Acnl Feng Shui Furniture List


1. To bring good fortune to your bedroom, pair a Stargazer’s Wall with a Luau Table set and a Lucky Cat figure.

2. To make your living room more calming, put a Floor Fountain in the center of the room surrounded by Pileated Wagons and paper lanterns.

3. Give your hallway an elegant Japanese vibe with Roasted Bamboo Flooring, an Origami Umbrella Stand, and tan Shoji Screens lining the walls.

4. Spice up your kitchen with Pop-up Toasters and Kitchen Island Sets that feature natural wood tones and traditional Oriental designs.

5. To give your bathroom an inviting atmosphere, use wallpapers decorated with bamboo foliage along with well-complemented Portrait Screen Sets and Paper Parasol Stands.

Interior Design

1. Incorporate Nature: Incorporate various natural elements, such as lighting, plants, and wood furniture, into your ACNL house’s designs to create a balanced and harmonious environment within your home.

2. Location Matters: Take note of the perceived direction in which each piece of Feng Shui Furniture is facing when you place it within the home – it should ideally face outward or toward a neutral corner to avoid blocking energy flow throughout the space.

3. Layout and Proportions: Configure the layout of your rooms in way that allows for an even balance between different areas; this will create a sense of harmony rather than clutter or imbalance. Pay attention to proportion when adding pieces of furniture, making sure that there are not too many items in one part of the room as this can cause chaos instead of harmony.

Feng Shui Difficult Floor Plans

4. Colors & Textures: Make use of colors that evoke certain feelings and moods which correspond with the area you’re decorating – cool blues are calming while bright yellow can bring joyfulness into a room. Soft textures reflect serenity while more vibrant patterns inject energy into a room. Layer textures for an interesting look yet aren’t overwhelming – for example choose a soft carpet with textured pillows on top of it!

5. Create Visual Interest: Create visual interest by using layers and blending functionality with decorative elements like artwork or rugs – layering and mixing different design elements offer depth to your overall interior design without feeling too cluttered or busy.


Feng Shui Furniture can be used in conjunction with specific paintings in order to activate flows of energy. Bedrooms and living rooms for example can be enhanced with artwork that encourages relaxation, such as paintings of nature scenes or waterfalls. Certain types of art like traditional Chinese art are renowned for their use in aiding chi-flow within an area. Placing these pieces of artwork along walls or above mantels is also a recommended Feng Shui strategy and can also aid in focusing the attention towards where it will be most beneficial. Additionally, it is recommended to incorporate bright colors into any painting you choose, building energy and liveliness within your space. Both landscapes and abstracts rendered in warm shades will help boost energy during times of sadness and lethargy, further highlighting the power of Feng Shui when combined with artwork.


Feng Shui Furniture comes in a variety of colors and hues that can bring balance and harmony to an Animal Crossing space. From natural earth tones, warm golds and oranges, tranquil blues and greens, unique purples and pinks – each color carries its own energy with it that can help contribute to a peaceful environment. Earth tones like brown can create a tranquil atmosphere, while bright colors like orange will bring vibrant energy and life to the room. Similarly, cool colors like blue will have a calming effect on the space while warmer colors like red and pink can add vibrancy. When choosing Feng Shui furniture, choose colors based on what kind of energy you want to bring into your ACNL home.

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