Peceras Feng Shui 2021


Feng Shui has been used for centuries to bring about harmony and balance within the home. Since ancient times, people have integrated principles of feng shui into the decoration of their living spaces with hopes of creating a more comfortable and genuinely inviting environment. Today, many people are still turning to feng shui as a means of enhancing the energy in their homes.

In 2021, aquariums — sometimes called peceras feng shui — are an increasingly popular piece of décor for those hoping to improve their homes’ energy. An aquarium is a container filled with water that’s home to various fish, plants, and sometimes decorative treasures like sunken pirate ships or castles. The benefits here go beyond aesthetics: aquascaping provides many mental health benefits, such as stress relief and increased productivity among its admirers. Aquariums also add humidity to your space since they house water, making them ideal for dry climates or just a particularly dry winter. When using an aquarium in your feng shui practices in 2021 consider size and selection carefully in order to maximize the comfort of your home environment. As these contain aquatic life it is important to ensure proper care for these creatures by way of filters that help clean the water regularly. In addition, be sure not to overcrowd the tank with too many fish so as not to create an unbalanced energy state or unhealthy living conditions. Properly chosen fish can provide both positive qualities in themselves and also contribute metaphorically and literally toward improving your space’s energy. Plus they look quite striking when framed appropriately on shelves!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics involving the arrangement of items in a space to maximize positive energy and harmonize one’s life. It is based on five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), their associated colors, and the energies they generate. To create a positive energy flow, feng shui uses several strategies including colors, shapes, placement of furniture and items in the home or work environment; selecting auspicious numbers; as well as selecting plants and animals that correspond with each bagua area of the home.

1. Illustration showing Bagua Map – This illustration is a visual representation of how a person can apply the principles of Bagua to any given space by dividing it into nine sections (each represented by one of the feng shui elements).
2. Photo of room decorated with feng shui principles – This photo shows how colors, shapes, placement and other aspects of feng shui can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere in any living space.
3. Diagram showing Five Elements Cycle – This diagram illustrates the interactions between the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal & water) within a cycle of creating and containing energy.

Setting the Mood

Peceras Feng Shui 2021 can be enhanced with the combination of a few simple sensory elements. Scent is an easy one to start with – essential oils such as sage, lavender and jasmine are known for calming properties, while cinnamon, ginger and lime are known to energize. Selections of incense can also be made that further emphasize these feelings and help set the mood in the aquarium or surrounding area. Music also plays an important part in atmosphere setting – much like scent, different choices can create either a serene or energetic environment depending on your desire. There are many online selections specifically created to evoke moods; selecting music that blends with both the overall pecera feng shui as well as any mythical creature residing within is essential! Lastly, lighting also helps create ambiance in any space, whether it’s overhead accent lighting or submersible accessories beneath the waters surface. With a wide range of options available, making sure your lights capture both beauty and depth can help tie everything together harmoniously.

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Tapping into Positive Energy

1. Crystals – Crystals and gemstones can be used to bring about positive energy; quartz crystals are believed to provide clarity, comfort and healing.

2. Water – Moving water is said to bring in a refreshing presence of positive energy. Placing an indoor fountain or aquarium in your home will add a tranquil atmosphere as well as invite more positive vibes.

3. Mirrors – Mirrors have amazing abilities of reflecting just the right amount of positive energy back you it’s intended recipient, thus creating wonderful new possibilities and good luck depending on their placement.

4. Plants – Having indoor or outdoor plants in or around your home will bring in a sense of prosperity and growth, purify the air and create an overall positive environment with fresh oxygen.

5. Wind Chimes – Beautiful wind chimes also cannot be ignored when covering Feng Shui accessories with amazing sounds that carry with them powerful energies that calm the spirit and lift up one’s mood!

Rules and Guidelines

Feng Shui is designed to bring balance and harmony to lives and environments through the thoughtful placement of elements in order to optimize positive energy flow. A feng shui aquarium setup for 2021 should include references to the spiritual, philosophical, and mathematical principles of this ancient practice.

In terms of spiritual elements, symbols such as dragon statues, turtle images, Chinese coins, mirror placements, yin-yang artwork, or any meaningful objects can be used. These signify the spiritual side of feng shui which is based on the law of karma. The manner in which these familiar symbols are placed will vary according to unique preferences as a reflection of individual identity and spirit.

For the philosophical aspect of feng shui as it applies to aquatic containers, special attention should be given to proper water circulation and filtration that utilizes natural energy currents within the home or office space. This typically involves placing an aquarium in a space that faces east or south so that it receives optimal light throughout the day when combined with reflective materials ( mirrors) inside the tank itself.

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Lastly, there is a strong emphasis on mathematics when considering aeration levels (pH), tank size (dimensions) and selection of fish species according to aquatic compatibility among other factors within a single container. Asymmetrical spaces should be avoided as they disrupt positive energy flow while objects with numerical symbolism such as 6 fish arranged in 3 pairs create nurturance within natural boundaries Even numbers promote growth while odd numbers indicate creativity and greater potential respectively.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a practice originating in Chinese philosophy that uses the arrangement of objects in environments to access or increase beneficial energy or “chi”. It can be applied to private residences, public spaces, and office settings. Feng Shui principles are believed to improve productivity, promote restfulness, and strengthen relationships.

When it comes to improving productivity and maintaining balance while working, Feng Shui recommends incorporating certain calming elements such as water features, wind chimes and air-purifying plants into the office space. Also, allowing natural sunlight into the room and placing items like happy Buddha statues near desks are thought to bring in positive energy. Additionally, organizing containers and removing clutter can help reduce stress and tension.

Applying Feng Shui principles to personal living spaces may also lead to better restful relaxation time. Recommending the alignment of furniture pieces according to the openness of doors for positive chi flow can enable one to achieve maximum relaxation during their downtime hours in their own homes. The incorporation of green elements such as plants is believed to aid in a better night’s sleep as well.

Finally, placing objects strategically within your surroundings can also benefit relationships with others through promoting good feelings among family members or visitors entering the space. Items corresponding with health such as growth rocks placed together around an area where two individuals often meet symbolizes balance between those two people. This placement is believed by some practices of Feng Shui practitioners to enhance relationship sharing sessions which would help create emotional richness even in strained interactions or conversations at home or any other setting.


In conclusion, feng shui remains an important aspect of interior design that, when incorporated thoughtfully, will bring balance and harmony to a space. Incorporating feng shui into one’s home is not merely an aesthetic choice – it goes beyond that to provide health benefits such as preventing illnesses by balancing positive energy and purifying the air quality, while also providing mental wellness and increased productivity. 2021 is the perfect opportunity to incorporate feng shui into your home with the right placement of items, colors, ornaments, lighting fixtures and furniture in order to harmonize your living space.

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