Feng Shui Tips For Wealth 2016

Over the years, Feng Shui has been revered as a means of creating wealth. The ancient Chinese science involves the manipulation of energy in one’s environment to produce desired objects and outcomes such as increased wealth. This practice, while having its roots in tradition and superstition, still remains very popular today. To help reap the benefits that this practice contains, here are some simple feng shui tips for wealth in 2016.

One common Feng Shui tip for wealth is to ensure that your main entrance is clean and well organized. By making sure your entryway is well lit and inviting; you welcome an abundance of positive energy into your home which in turn increases your luck with money. Keeping this area clutter-free will make it easier for positive qi (chi) to flow freely into the home and bring luck into your life.

Another way to increase wealth according to Ancient Chinese philosophy is by painting your front door with a bright colour such as red or yellow. These colours attract luck, good health and prosperity – all very important factors when looking at ways on how to bring wealth into one’s life. Having an inviting front door can also mean that potential business opportunities may be just around the corner.

In addition, it’s necessary that one places certain objects inside their home or office space that will attract money energy and invite in luck; like coins placed near lamps or even bamboos with three stalks which identify health, happiness & wealth coming together as one package deal. Placing these objects activates money-attracting chi energy in any given space and encourages more financial success than without it – especially if placed on things like picture frames or shelves.

Feng Shui also suggests placing crystal balls (in sets of three) inside one’s purse/wallet/or even a pocket – anywhere where you’ll have easy access towards them during times of uncertainty/need. This brings forth great fortune & confidence especially during tough times financially speaking.

Last but not least, always remember to keep both yourself & area cleansed from negative thoughts/vibes-an essential element needed when trying out different feng shui tips for wealth. Doing so will also allow new possibilities come forth when dealing with matters pertaining finance.

These are only some things related to Feng Shui that can help you increase your chances of gaining greater wealth within this rapidly changing economy. With these few simple tips, perhaps we can all begin the new year with peace of mind knowing our finances are not too bad after all.

Fundamentals of Feng Shui Principles and Practices for Wealth

Feng Shui is a holistic system of traditional Chinese metaphysics that takes into account the energies of the natural environment and their effect on people, both living and dead. According to this system, luck in any form – whether it be wealth, health or love – can be gained by arranging your home according to certain rules.

2016 is a year of great focus on wealth for those who follow Feng Shui principles, so its important to know how to apply these concepts to your living space.

Clear Out Clutter

Clutter is a major no-no in Feng Shui as it collects negative energy. When you clutter up a room with books and items that you never use, you’re not giving that area of your home the chance to flourish. Remove unwanted objects from the spaces around you and ultimately allow yourself more room to breathe. This type of energy clearing has been known to lift spirits and affect change for those looking for greater luck in life.

Bring In Positive Energy

Feng Shui principles suggest that incorporating elements like water and bright colors will bring in positive energy – which in turn can foster good luck with money. Any item related to money such as coins or jewelry should be placed near the entranceway or in places where they can be seen easily – this way its easy for financial fortune to find its way inside your home.

To further enhance this process, look for items with rounded edges like coins placed near each other; they will act as magnets attracting money from all directions. Emeralds are also said to offer great abundance during times of need; place them in open containers such as bowls (or even hanging plants) around your home or office while making sure there’s always room for new items or guests within it all.

Ensure Good Qi Circulation

One of the most important aspects when considering wealth is qi – energetically speaking, this matters a lot with regards to balancing life forces within our homes. Ensuring proper qi circulation requires paying attention to how well energy flows between different areas; too much accumulation leads us down unproductive avenues; just enough gives us energy boosts we’ll need when stress levels rise.

Make sure furniture pieces aren’t blocking pathways or taking up too much space; also rearrange them often if possible as stagnant chi can literally hoard away positive vibes from entering our living zones regardless of whether it’s family oriented activities time spent resting outdoors under trees taking longer morning strolls etc.

Keys to Unlocking Wealth Utilizing the 4 Celestial Animals

The Chinese use the philosophy of feng shui to attract wealth and abundance. 2016 is the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese zodiac, so we must apply the specific wealth enhancing tips, related to each of the 4 celestial animals that correspond to it. These corresponds are Rat, Bull (Ox), Tiger, and Rabbit.

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When we focus on these four celestial creatures, recognizing their different characteristics can allow us to access their associated wealth elements of water (Rat), wood (Tiger), fire (Bull) and earth (Rabbit). Knowing which animal element rules over any area within our house helps us identify how best to tap into its potential financial opportunities.

In terms of the Rat (water) aspect in one’s environment, a great way to reduce stress by boost creativity is by placing indoor bamboo plants in a protected corner since this will help harness positive energy and shift stagnant energies which will eventually lead to prosperity.

Additionally, with regards to Fire energy observed during 2016 from the Bull perspective it is important to add plenty of sunlight throughout the space such as painting walls with bright colors or adding candles that feature reddish tones and displaying artwork that includes sunny yellows or oranges in order encourage strength and vitality associated with increased wealth flow. Nothing says luxury more than energetic vibes generated from lighting shapely flames alongside resourceful efforts towards achieving financial success.

Moreover it’s crucial for those partaking in Feng Shui for Wealth 2016 must pay close attention when considering Earth energies released during this year since they are perfectly represented by Rabbit aspects; subsequently carpeting or hardwired wood floorings such as those featuring lighter shades of brown throughout one’s dwelling is an effective method for manifesting serenity leading eventual growth.

Money follows calm vibes which arise from peaceful frequency emissions revealed through these natural attributes featured within anyone’s surrounding environment.

Five Essential Feng Shui Positions for Wealth in 2016

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice believed to bring good luck and natural balance. It has been used for centuries, but some of the principles are still applicable today. To bring wealth and prosperity into a home or office in 2016, there are five essential points of feng shui to consider:

  • Declutter areas – Clutter leads to negative energy, draining a room of any positive vibes. Clear all spaces from unnecessary objects and furniture, including any worn out or old items. Decluttering not only removes clutter but also makes sure that the pieces that remain express positive energy.
  • Place wealth elements strategically – All areas should have one or more wealth elements such as Tama shells, coins with a hole at the top hanging from red string, mirrors, citrine gems and particularly gold-colored items as these colors create positive energy.
  • Create positive flow in your space – Feng shui is about ensuring energy can move freely around a space according to its own natural laws – too much restriction creates stagnation. Move furniture in your home once every six months to shift stagnant energy into incoming chi.
  • Invite beneficial guests – Place fresh flowers near entryways to symbolize inviting productive ‘guests’ or new opportunities into the vicinity.
  • Basics of proportions – Finally, pay attention to how objects are placed in relation to one another; use them and their geometrical shapes to create balance.

Adhering to these five simple tips for placing objects and structures within a space will help create prosperity for 2016. Paying full attention allows changes even in small spaces; creating opportunities where before there had seemed no possibility or hope. Enhance the feng shui essence by further decorating the area around these deposits of wealth creation with symbols like Water Kwai Yai and water fountain.

Decluttering For Success

When it comes to Feng Shui, the distribution of energy in your space directly impacts your financial prosperity. Clutter blocks that flow and has a tendency to beckon back negative vibrations. That’s why decluttering and making sure that your home looks neat is one of the fundamental tips for wealth Feng Shui in 2016.

It is best to start with your living area, particularly corners where yang chi may accumulate along with physical clutter from morning newspapers to remote controls, stray dust or other front door items. By clearing out any obstructions on tables or furniture including old bills, expired magazines and outdated papers, you free up Chi energy allowing positive energies to flow faster through your home or workplace.

Let The Light Shine In

In addition to clearing out clutter, another great wealth-building tip for Feng Shui in 2016 is incorporating natural light into your environment. Natural lighting provides breaks in dark spaces and helps increase inner peace due to releasing stress hormones in our system.

Sunlight activates areas within us that need rejuvenated or opened up while also providing nourishment such as Vitamin D all at once. Further, natural lighting a room helps keep positive Chi energy circulating throughout our home responsibly when combined with the right décor items such as mirrors which help reflect light more efficiently into the corners of a room thus creating an abundance of brightness.

Mirror Magic Helps Organize Your Room

By combining mirrors with natural daylight you are able create a dazzling Feng Shui atmosphere filled with auspiciousness and beauty that stimulate both creativity and clarity; both essential qualities that aid financial success according to this ancient philosophy. Alternatively incorporating artificial lighting into these strategies can be helpful when relying solely on sunshine isn’t enough.

Be sure however not overdo it since excessive lighting has been known reduce people’s productivity levels by overworking their brain cells faster than usual resulting in tiring fatigue faster burning them down physically before the end of each day rather than generating enthusiasm that leads to more productive launches come fresher mornings.

Using the Right Colors and Images to Attract Wealth

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging home furnishings and accessories to maintain a positive, energy, is an excellent way to create wealth in 2016. While most people are familiar with the classic Feng Shui procedures such as adjusting furniture or changing colors, there are also other techniques to draw specific benefits from energy patterns found in the immediate environment.

To successfully attract wealth using Feng Shui, one must know how to use the right colors and images that correspond to the energies that are present in their living space.

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Colors have been used throughout history as an indicator of wealth. In feng shui practice, cash enhancing colors include reds and oranges which signify money circulating into your home, blue for wisdom, green and purple for spiritual advantage and browns and yellow hues will focus on expanding family wealth in 2016.

Placing items made out of gold or bronze further enhances this benefit by adding more sparkles of energy into a room. Objects with helix shapes such as a spiral shell invoke better luck while double happiness symbols bring good fortune.

In addition, images can be used strategically to enhance the effects of financial attraction in your living space. Place pictures or sailing boats in the east corner of your bedroom for greater gains while portraits with happy scenes will boost peace into any room they occupy Particularly, certain paintings such as blooming plum blossoms mean greater financial health whereas playing children reflects an ambience where money flows steadily over time.

To derive maximum benefits from these images it is highly recommended to place them directly across from your main door which can take off any bad luck if that happens to be facing you when entering a residence.

Overall, combining specific color schemes with powerful imagery can tremendously help anyone looking for increasing their finances during 2016 regardless if they practice Feng Shui per se or not. With artful placement decisions and awareness of subtle nuances associated with various shades home owners may find themselves improving their financial situation more rapidly than originally thought possible.

The Power of Mantras & Affirmations for Inviting More Wealth

Mantras and affirmations are a useful tool in Feng Shui to invite the energy of wealth and abundance into your home. Through the repetition of powerful words or phrases while visualizing, we are able to create more wealth for our lives. Here are some tips on how to create an effective mantra/affirmation practice:

  • Choose a phrase that resonates with you – It should be something that speaks to your soul and makes you feel the power of it.
  • Repeat your mantra or affirmation multiple times each day – Saying it out loud will help you increase your focus and connect with the intention behind them.
  • Visualize yourself receiving abundance – Picture yourself thriving financially, being happy and content surrounded by wealth energy.
  • Write down your affirmations daily – Writing them down helps to solidify them in your mind and allows you to keep track of progress towards achieving financial goals.

In order to improve upon our current financial state, it is important for us to take action towards creating more wealth. Mantras and affirmations give us an additional boost as they remind us to remain focused on our goal. By making time each day for these simple practices, we can make what feels like an impossible dream much more attainable.

One of the most effective ways to use mantras and affirmations for attracting wealth is by alternating between positive statements about ourselves (e.g., “I am worthy of abundance”) and negative statements about money (e.g., “Money does not have power over me”). This combination allows us to remove any negativity about money, while reinforcing positive thoughts about our worthiness for prosperity.

While saying out loud these affirmation statements several times a day, one should also visualize themselves flooded in abundance – a feeling like they’ve already achieved their desired outcome.

Seeing that picture vividly will draw more abundant experiences into one’s life significantly faster than just saying them without any feeling or visualization attached. Additionally, one should set a reminder on their phone each morning (or whatever works best for them) so that they will be sure not forget their daily affirmation practices.

Closing Thoughts

Wealth is indeed a blessing, but if it is misused, it can easily disappear. In order to maintain and increase your wealth in 2016, here are some important reminders to practice daily. The first thing to remember when it comes to financial security and prosperity is that money attracts money.

A great way to ensure that money will always come into your life easily is by living within your means and staying on top of all financial decisions you make. Prioritizing your spending by cutting down on unnecessary expenses and saving as much of your income as possible will lead to better overall financial health.

Another key tip is to start setting specific savings goals and long-term plans for growing your wealth. Make sure these plans are realistic because if they are too ambitious, they can lead to feelings of discouragement when progress isn’t seen quickly enough. As much as possible, try to automate your savings so that you don’t have the temptation of dipping into it for spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Finally, in terms of Feng Shui tips for wealth 2016, make sure that you keep items at home that attract positive energy – such as images of prosperity or symbols of luxury and abundance – in addition to ensuring that good vibes flow through the space by keeping clutter away from all areas where money would be kept or exchanged.

Cleaning up common areas in the house like kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and entryways will also help create great energy in those areas which will further allow beneficial energy for financial luck to enter your life with ease.

Additionally, lighting candles with special intentions such as manifestation or meditation related can enhance the power of intent in manifesting greater amounts of wealth into your life.

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