What is Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui


Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method used to bring balance and harmony into your home or space. It has been used for centuries to attract luck, abundance, and wealth. Also known as Mountain Sea Water treatment, this technique harnesses the power of nature to improve the flow of life energy in your space.

In order to effectively use salt water cures in Feng Shui, it is important first to understand a few basics aspects of how this traditional practice works. First, salt water cure helps promote a balance between Yin energy (the passive energy of rest) and Yang energy (the active energy of action). Once this balance is achieved it invites positive vibes and fortune into one’s home or public spaces.

A salt water cure involves charging the water with crystals or other natural ingredients like herbs, flowers or fruits. For example, crystals such as rose quartz are often associated with love, healing and bringing in positive energies so adding them to the salt water will help activate these energies in your environment even before you apply it. You can also combine different crystal elements to bring out different qualities from each element like citrine for success and amethyst for peacefulness.

Once all elements have been charged with their respective energies, the solution can be infused by wiping furniture or surfaces with a damp cloth soaked in it or simply by spraying the room with saltwater mist regularly. Additionally you can scatter pieces of crystal near the entry points around your property like windows and doors inviting positive Qi into the home while doing away with any negative ones trapped inside. Salt water can also be added directly onto plants giving them strength and vitality while bringing good luck into their owner’s lives through plant energy connected with these plants.

A Brief Overview of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese form of energy healing and a spiritual practice that dates back thousands of years. It focuses on achieving harmony and balance in the home by incorporating elements from the natural world into the residential design, such as accurate orientation and placement of objects like statues, furniture, and artwork in order to enhance the flow of “qi” or life force energy.

The salt water cure is just one component of Feng Shui. The salt water cure involves placing a bowl or dish containing two parts sea salt to one part tap water in each corner of a room. This enhances chi’s ability to flow freely around the space by absorbing negative energies like stress, tension, sorrow, illness, envy and judgment. By cleansing these energies with the sea salt solution, you can create a calmer atmosphere with improved air quality. It is believed that regular use of this method will bring deep relaxation to both mind and body when used in combination with other Feng Shui practices such as using a compass for directionality or displaying plants for luck.

1 Definition of Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It is based on the idea that the placement of objects and design in the environment can influence a person’s wellbeing, luck, and fortune.

2 Definition of Salt Water Cure

Salt water cure is a Feng Shui technique used to clear negative energies from households and other personal spaces. Salt water is believed to have powerful cleansing properties, so it can be used as an all-purpose remedy to ‘wash away’ bad energy. It involves taking a cup of natural sea salt and mixing it into two cups of cold water. After stirring the salt until it completely dissolves, this solution can be used around your house accordingly. The most common use for this cure involves sprinkling some of the mixture in each corner, at every entranceway (including windows), and at any place that feels stagnant or dull. Once done, leave the remaining mixture out in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours before discarding it in running water such as a toilet while repeating the phrase “all bad energy be gone” aloud three times.

2 Core Principles

Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which uses salt water as a means of healing and purifying your home. The two core principles of this practice are to activate and energize the space, while protecting yourself from negative energy. In essence, it is believed that the flow of positive, healthy chi energy should be encouraged to enter any living space and offset any negative or stagnant energies. To this end, salt water is used to purify spaces by either soaking items in it or spraying a small amount throughout the area to attract positive energy. It is also thought to help with promoting relaxation and clarity of mind since salt contains many medicinal properties including helping to neutralize toxins in the air. Additionally, it can often provide a sense of comfort knowing that your home has been purified by such an old practice with such long-standing roots.

3 History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which literally translates to “wind-water,” has been practiced in China and other eastern countries for more than 4,000 years. It is an ancient Chinese spiritual belief system that suggests the environment around us can be positively altered by tapping into the energy provided by the elements of wind and water. Its principles are based on theories of yin and yang, the five essential elements of earth, fire, water, metal and wood, as well as techniques such as placement of symbols and colors to create balance in a given space.

The salt water cure is a classic Feng Shui practice that is said to remove negative energy from an area. This technique involves dissolving two tablespoons full of common table salt into two cups of fresh or room temperature tap water until it dissolves completely. To use the cure, you will then fill a spray bottle with this salted solution and spray it throughout your house paying special attention to any corners or areas in which bad vibes or stagnant chi may exist. With every spray, imagine all negative energy being replaced with positivity throughout your environment. This practice can also be done outdoors for similar purposes if needed.

The Role Salt Water Plays in Feng Shui

Salt water cure is an important element in Feng Shui, which is a Chinese traditional system that focuses on the arrangement of furniture, objects and other things to harmonize energy within a space. The salt water cure works by placing a container filled with water and dissolved sea salt in front of a particular entry or window, to cleanse and purify all the energies coming into a space. This method can help attract positive Chi (energy) while eliminating bad spirit influences or negative feelings. According to feng shui experts, the water is believed to absorb negativity away from the object being cleansed as well as all around it, breaking down the negative energy before it has a chance to even enter the room. The practice of using salt water cures also helps protect against misfortune and illnesses, allowing only positive energy to be present in the space. Salt water cures have become quite popular with those who practice Feng Shui due to its ability to instantly clear out any stagnant energetic blockages from within homes, offices and other spaces.

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1 Types of Salt Water Uses

Salt water is a popular tool in Feng Shui. It can be used to create good fortune, resolve disputes and health issues. Some of the more common uses of salt water in Feng Shui include:

a) Cleansing – Salt water is used for cleansing and clearing away negative energy from a space or person. This helps restore balance and harmony.
b) Wealth Activation – An abundance of wealth can be activated by pouring salt water into nine containers located on either side of the door or entranceway.
c) Protection – Salt water can be used as a deterrent to ward off negative energies and keep spaces safe from danger.
d) Health Purification – Salt water is believed to purify people’s mind, body, and spirit when they bathe in it. This helps them remain mentally sharp and emotionally charged.
e) Balance – Saltwater can balance positive energy flow in homes or work environments thus promoting harmony amongst family members, colleagues or business partners.

2 Benefits of Salt Water Cures

Salt water cure is an ancient Chinese practice within the science of Feng Shui. It involves bringing a balance and flow of chi in the home or workplace by using four ritual healing elements – incense, lighting, chanting, and salt water.

Salt water cures are used to clear negative energy as well as bring positive protective energies into a space. One of the primary benefits is that it creates a cleansing and purifying effect on any area. This can be seen in terms of physical appearance, as well as the often unseen but equally important energetic field that exists around us – both of which contribute to how our day-to-day life feels.

Additional benefits that salt water cures offer include increased abundance, improved relationships with yourself and others, improved mental clarity and focus, released stagnant energy from your living and work space, better career opportunities, improved health and well-being in general, and energised creativity.

3 Best Practices for Utilizing Salt Water Cures

1. Place a bowl of salt water in the four corners of the house for protection against negative energy. The bowl should be placed on a pedestal or higher surface as this helps to draw out more negative energy.

2. Keep the salt water away from combustible materials such as wood, paper and fabrics, as it could cause fire damage over time.

3. Refresh the salt water every week or two to ensure that your salt cure stays active and efficient in warding off bad vibes and luck. If you do not replace the salty water regularly, then the negative energies may start building up again, thus reducing your Feng Shui effectiveness overall.

How to Use a Salt Water Cure

The Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui is an effective way to cleanse a space of negative or stagnant energy. This method involves placing a bowl of sea salt and water in the space, letting it sit overnight, and then replacing the water in it with fresh water the following morning.

The purpose of this cure is to stimulate the flow of Chi energy around the room and counteract bad luck or stagnation. This can be done periodically, such as every full moon, or whenever you feel there is an energetic blockage in your living space.

The bowl should be placed in the center of your home, somewhere where all four directions intersect for maximum effect. It should never be put on a bookshelf or something that’s higher up than other things in the room, as it would disrupt the Chi flow instead of promoting it.

If possible, add natural elements like herbs or flowers to make your saltwater cure even more powerful – these can also help draw positive energies into your home and ward away any unwanted vibes. After cleansing with saltwater and herbs, you can burn incense or perform a simple ceremony to bless the space with abundance and good luck.

1 Preparation and Cleaning

The Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui is a simple and powerful way of cleansing negative energy from a home or space. It involves using sea salt, typically known as “rock salt” in Hindu culture, to physically remove negative chi. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to create brighter and more positive living environments by utilizing the ingredients already present in our environment.

The preparation for the Salt Water Cure begins with selecting the type of salt you will use. Generally, it is suggested to utilize rock salt, which is many times the same ingredient used in traditional Indian dishes such as Sol Kadhi or Chaat Masala. Rock salt can be found at local grocery stores or health food stores relatively inexpensively, providing an easy start to creating your own cure. It’s important that you use pure sea salt without any additives or preservatives of any kind to achieve best results.

Once your rock salt has been selected, its time to begin with the actual cleaning process! You will need some warm water (anywhere from room temperature to slightly warm), ensuring it isn’t too hot as this may damage surfaces that come into contact with the mixture. Next mix 2 tablespoons of the sea salt with 3 cups of warm water until all of the granules are fully dissolved. Starting at an entranceway or corner of the space, pour a small amount offloating clockwise around each room until completed and discard what remains outside when finished (do not flush down sink). Do this on seven consecutive nights for best results; however, many people report dramatic results after just one application!

2 Implementing a Salt Water Cure

The Salt Water Cure is an ancient Chinese technique used in Feng Shui to cleanse and purify a space. This practice is believed to be able to completely rid the space of negative energy and restore balance while providing powerful protection from any further spiritual harm. The tools used include salt, water, flameless candles (preferably red or white), and either a mirror or mudra.

To implement a Salt Water Cure first start by tidying up your home so that it’s neat and organized. Next, place a bowl filled with clean fresh water on your altar along with some white sea salt (Himalayan is preferred). Place the flameless candles around the bowl of water and light them. Finally, either hang a mirror around the room facing outward to reflect any negative energy out of the home or use either clay or dough shaped into a mudra which symbolizes inner protection. Then put some sea salt into the bowl of water while reciting either a mantra or prayer for protection over your home.

Once completed it’s usually suggested that you leave the bowl of salt water in the location for at least 24 hours before disposing of it in nature away from your home such as outside in flowing running water like a stream or river. It’s also recommended to repeat this practice on every solstice/equinox throughout the year in order to maintain strong protective feng shui energies within your living environment.

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3 Tips for Creating Successful Salt Water Cures

1. Time your cures correctly – Tai Sui, an annual enhancer that roams your home each year, can bring about successes and failures depending on your position. Make sure you understand when Tai Sui is in your home before you set up the cure. Ideally, it should be performed during an auspicious day of the Chinese lunar calendar such as the 1st or 15th of each month.

2. Find the right location – Salt water cures should always be placed near calm environments such as outdoor gardens or outdoor fountains. Avoid placing it near active sources of energy, like a garage or a construction site. Also make sure that if you place a cure indoors, it’s located where air circulates freely so all negative energies can be released properly.

3. Stick to tradition – When setting up a saltwater cure at home, use materials specific to Feng Shui like coins, bells and flutes for maximum success and effectiveness. Although non-traditional items are sometimes used in modern practice, relying on the traditional methods will typically lead to better results when improving the energy flow in your own living space.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui is a ritual used to improve the energy of a home or space. This ceremonial practice often involves burning incense, chanting a mantra and pouring salt water into rivers and other bodies of water near the home or property. The purpose of this ritual is to clear negative energies, rid the environment of old or stale energy, and invite in positive energy, prosperity and luck. While this may seem harmless enough, there are certain mistakes to be made aware of when it comes to using Salt Water Cure as a Feng Shui practice – especially in certain areas such as large bodies of water like oceans or lakes:

1. Pouring Too Much Salt – This can damage the delicate natural ecosystems that surround these larger bodies of water by disrupting the balance between fresh and salt water.

2. Not Using Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives – The traditional practice involves pouring common table salt into rivers, however it is important to consider more eco-friendly alternatives like Epsom Salts or sea salts when carrying out this ritual.

3. Performing Rituals Alone – It is important that if participating in this ritual alone, you are mindful not to stand directly in front of running waters (like a waterfall) to avoid inviting sha chi (negative energy) towards you instead.

4. Ignoring Proper Implementation Timeframes – If the timing for beginning this process is not aligned with your personal bazi cycle or seasonal adjustments then chances are the results may not be what was desired.

1 Incorrect Usage of Salt Water

It is important to note that the use of salt water cure, or ‘Himalayan Rock Salt’, in Feng Shui is extremely controversial and should be used with caution. Using too much salt water can seriously disturb the flow of chi energy in your home, leading to stagnant, blocked energy and even negative influences. The incorrect usage of salt water can have far-reaching negative effects on the spiritual and energetic balance of a home or business. Therefore, it’s important that when using this practice in Feng Shui, one takes extreme care to ensure they only apply small amounts within prescribed confines and spaces as suggested by a certified Feng Shui practitioner.

2 Benefits of a Salt Water Cure

Despite its risks, salt water cures are still believed by some Feng Shui practitioners to be an effective tool in improving their client’s homes and practices. It is thought to absorb bad luck and negative influences from a specific space, allowing for the life force energy (chi) to travel unobstructed throughout a home or business premises. A salt water cure is also said to help remove stagnation in certain areas such as entryways or corners, thus increasing opportunity for growth and prosperity. Additionally, many believe that this practice helps create a shielding effect from external harmful energies entering into areas of one’s home or workspace.

2 Not Being Consistent with the Salt Water Cure

The Salt Water Cure is a good luck charm used in feng shui that involves submerging a glass, vase or jar filled with sea salt and tap water at the entrance of your home. It is believed to absorb bad energy while neutralizing negative chi, as well as inviting positive energy into your home. It should be placed facing the main door and changed once a month.

Not being consistent with the Salt Water Cure can lead to diminished effectiveness. To ensure this cure has the desired impact, it is important to remember to replace the salt water regularly. Additionally, it needs to be submerged on a monthly basis, depending on how long it’s been kept in place since its initial placement. Keeping track of time will help ensure that you are following through with this ritual for maximum benefit.

3 Links between Salt Water Cures and Bad Luck

Salt Water Cure in Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique used to provide protection against bad luck. Practitioners of feng shui believe that by placing a bowl or container of salt and water in your home, you can remove misfortune, bad energy and negative influences. The salt water absorbs the harmful vibes, which purifies your space.

The three main links between Salt Water Cures and bad luck are:

1. Dispelling Negative Energy: Saltwater cures are said to help disperse negative energy in a space as they draw it out from the environment. Once the negative energy has been collected, practitioners believe this energy can be used for good fortune and protection from harm or unwanted influences.

2. Neutralizing Influences: It is thought that when placed near doorways, saltwater cures have been known to neutralize incoming negative energies or prevent them from entering your home by providing a protective barrier.

3. Acknowledging Negativity Exists: In addition to clearing away negativity, practitioners of feng shui see saltwater cures as an acknowledgment of the existence of negative influences in our lives and our need for protection from them.. This mental recognition also helps bring us into balance with our surroundings as we learn to acknowledge their power while still taking steps to protect ourselves against them.


Salt water cures are one of the time-tested endeavors that have been utilized in Feng Shui practice to bring positive life energy into a dwelling. Applying this cure can allow an individual to have a harmonious atmosphere in their home and create an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Utilizing salt water cured benefits can help reduce stress, provide clarity of thought, and promote feelings of restfulness. Furthermore, introducing this Feng Shui basic allows a person to receive the full range of benefits that Feng Shui has to offer. Salt water is proven to be an effective remedy when it comes to revitalizing Qi energy within any living space. This simple act often brings about faith and hope for anyone looking for better luck and fortune in life.

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