5 Running Horses Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the “Five Running Horses”

Feng shui is an ancient practice of analysis and manipulation of environmental influences for a beneficial outcome. “Five Running Horses”, also known as the “Five Gem Horses”, is a powerful harnessing of this power, used to achieve financial prosperity, increase recognition, and promote personal growth.

How it Works

The “Five Running Horses” are traditional, large, wooden sculptures of five horses facing east, and placed close together. When their power is activated with the right Feng Shui placement, their immense strength can generate Success, Fame, Fortune (wealth), Love, and Health. Each of these categories can be symbolically represented with a variety of symbols, such as a set of coins, a set of bells, or a set of bells with coins inside.


Feng Shui masters agree on placement of the Five Horses as follows:

  • The horses must face East.
  • They must be placed in an area with lots of chi, or energy.
  • They must not be blocked by any furniture, plants, or other objects.
  • The horses must be placed between 12 and 3 feet from the floor.

Symbolic Representations of the Five Horses


  • Seed of possession symbol
  • Lotus Seed Symbol
  • Deer Symbol


  • Five-stone Symbol
  • Five-Rich Symbol
  • Victory Tower Symbol


  • Four Coins Symbol
  • Five Chimes Symbol
  • Five-element ingot symbol


  • Love Symbol
  • Matrimony Symbol
  • Couples Symbol


  • Fruit Basket Symbol
  • Longevity Symbol
  • Medicine Bottle Symbol

The Power of the Five Horses

The Five Horses is an incredibly powerful place in your home. It encourages cheerful energy, promotes well-being, attracts luck, and ignites powerful abundance and success. By incorporating the Five Horses into your home, you can tap into their dynamic power to further your success and wealth, unleash your creativity, and increase your well-being.

When the Five Horses is used correctly and placed properly, it has the potential to turn your home into an oasis of abundance and wealth. So take advantage of this powerful Feng Shui tool and reap the rewards of financial growth and stability. Good luck!

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