Feng Shui Moving To A New House 2021


Feng shui—the ancient Chinese practice of using the energy within a space to enhance balance and achieve harmony — can be applied when moving to a new house. To get off to a good start in your new home, here is a step-by-step guide to applying feng shui for a stress-free move:

Step One: Begin by cleaning and decluttering your old home before you move. Clear out old furniture from the entryway, living areas, bedrooms and other unused spaces to leave them feeling peaceful and open.

Step Two: Choose an auspicious date on which to move into the new house. Astrologers or almanacs can help you determine the most beneficial days or times according to numerology and other aspects of feng shui when moving into the new space.

Step Three: Before bringing anything into the new house, thoroughly clean each room so that it is free of any negative energy or feelings from its previous occupants. This will allow a more harmonious flow of energy in your new home and ensure that it is refreshed before it is filled with your belongings.

Step Four: When moving items into the house consider their placement within rooms first before deciding where they should be positioned. Feng shui practitioners believe that thoughtful placement encourages positive energy throughout the different areas of your home..

Step Five: Place feng shui objects such as rocks, water features, windchimes, plants or healing crystals at strategic points within your dwelling or yard so that they draw luck to each area of your life.

Finally, take some time each day while living in your new house to recognize how much you are blessed by having it as part of your life journey. Taking moments each day for reflection will help keep yourself focused on maintaining harmony between you and your home as well as balancing its energy flows with those of nature around it.

Preparing the House for Success

If you are moving to a new house in 2021, it is wise to understand the importance of properly blessing and introducing positive energy into your new home. Feng shui Moving can be a wonderful way to bring good luck and vibrancy into your new space.

One traditional practice when you enter your home is to set up a salt water cleanse with sea salt or himalayan pink salt. This prevents all negativity leaving your former home from entering your living space, and can be spread throughout both the interior and exterior of the house. To further purify the space, use rattan incense or sandalwood fanning outwards from the front door, then walk through each room in order to create positive chi energy. To ensure strong protection against negative energy around the exterior of your house, burn sweetgrass bundles outside while chanting a mantra of protection.

Afterwards, invite positive energy in by creating an altar that shares a prime spot in one corner of one of the rooms. Include items like a fresh bouquet of flowers symbolizing vitality and abundance and place crystals like green aventurine for growth or aquamarine for protection. When finished setting up this sacred space, honor it with intentions for prosperity for yourself and all living within its walls by lighting some jasmine incense and reciting mantras aloud such as “Happiness and Prosperity forever dwell here.”

Activating the Front Door & Main Spaces

When it comes to Feng Shui for moving to a new house in 2021, activating the front door and other main spaces is essential. This means setting up things like a wind chime, mirror, or decor near the entryway so as to balance the energy flow of chi coming in and out of your home. Furthermore, balancing certain elements like wood and fire, using things such as plants, crystals and furniture can also aid in ensuring that these areas are filled with positive energy. Additionally, it is important to use Vastu principles to align furniture within different rooms; this means making sure all directions have proper air flow or avoiding any sharp corners pointed towards sleeping or working quarters. All these actions play into creating an energetic atmosphere that can fend off bad energy. Ultimately, setting up different partitions or pathways when entering your home can greatly enhance the feeling you get when walking up through the front door.

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Setting Up the Bedroom

When setting up your bedroom in a new home according to Feng Shui, it is important to ensure that the positioning of furniture, objects and the bed are all arranged in ways that create positive Chi. The bed should be placed as far away from the door as possible – ideally, you shouldn’t be able to see the doorway while lying in bed. This will ensure that Chi has time to flow through the room uninterrupted. If possible, position your bed facing North or East so you can wake up with the morning light. It’s also advised to elevate your bed if you can find a way – use risers or tables underneath each leg for even weight distribution – this improves air circulation under your mattress and allows more Chi to flow throughout the space.

Feng Shui also suggests avoiding too much clutter and understanding where best to place furniture. Place two nightstands on both sides of the headboard for balance (try not to purchase matching sets, which may be overwhelming). If space allows it, strategically place chairs around the room and incorporate other pieces like dressers and bookcases thoughtfully; they should add coziness but not block pathways. You could also try hanging a crystal above your bed to dissipate negative energy and cultivate positive energy within the room. Consider investing in some essential oils or an essential oil diffuser to bring calming aromatherapy into your sleep space; add dimmable lights near your bedside so you have control over how soft or bright you would like it at any time of day or night; candles are another great tool for setting a cozy atmosphere before getting into bed. All these simple steps will help enhance good Feng Shui energy in your bedroom!

Applying the Five Elements Theory to Decoration

When it comes to decorating your new home according to the principles of feng shui, the Five Elements Theory is key. The five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—are all connected in a balancing relationship with one another and they each have distinct characteristics which should be considered when selecting paint color, furniture material and other aspects of home décor.

Wood elements are associated with growth as well as optimism due to its emerald hues; fire elements are connected to passion, warmth and enthusiasm through bright yellows or purples; earth elements promote grounding through a selection of muted neutrals like camel or taupe; metal highlights strength via whites or grays; and water promotes relaxation with blue-toned shades such as oceanic blues. To bring balance throughout your home, aim to incorporate all five elements into your décor decisions but make sure that none are overused. Additionally, using an abundance of reds throughout the home should generally be avoided as these energetic tones can become overwhelming if used excessively — try accents of lipstick pinks instead.

Enhancing Good Luck in the Living Room

When it comes to Feng Shui for a new home, the living room should be a priority. This can be considered the heart of the home, and the key is to arrange the furniture in from of each other in order to create an even flow of energy throughout. Here are some tips on what to do when moving into a new house with regards to arranging furniture in this important communal space:

• Keep it symmetrical – When arranging furniture, create balance by choosing pieces that are equal in size, shape and color. Placing them opposite each other will create balance and allows for even flow of energy around the room.

• Create aesthetic harmony – Utilize matching fabrics and textures throughout to create a zen environment that is pleasing to the eye and facilitates relaxation. Avoid using too many patterns which could stagnate positive energy if overdone.

• Don’t block pathways – Clear pathways through your living room are important as they allow chi (or positive energy) to easily flow through the area without any obstructions, also known as ‘clutter’ or ‘chaos’. Make sure not everyone sitting or walking through needs to squeeze around objects or furniture pieces; typically leaving 18-24 inches between walkways and chairs is acceptable.

• Use natural elements – Incorporating plants, wooden sculptures and accessories bring a bit of nature into your space that acts as a reminder for us on our connection with Nature – this in turn increases wellbeing overall!

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Utilizing Nature’s Life Force & Aroma

When moving to a new house, utilizing natural elements in your home environment can make a big difference. One effective way to introduce the life force of nature into your home is by growing plants throughout different spaces. In particular, placing potted plants in the kitchen is an important component of Feng Shui, as it adds beauty and life to the area. The use of essential oils or small items such as dried flowers in various rooms can also add a unique aroma that has been associated with health and relaxation benefits. Furthermore, items like wind chimes and bells are believed to promote positive energy flow throughout the home; making sure they move regularly to avoid stagnation will help keep them effective. Finally, choosing plants that grow both indoors and outdoors according to their season’s light and temperature cycles will ensure they continue living for many years within your home’s holistic environment. Taking these steps can help foster balance, serenity and peace as you settle into your new living space.

Illuminating with the Right Lighting & Mirrors

When you move into a new house, it’s important to consider adding lighting and mirrors to promote good feng shui. Lighting can be used to brighten up dark moods in the home, while mirrors help create balance. The right lighting and mirror placement can be used to achieve positive outcomes within your home. Start by assessing what type of illumination looks best in each part of the house. You may want to bring a few table lamps or floor lamps into each room for warmer lighting that can set an inviting atmosphere. As for mirrors, try to find ones that will reflect your furniture and other objects in the space without reflecting any other living spaces in the house. Place these around areas where stagnant energy is present or where you’d like more movement so that energy can flow more freely throughout the home. Finally, use brighter light fixtures in places you wish to energize such as offices or work spaces and pairs of symmetrical lamps in hallways and passages that need protection from negative forces. By following these steps, you can encourage a sense of harmony and well-being throughout your new home with feng shui!

In Conclusion

Changing lives and creating new beginnings, making a move to a new house is about more than just renting or buying the property – it’s about marrying your environment with your life. Feng Shui gives us the tools to create our own destiny and make the most of any living space. Whether you work from home, want to reduce stress levels, or bring in luck & prosperity this year with Feng Shui, these tips have something for everyone.

When using these tips while you’re moving into a new home this year, start by slowing down, looking around and ensuring all four directions are being optimally utilized. Hang crystals or positive symbols in each corner of the room and place accessories that mirror your intentions such as good fortune, health or relationships in relevant areas. Keeping doorways clear to create good energy flow and utilizing natural elements like plants are also important aspects of incorporating the principles of feng shui into your home. Finally, don’t forget the furniture placement! Make sure not to block your staircases; avoid having beds directly under beams of light; use mirrors strategically for an open feeling; keep desks away from walls which can block potential career growth; and above all else, avoid clutter at all costs!

By taking the time and effort to pay attention to these details when decorating your new house will help create a wonderful atmosphere for 2021! Everyone deserves a living space that encourages productivity, abundance and joy – so take advantage of this opportunity to adjust accordingly! And enjoy your harmonious & balanced lifestyle for years to come!

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