pre-emptive Action to Accomplish Goals

Pre-emptive action is a proactive approach to preparing for, and achieving, success in any area of life. It involves taking the initiative to make small changes in our environment or lifestyle before experiencing negative consequences. By changing our behavior we are able to modify our environment in order to achieve a more balanced life. With Asiri Wanigarathne’s Feng Shui 2019, you can learn how to harness the power of pre-emptive action for success and balance.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes elements and principles of ecology, physics and philosophy to determine how energy flows in our space – both indoors and outdoors. Asiri Wanigarathne’s Feng Shui 2019 provides a comprehensive guide on balancing energy in your home or office with specific tips on which materials, colors, types of furniture, lighting arrangements and placement of items should be used. You will gain knowledge on when performing moxa treatments or reciting mantras can help ameliorate bad luck due to unlucky star positions related to careers or relationships. With this information you will be able to identify the causes of imbalance in your underperforming areas so that you can implement early corrective measures. Pre-emptive action allows us to identify obstacles that may hinder growth before they occur so that we can come up with creative solutions as soon as possible which could lead us one step closer towards achieving our goals. In addition, pre-emptive action teaches us how to recognize where our strengths lies so that we can capitalize upon them for maximum potential towards achieving success within our lives.

A Look Ahead to 2019

Asiri Wanigarathne is a renowned professional feng shui expert based in Sri Lanka. In 2019, he offers his insights and predictions into what the year ahead holds for all of us. Through his expertise in geomancy, Asiri looks to the Chinese zodiac and its 12 elements to make informed forecasts concerning individuals’ fortunes over the course of the next year. He suggests that those born under the sign of Tiger should take special care to complete tasks on time and stay organized to maximize their success. It is predicted that this coming year could be an especially prosperous one for Rabbit sign individuals if they can remain relaxed and demonstrate patience. According to Asiri, business owners in particular should try their best to be proactive, prepared and act with precision – these traits will serve them extremely well in 2019. All in all, Asiri advises for individuals not to disregard traditional wisdom such as Feng Shui when looking at their plans for the future, as it can help greatly in bringing positive energy into our lives prior to tackling important goals or resolutions throughout the course of 2019!

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