Items Of Wealth For Desk Feng Shui

Desk Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese practice of arranging items on a desktop to bring about good financial luck and prosperity. Using different items of wealth for desk Feng Shui help to focus the energies of wealth in your workspace, to attract and accumulate resources, improve one’s career prospects, and create overall abundance in life.

These items can be found in almost any setting or materials, and there are several that people use to enhance their desk Feng Shui.

Crystals: Crystals have long been valued as symbols of wealth because of their durability and power. Therefore, placing crystals such as an amethyst or citrine on your desk has been known to promote better financial success by attracting positive energy towards it. Furthermore, crystal pieces also work well as paperweights and other kinds of decoration which may be helpful when trying to increase concentration while working.

Money Trees: Popular for both office Feng Shui and home décor, money trees are recognizable for their $1 bill-shaped leaves. Money trees are associated with increased monetary gains by providing a physical representation of wealth in the form of its leaves.

Also known as Pachira aquatica, money trees are native to Mexico but can be found all over the world with high prices at times depending on size and age. People believe that keeping this plant around is beneficial for increasing abundance in one’s life-particularly financially speaking-as it produces more leaves overtime which implies growth in general.

Traditional Wealth Items: Traditional wealth items could include anything from coins to Chinese coins, statues of Buddha, roosters holding golden eggs or even statues show casing dragons surrounded by gold plating; these symbols are known to help invoke bad luck into other areas or take away bad luck from existing circumstances making them powerful figures.

As such it can bring more balances into one’s environment bringing forth money flow (such as investments) in order needed for financial stability or investment risk taking (slightly).

All these items represent having an open mind enough to want changes for the better in regards money wise so any battle will be won when investing properly with care whilst adhering feng shui principals too.

What is Desk Feng Shui?

Desk Feng Shui is a practice derived from traditional Chinese principles related to energy manipulation. It focuses on the items that should be used and placed around a desk in order to bring the most positive energy or chi into a room, reduce stress levels, and improve productivity.

Desk Feng Shui is based off of ancient philosophy which states that the world is filled with energetic forces known as “qi” and arranging objects to properly direct this energy will benefit people in many ways, including improving their life and work situations.

This practice relies heavily on symbolism, meaning each item used has its own unique meaning associated with it which can be harnessed for increased focus and mental clarity. Some of the more common items considered necessary for proper Desk Feng Shui include plants, crystal balls or bowls filled with water, and mirrors.

Plants are often thought of as a necessity when it comes to practicing Desk Feng Shui as they represent growth, regeneration, and new beginnings – all important components for enhancing one’s work life. Crystal balls or bowls of water are also valuable assets because they help dispel negative energy that accumulates in areas where work stress tends to build up such as between colleagues’ desks or near door frames.

The sparkling aspect of these crystals also creates a beautiful display that emits calming vibes throughout the workspace. Mirrors make sure to redirect any unwanted energies away from the desk while helping create an atmosphere surrounded by peace and harmony.

Lastly, other items like photos or statues may also be incorporated into a desk setup depending on what kind of Desk Feng Shui goals someone is looking to achieve. Pictures evoke nostalgia or remind us about our loved ones while statues represent success and strength – both qualities important for obtaining optimal results at work while keeping an upbeat attitude throughout the day.

With Desk Feng Shui taking mere moments out of one’s day every week to assess their setup or rearrange items according to personal means can have an incredibly powerful effect on one’s mental state and personal life endeavors.

Why Desk Feng Shui Matters

Desk Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your desk to create balance, harmony, and prosperity in the workplace. It’s become a popular technique among executives and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their productivity. When it comes to wealth creation, Desk Feng Shui can be absolutely invaluable – and it all starts with choosing the correct items for your workspace.

The Value Of Greenery

Introducing plants into your workspace can provide a number of benefits both physically and mentally. They’re great at purifying air as they release oxygen through photosynthesis, improving indoor air quality for better health. Having nature present in the form of plants also has psychological implications, such as improved morale, concentration levels, creative thinking, and productivity. A few examples of suitable plants are Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), or Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata).

Crystal Symbolism

Crystals are known around the world for their healing powers. During times of stress or difficulty, crystals bring in much-needed energy that allows you to reach out and grab hold of opportunities right outside your fingertips.

For wealth accumulation specifically, there are particular stones that have proven effectiveness for this purpose. Examples include Red Tiger’s Eye which encourages strong decision making ability; Citrine which promotes successful outcomes; Green Aventurine which boosts leadership capabilities; or Pyrite which aids financial gains.

Positive Affirmations And Symbols

Speaking positive affirmations will help reprogram your mind so that you start believing in yourself again and stay motivated to move forward with confidence towards achieving success. Doing this on a daily basis will put you in a proper mindset and set yourself up for confident decision-making that benefits both long-term objectives as well as immediate problems.

Feng Shui Tips For Wealth In Home

Some common symbols associated with wealth involve images with animals like Money Frogs or Golden Cats – these serve to attract positive energy into the aspirant’s life while repelling negative forces from their environment.

Benefits of Desk Feng Shui

The use of feng shui cannot be emphasized enough when studying various layouts and elements in the home environment. With its focus on energy flow, there are several ways to incorporate it into any workspace. Desk Feng Shui is a great way to increase productivity and positivity in the home office.

Desk Feng Shui Elements

Desk Feng Shui encourages items that bring good luck, energy, and prosperity into the area. This includes items like:

  • A Wealth Vase – Filled with coins and crystals, this serves as a source of prosperity.
  • Crystals – Crystals such as amethyst offer water element properties. It promotes creativity and concentration while boosting intuition.
  • Charmstones – Characterized by their unique texture usually found in nature, charmstone assists in deflecting negative energies.
  • Wind Chimes – For a cleansing of energies around the desk, wind chimes can do the trick.
  • Plants – Plants cleanse the air of toxins, as well as bring vibrance to an area.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, each element mentioned works together to create a positive and peaceful atmosphere while working. By creating harmony between these decorative pieces, individuals open up their space for better productivity should have no problem concentrating.

Feng Shui Layout AdviceItems of Wealth for Desk Feng Shui

In the world of

Desk Feng Shui

, wealth and richness are created through placement of particular items. Desk Feng Shui is a powerful way to help create abundance, fortune, and prosperity. When implemented correctly, it can attract positive energy into your workspace or area. Here we will explore some of the common objects of wealth that can be used for desk feng shui.


Crystals are believed to have healing properties that bring luck and good fortune to their surroundings. There are various kinds of crystals that have been used in feng shui for centuries, including amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, jade and obsidian. Placing crystals in strategic locations on your desk can activate a sense of luck and prosperity in your work areas.

Money Frogs

Money frogs are small statues of frogs which are believed to attract wealth when placed on top of desks or near essential work areas. They often come with three coins representing past, present, and future prosperity which act as conduits to stimulate positive energy flow through daily life.

Wealth Vase

The Wealth Vase is an ancient object used for Desk Feng Shui according to Chinese tradition. It’s filled with coins, beads, gems and other trinkets and is thought to promote energies related to financial growth and enhanced luck whilst blocking out negative ones in its vicinity.The Wealth Vase should be placed where it can get natural sunlight during the day so it can absorb more positive energies from its environment throughout the day.

Different Types of Wealth Represented Through Items

A desk is a symbol of wealth in many cultures and societies. Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice, looks at the placement and usage of items in a space to promote positive energy, or chi. Therefore, having certain objects on one’s desk can create an atmosphere of financial wealth, success, and prosperity.

Some items that represent wealth include pictures of cash or even real money; a symbol such as a dragon; lucky coins from various cultures; colorful plants or flowers; gemstones like jade, tiger’s eye, or coral; law books or other tools for success in jobs; metallic objects like brass bells that bring luck to the user; candles or incense sticks. Other useful talismans used to cultivate wealth are bags that contain herbs associated with luck and protection from poverty.

Items associated with intelligence and knowledge can help one achieve financial success and should also be placed on the desk for maximum prosperity feng shui benefits. Bookshelves stocked with literature serve this purpose as well as having pictures of respected people you respect up on the walls.

Educational certificates add to this effect by boosting your confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed even while faced with different types of challenges. Additionally, having awards given at work or honorifics will remind you of how well-rounded you are not just financially but also as a competent individual who can balance academic pursuits as well as generate income.

Arrangement is key when adhering to principles of feng shui for wealth desking purposes – all these items must be arranged strategically around the workspace so they contribute positively towards productivity and attract chi into the office environment. Clear your workspace off all clutter prior to placing any items – a neat environment increases focus and motivation which helps you mental state when it comes to chasing profits during working hours.

Placing images behind yourself serves as visual inspiration too – it doesn’t have cost anything necessarily but seeing powerful words every day helps keep our minds focused on achieving greater levels of success through hard work and dedication over time thus resulting in tangible rewards which can manifest itself materially allowing for more security within one’s lifestyle.

Practical Tips for Storing Items of Wealth

It is no secret that desk feng shui can greatly improve productivity and focus in a work environment. Much of the power behind the practice comes from optimizing the placement of items and elements representing wealth. These could include money, gems, jewelry or anything else that has monetary value. Keeping these thoughtfully organized is key to success on your journey towards greater prosperity.

To ensure smooth flow and clean energy around items of wealth, consider developing a storage system with these practical tips:

  • Rather than mixing coins and other items you store in small drawers or boxes, consider using different containers for each type of item.
  • Divide larger items into smaller bundles for convenience.
  • Place items related to finances or personal investments somewhere safe away from full view.
  • Be selective about what you decide to keep on your desk. Great choices are luxurious materials such as marble paperweights or expensive pens.
Simple Feng Shui Tips For Wealth

Another important thing to remember when deciding where to store items related to wealth is the idea of abundance; having too many things can cause feelings of clutter and disorganization. Consider allocating one section of your work space exclusively for those things that represent a source of wealth or success for you.

Positioning over counter cabinets strategically near your desk is also an effective approach when it comes to organizing valuables. By strategically placing everything in order, moving riches out of sight as soon as possible helps create clear visual paths which reduces distractions allowing for uninterrupted focus energies to flow within the space creates more abundance and organization when managing objects related to generating wealth.

Finally, try adding small touches such as gold coins or crystals near the edge corners of your desk facing outward towards visitors entering the room – this action creates a sense of prosperity while keeping them securely out-of-the way until needed. Keep sensitive information separate from open view by making use of privacy screens or locking filing cabinets.

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Items of Wealth

Having a desk with good Feng Shui can be beneficial in helping you to stay productive and energized throughout the day. Adding items of wealth into your desk area is an excellent way to help boost your creative energy and manifesting more success into your life. Here are some great ideas for creating a desk area with the intention of Feng Shui wealth:


Crystals have long been regarded as powerful symbols for wealth attraction, such as pyrite, citrine, and kyanite. Crystals can help to create an atmosphere of abundance and clarity while they also act as charms that invite in positive energies. Place one or more crystals on your desk surrounding yourself with their uplifting frequencies. It is believed that having these stones around you will draw out negative energy which will lead you towards prosperity and greater wellbeing.


Using symbols is another good way to channel powerful energies since symbols offer us messages embedded with reasons to strengthen our beliefs and faithfulness about how the universe works. Symbols such as trinkets, coins, artwork, pictures or quotes can be placed in your workspace to remind you that it is possible to reach those goals that you aspire too and become successful in whatever it is that you do.

Consider using the symbols of prosperity which resonate with richness like the Chinese coins combined with Chinese knotting; or images of deer – a signifier of abundance – could work really well near the entranceway to draw in luck and abundance all year round.


Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice used by many cultures around the world for purifying spaces from negative energies in order to attract positive ones instead. Smudging can be done before arranging items of wealth on or near the desk so usually done by burning sage sticks inside incense holders placed within reach of every corner of the room where the items are going to be situated.

Allow him time zone circle loop three times in clockwise direction which will enable natural flow within space resulting in more balanced forces while enabling sweet smelling aroma along with abundant positive vibes leading onto perhaps greater levels desired changes within life naturally desires itself.


In conclusion, utilizing items of wealth as part of desk feng shui can encourage prosperity and abundance, growth and success. Furthermore, the placement of Desktop Feng Shui items is critical since the arrangement of these objects directly affects their energy flow. Utilizing colors associated with wealth such as gold or silver can create balance in a room.

Additionally, trying to focus on specific items that can invoke feelings such as comfort, wisdom and harmony will all help promote good vibes. Lastly, it’s important to make sure that the items are strategically placed in front of you or around your desk for maximum benefit. By being mindful of our intentions when using Desk Feng Shui and understanding that many elements contribute to energizing space, we can ensure that our workspaces become havens of abundance and positivity.

Items of wealth play a major role in Feng Shui practices for creating balance between one’s physical environment and mental wellbeing at work. Desk Feng Shui uses items such as weapons, armor pieces or paintings hung on a wall or laid on desktop surfaces to remind one about opportunities for betterment by emphasizing positive outcomes within job roles.

The use of these types of elements serves as powerful reminders while promoting new perspectives when facing challenges at work with better problem-solving abilities being cultivated through their use. Using objects made from metals like gold or silver can also boost our leadership abilities – making us more confident when tackling projects head-on due to material properties affecting energies within a given environment.

Incorporating astronomical products such as horoscopes or astrology charts into a workspace can provide an individual with useful strategies required for decisions concerning finances related to the workplace which might otherwise be difficult with traditional methods being used. Unconventional solutions such as placing Earth element stones like turquoise around your desk might also improve creative thinking processes while stimulating ideas which could be beneficial in brainstorming sessions amongst co-workers in order to accomplish work duties faster.

Further benefits include powering up your self-esteem while reducing any stress levels and ultimately calming yourself down during times of fear or anxiety while helping you see things from an unbiased standpoint since they hold neutral characteristics acting akin to secondary systems having a backup plan ready if needed be it utilized at work or home life settings.

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