Art of Feng Shui Kua Number

Introduction to Feng Shui Kua Number

What is the Feng Shui Kua Number? The Feng Shui Kua number is a system that helps us calculate and understand our relationships with the universe. It is based on traditional Chinese numerology, also known as “ba gua”. The Kua number uses the trigram system which consists of eight symbols, each representing an elemental direction of energy – North, South, East, West, North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West.

The history behind the Kua number dates back to ancient China. During this period, the I Ching (Book of Changes) was widely used and accepted as a source of guidance from spiritual leaders or advisors. According to legend, it was Emperor Fu Hsi who first discovered and proposed these 8 trigrams which form the basis for today’s kua number system.

The importance of understanding your Kua number lies in its ability to provide personal insight into your relationships with others and the universe around you. Knowing your own kua number gives you a better understanding of how to approach life’s challenges and opportunities. It teaches you how to move more harmoniously in life with yourself and other people in order to bring peace and good fortune into your life. Furthermore, knowing your kua number will help you acquire knowledge about important aspects of your own personality such as career choices or talents – all information that can benefit your overall wellbeing.

Explaining the Eight Trigrams

The eight aspirations of Feng Shui Kua Number are interconnected to the eight energies of the Kua Number. According to traditional Chinese philosophy each of the 8 trigrams embody an energy associated with a different aspiration or set of goals that all people strive for in life. The goal can be anything from wealth and prosperity, to relationships, to mental health or physical well-being. The relationship each trigram has to one particular aspiration is as follows:

• Heaven―the power of mighty and ambitious endeavors
• Earth―creating harmony and stability in all aspects of life
• Fire―achieving physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing
• Water―attracting wealth and success through career growth and opportunity
• Mountain―awakening to one’s higher self and exploring the inner depths
• Wind―cultivating positive relationships with others through relationships built on mutual trust
• Thunder―experiencing a sense of personal freedom by achieving creative expression and enlightenment
• Lake―gaining insight into one’s spiritual path through releasing difficulty or fear.
One’s Kua number is used as an important tool to determine an individual’s connection with these energies and their aspirations. By understanding and analyzing your own unique kua number, you can gain a better idea of which tools you have access to in order to manifest your desired goals in life. This is why it is so important for Feng Shui practitioners to understand the connections between the 8 aspirations connected within the Kua Number system.

Applying the Different Elements of Feng Shui

The Kua number is a calculation based on your year of birth and gender that helps identify the best directions to bring balance between the five elements of Feng Shui, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It is important to design your home so that each of the five elements is represented in a balanced way. When all five of the elements are present, they can create harmony in your home studio or office.

Many people believe wielding the power of Feng Shui requires being able to understand complex calculations and deciphering challenging astronomical rotations. Fortunately, through use of calculating one’s personal Kua Number, individual spaces can be tailored into environments where these powerful subtle energies can be welcomed and transformed into blessings that result in improved health, wealth, career success and over-all luck improvement.

The Kua number This calculation is based on year of birth divides those born before 2000 into two groups – east/west and north/south with accompanying numbers ranging from 1 to 8 assigned for each group depending on the gender of the individual being calculated for. Knowing which corner aligns with what numerology helps people harness and shape their energies leading to prosperity in life as well as a call to complete objectives at hand. For example, having your desk or workspace face in alignment with your own kua number can be associated with increased productivity due to an increase in motivation allowing you to work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, sleeping with head positioned in accordance with one’s kua number allows the body’s biological clock receive signals throughout its internal functions promoting better overall quality rest resulting further successes post sleep cycles while lessening stress levels experienced during awake times.

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Finding and Calculating Your Kua Number

1. Determine your date of birth: To calculate your personal Kua Number, you need to know your Chinese lunar age and gender. Male Kua numbers range from 1-9 and female Kua numbers range from 0-8.

2. Consult the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar: This calendar will divide the year into 24 solar periods which correspond with a specific animal sign in the Chinese zodiac. Each animal sign has both a masculine and feminine energy assigned to it.

3. Calculate Your Lunar Age: The calculation of your lunar age starts at one, then you must add an additional full year for every January or February that passes after your birthday to find out how many years have passed in the lunar cycle.

4. Find Your Element Type: To determine if you are a Yin element or Yang element type use the year associated with your birthday and consult the Lunisolar Calender to learn what element type corresponds with that year – either yin or yang.

5. Calculate Your Personal Kua Number: If you’re a Yang person born in an odd (male) year, take away 1 from your lunar age and this number will be your personal Kua number. If you’re born in an even (female) year add 5 instead of subtracting one and that will be your personal Kua number; while Yin people should simply add 3 regardless of their birth sex – male or female – to calculate their kua number.

The Benefits of Having the Right Kua Number

Feng Shui Kua number is an ancient system for unlocking your life’s potential, ultimately helping you to lead a more prosperous and fulfilling life. The Kua number helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of life, such as wealth, health, relationships, career, and travel. Knowing your Kua number leads to discovering ways to bring balance and good fortune into your life.

By understanding the flow of energy according to the eight directions within Feng Shui principles and applying this energy as suggested by the Kua number, we are able to activate our full potential in tackling each area of our lives. For example, individuals can use their Kua numbers to determine the best location for their bed or desk at home or work that consequently influences how they receive luck and positive energy. In addition, based on the four seasonal changes in both Lunar and Solar calendars along with an individual’s personalized period cycle (eight stars), a beneficial annual cure can be proposed corresponding one’s prevailing luck direction determined from their Kua Number. Thus acquiring knowledge about one’s Kua Number allows us to harmonize it with the energy of nature giving us a holistic outlook on life that is based on a foundation of balance and transformation of good energy.

Strategies to Change Your Luck with the Kua Number

The Art of Feng Shui Kua Number is an ancient Chinese method of determining one’s personal luck and destiny. It is based on the principle that certain elements have a specific innate energy and all living things will benefit from their power. There are eight Kua numbers, each representing different elements and corresponding to a distinct set of energies. Thus, the purpose of understanding your own personal Kua number is to help you recognize your best directions, positive relationships, and favorable circumstannces in life.

Once one has determined their personal Kua Number they can implement strategies to transform their luck in order to enjoy success in many facets like their career, love-life, or home. These strategies include sleep direction, home entrance placement, study chair orientation and many more Feng Shui cures to bring in specific energies into your home or workspace. For example; if someone’s kua number corresponds with the south west direction according to the Ba Zi flying star method then this person should avoid having any kitchen appliances like stove facing that direction as it carries negative energies with it which could lead to disruption in harmony for the entire household. The same person should also ensure that their desk chair should be facing this direction as it allows beneficial Chi flow into the area resulting in productivity and peace of mind while working. Various other remedies suggested by feng shui masters involve color coordination wearables, hanging crystals around windows etc., all aiming at neutralizing any kind of incoming negative energies along with amplifying good vibes inside our homes or workplaces.

Interpreting the Luck of Your Kua Number Yearly

The art of Feng Shui Kua Number is an important part of traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Every person has their own unique Kua number, which represents their personal balance of Yin and Yang and their luck in the year ahead. The Kua number is determined by a particular formula based on someone’s birth date. Knowing your Kua number can provide insight into how you interact with the world around you, as well as how best to approach luck and success in life.

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Interpreting the luck of your Kua Number yearly is a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of your personal balance of power, as well as a blueprint for creating positive change throughout the year. By using the eight trigrams associated with Feng Shui, it’s possible to observe shifting energies within one’s environment each season and make adjustments accordingly. Factors such as annual flying stars can give patrons additional guidance on how to create balance and achieve overall satisfaction in their lives depending on their Kua numbers. Although some may choose to consult professional Fung shui experts about choosing appropriate remedies for their homes or businesses, learning some basics about interpreting one’s own annual luck may be beneficial for proactive do-it-yourselvers who want real results. Yearly forecasts are definitely useful for predicting what kind of energy awaits you each season so that you can make informed decisions about how best to spend your time, money and resources that year based on your personal Kua number.

Examples & Case Studies to Support Your Understanding

The Art of Feng Shui Kua Number is an ancient Chinese system that helps people to balance energy in their lives. It is based on the Bagua, a nine-sided grid which incorporates the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The Kua Number is determined by birth date, gender and whether one was born in the morning or afternoon. Each direction has its own number associated with it, which ties into the energetic directions of one’s personal energy field.

Using case studies can enhance understanding of how people have used their Kua Number to improve their lives. For example, David realized that his Kua Number associated west with creativity and visual arts. He decided to join a fine art class to learn painting and soon developed a new passion for it. Just a few months later, David had gained enough confidence to hold his first solo painting exhibition which led to numerous commissions from private clients.

Another instance involves Christina who learned that her Kua Number related north-east with health and well being. She started to practice yoga regularly and soon experienced an improved sense of mental clarity and relaxation. Through regular practice she noticed her physical strength increasing as well as her ability to stay focused and motivated during all activities.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with just some insight into one’s personal energy fields!


The art of Feng Shui Kua Number provides an opportunity to identify and analyze personal character traits and how we relate to our environment, as well as how to make improvements in specific areas of our lives. By attempting to bring balance and harmony into the home through the proper use of feng shui symbols, colors, and elements, it is possible to optimize the potential of a Kua number in order to achieve balance and prosperity.

Depending on an individual’s Kua number, certain modifications or additions can be made both inside and outside the home in order to maximize its positive effects. This could include arranging furniture or rearranging wall color so as to create a more conducive environment for that particular number. It may also involve introducing symbolic decorations into one’s living space such as crystals, plants, wind chimes, mirrors, figurines etc., since they all represent specific characteristics associated with particular feng shui numbers. Additionally, by changing habits like regular exercise or incorporating spiritual activies such as meditating into one’s daily routine can help activate the power of a person’s Kua number and promote a sense of peace and stability within oneself. One final recommendation related to Kua numbers is sitting facing in a specific direction during important meetings or when asking for favors. This direction would differ according one’s individual number but doing so improves luck along with opportunities for success.

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