Where To Hang A Feng Shui Mirror

Using Feng Shui to Hang a Mirror

Feng Shui mirrors are used to maximize positive energy, or chi, inside your home. Hanging these unique mirrors in the precise location can help redirect the energy in your home and can lead to improved health, fortune, and luck.

Location is Everything

The best place to hang your Feng Shui mirror is in a location that won’t be blocked by any furniture or other objects. Mirrors should be hung in pairs out of a single frame or close enough to each other to create an energetic pair.

Types of Fung Shui Mirrors

When placing your Feng Shui mirror in your home, be sure to choose the right type. There are four main types of Feng Shui mirrors:

  • Protection – Mirrors used to keep negative energy out of your home.
  • Illumination – Mirrors used to increase light in a room.
  • Amplification – Mirrors used to double or triple the energy of an area.
  • Diversion – Mirrors used to redirect energy away from a particular area.

Placement Tips

Knowing which type of Feng Shui mirror to use and in what location is only half the battle when trying to maximize the positive energy in your home. Here are some additional tips to help you find the perfect spot:

  1. Hang the mirror at eye-level so it will be easy to see.
  2. Hang the mirror in an area where it won’t be touched or disturbed.
  3. Make sure the mirror reflects something beautiful or peaceful, such as a pond or a garden.
  4. Keep the mirrors away from windows so the light doesn’t reflect back and forth.

When used correctly, Feng Shui mirrors can help create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your home. By following these tips, you can be sure to take full advantage of the positive energy that Feng Shui can provide.

What is the proper way to hang a feng shui mirror?

The proper way to hang a feng shui mirror is to hang it outside the house in a place that reflects positive energy such as open outdoor spaces and near trees. Avoid hanging the mirror indoors or in a bedroom as these are considered improper placements. Avoid hanging a mirror directly opposite the entrance or in such a way that it reflects entrance doors or windows as this can result in the reflection of negative chi energy. It is also recommended to avoid placing a feng shui mirror on the floor or in an area of high water or moisture.

What size should a feng shui mirror be?

The size of a feng shui mirror should be based on the size of the room or area it is intended to be used in. Generally speaking, a rectangular mirror should be no wider than two-thirds the width of the couch, bed, or wall it would be hung on, and should not extend over the top of furniture pieces. If a round mirror is being used, its diameter should fit inside the furniture it will be placed in front of. It’s important that the overall proportion of the mirror is pleasing to the eye and made up of soft, rounded lines.

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