Feng Shui Love Find For Snake 2018

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science which focuses on balancing the energy and elements within a home or office in order to bring luck, love and good energy into the space. Although it can be used for many purposes, feng shui is often applied specifically to finding love.

The snake is one of 12 Chinese zodiac signs and has its own unique qualities when looking for this type of spiritual guidance. In 2018, those born under the sign of the snake have some specific tips on how to use 2017’s powerful earth-based feng shui to further their successes in finding true love this year.

Home Arrangement & Color Scheme When setting up a space dedicated to inspiring love, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration such as determining auspicious placements and setting up neat arrangements. Keep colors neutral so that it invites a peaceful atmosphere for anyone entering the space, neutral colors such as white, off-white and light blue are recommended.

Additionally, display items which speak positively about relationships and arrange them respectfully with respect for both parties involved. Place books filled with wonderful stories which reflect relationships full of compassion and understanding like: ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks or ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by William Shakespeare will help remind you (Snake in particular) that relationships can be beautiful.

Plants & Accessories One piece of advice regarding plants is that Cacti/Succulents are not recommended because they bring conflicts rather than harmony into a relationship – try other types instead. When decorating with accessories opt for metals shapes such as circles or squares rather than sharp spikes as these create strong protecting boundaries against any potential negative energies that may come your way; these can also serve as protection towards your partner(s).

Not only will creating a positive energy filled atmosphere make you feel great but it will also help attract good fortune and bring balance into other aspects of your life as well like career and finances; never underestimate the power of feng shui even when looking for that special someone.

Simplicity & Clear Mindset Most importantly remember to keep things simple – the best Feng Shui comes from simplicity rather than overcrowding.

Being clear minded about what kind of relationship you want is important; visualize yourself spending quality time with someone who brings out the best in you without being too needy or complicating matters beyond reason Of course leave room for occasional moments of complexity given that all relationships require work but being able to think calmly allows us makes decisions unaffected by emotionally charged thoughts or ideas – especially those associated with fear versus unconditional Love Reminding ourselves constantly about our own values whilst we still wait patiently just increases our chances of finding our perfect companion in a healthy way throughout 2018.


Feng Shui is a set of traditional Chinese concepts which focus on balancing energy in the environment. It has roots throughout Chinese history, going back to at least the 5th century BC. The term “Feng Shui” was first used during the Qin Dynasty in China. Over the centuries, Feng Shui has been embraced and developed further by different cultures as it travelled around East Asia, leading to traditions such as geomancy in Japan and Korea.

At its essence, Feng Shui places emphasis on the purposeful flow and management of certain energies known as chi or qi within a specific area or environment, commonly one’s home or workplace. By utilizing this concept, practitioners believe that they can help create balance between their physical and interpersonal spaces while attaining desired results such as financial success or improving relationships.

Love Find for Snake 2018

Due to its reliance on different philosophical concepts, each zodiac animal according to Feng Shui corresponds with various natural elements that are linked with both benefits and risks. For those born under the Snake sign in 2018 (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001), it is exciting news that luck in the areas of relationship opportunities is very strong this year. Here are a few tips for Snakes looking to make the most of their love forecast:

  • Engage your social self: Being more engaged with peers and joining social activities can increase chances of finding love.
  • Choose calming colors: Shades such as blue-green and straw yellow work well for amplifying feelings of romance.
  • Make use of heightened intuition: During 2018 Snakes benefit from having higher-than-usual instinctive awareness.
  • Befriend Lychee Tree Deities: Offering incense at a local lychee tree that poses no obstruction or health risk may bring potential partners your way.

Scientific Aspect

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that looks to balance the energy of a space with the elements. It is believed to positively affect one’s life, making it more prosperous, comfortable and healthy. In the case of 2018’s Snake year, Feng Shui practitioners will advise individuals on how to create a nurturing environment for love-related matters by restoring and harmonizing elements in their homes that can invite positive and energized energy.

Firstly, according to Feng Shui metaphysics, the colour red should be used in rooms where loving energy must be restored. Red encourages focus on powerful attractors such as romantic relationships because it has associations with passion and fire energy.

Red decor items additionally ward off accidents and guard against bad luck caused by negative energies in one’s environment. This makes red an idea colour item for bedrooms, living rooms and any other areas of the home that may require loving energies to be restored into it.

In addition to colour items, certain symbols have been used throughout history in Feng Shui practice as auspicious signs of forming successful partnerships or ameliorating existing ones-particularly through personal growth and communication development rounds this symbolization is generally restricted to strict and traditionally accepted motifs in order for them to remain meaningful enough as embarks towards higher spiritual fulfillment along marriage pathways.

For instance by creating ‘love yin’ atmosphere within homes-by decorating it with double happiness symbols like those formed out from two interlaced hearts or knots – couples are suggestedto experience harmonious union at its best either individually or as a whole entity.

Moreover, always invited into married life are symbols representing wealth (paired Chinese coins) together with Talismans signifying long lasting bliss such as turtles carvings – these kinds particularly being convinced with power t diffuse negative qi which if left idle may lead towards disaster. Therefore, although aesthetically pleasing when presented asthe most beautiful handmade artwork pieces – believe rings true.

Feng Shui for Love and Marriage

– people intending reflecting their love towards each other should conquer their marital atmosphere artfully so as draw only positive arriving back upon them both.

Applying Feng Shui to Love

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harness the power of energy for increased balance and prosperity. It can be applied to many aspects of personal and professional life, including love. This article will help you discover practical ways to apply feng shui into areas of love in 2018 specifically for people born in the Snake year.

One of the most important elements for attracting or strengthening love using feng shui is the element of water. Snake individuals have a strong connection with water and should therefore consider activating their bedrooms with elements such as aquariums, fish tanks, or even installing water features like a fountain or rock pool outside their window. Using this element helps create an inviting environment and promotes calming energy which draws positive energy from nature.

Spatial planning is another key aspect in establishing a space conducive to bringing forth good luck in love. Setting up your living and sleeping areas with kua numbers specific to your birth year allows you to tap into beneficial energies designed just for you.

For example, if one’s Kua number is 4 they would want to place their bed facing south-west according to traditional feng shui practices. Plants are also helpful in creating spaces full of good vibes and harmony: a pink blossom tree adjacent to your bedroom helps attract positive energy towards you.

Additional Tips

  • Hang red curtains in the southwest part of your home
  • Bring fresh roses or carnations into your home.
  • Put a mirror next to the headboard on your bed.
  • Place two Mandarin Ducks symbols near any room entrances.
  • Add plants such as rosemary, mint, bamboo, etc around the house.

Symbols and Artifacts

Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed to bring good luck and balance into one’s life. One of these areas that Feng Shui seeks to improve is relationships and love. With the Chinese zodiac sign for 2018 being the year of the snake, there are certain symbols and artifacts put in place to bring luck in love for people born under this animal group.

The first artifact that is recommended to bring luck in love for a snake year is a pair of Mandarin ducks. This symbol is so important in Feng Shui because it aids individuals tactically in their relationship battles by offering support and peace with problem resolution.

The second artifact that will bring good luck to those with the Snake sign are color pink items like roses or whatever item brings much joy in your decorating scheme. This color stimulates feelings of unconditional warmth, tenderness, healing, calmness, innocence, gentleness, and nurturing which provide a perfect foundation for healthy relationships whether existing or new ones.

The statue of Quan Yin also known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion can be utilized too boost romance within a relationship when placed on either side of the bed. Placing images or artwork depicting mountains around the house can also be used by Snake signs during this new year as it provides strength, security, loyalty and stability within a relationship.

Finally another object sometimes overlooked but vital components for success if you are born under this zodiac sign include mirrors which signify mutual respect and admiration between partners. When strategically placed in opposite directions facing each other it revives feelings associated with falling in love time after time again even after age has crept up from both sides of a partnership setting in motion an endless circle of happiness which may never cease but only grow stronger year after year.


As 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, people born in the year of the Snake will be looking for love luck. Those born under the Snake sign have a somewhat more enigmatic nature than other signs. They often prefer to keep their emotions hidden which can make them quite difficult to read or understand.

The key for Snakes is to let go and learn how to show vulnerability in order to let others in and build relationships. Feng Shui can help Snakes by offering essential tips on placing certain features around their home that helps bring about Love luck into their lives.

South West

The South West area of one’s home or bedroom is known as the Relationship and Love sector. This makes it extremely important for people born under the Snake sign looking for love fortune. Items such as wooden furniture, Begonias, pairs of Mandarin ducks or turtle pairs are great for this sector.

Both Begonias and turtles represent both long life and fertility which are exactly what people desire from this area. Any placement that brings positive energy to this zone will attract good fortunes either marriage wise or blissful relationship type prospects.

North East

Another important area when bringing about Love Luck is the North East area, also known as enlightenment sector. It is thought that items such as live plants with succulents being especially preferred, wind chimes, valuable objects and pictures of happy couples raises chi energy in this section creating favourable atmospheres ideal for attracting potential partners.

Moreover bright colours like reds and pinks are particularly effective when placed here so having pink rose quartz crystals placed in specific directions like pointed towards your bed from where you sleep helps strengthen Love Luck supposedly too.


Lastly but certainly not least, the East may prove beneficial when trying to draw new forces especially regarding attraction towards ones self from another person whether that be friendship develop naturally into something more meaningful, appropriate house plants making sure these have enough water too never hurts either.

Placing a bamboo flute can also be effective however many suggest keeping just 3 stalks tied together which represents blessings related to health happiness nd longevity specifically concerning love luck rather than 5 stalks.

Color Usage

Colors often have a preponderant influence in our mindset, especially those of us who practice and identify with the concept of energy and work on adjusting it. For that reason, 2018 is the year to be aware of the power of color when it comes to bringing love into our life.

Feng Shui Animals For Love

As a matter of fact, Feng Shui states that all colors contain certain elements you can draw in to create a good flow within your homes or workspace. Now we are going to talk about the colors specifically assigned as Feng Shui Love Finders for those whose Chinese Zodiac sign is Snake in 2018.

The bright and vibrant shade Lavender will be the best match with this sign as not only does it possess traits closely associated with luck in love but it also symbolizes both strength and sensibility which many snake people are known for embodying. Depending on how much brightness you need for your home, one might opt for softer tones like lilac or pale lavender instead as they’re more calming and harmonizing according to Feng Shui principles.

White actually belongs on the Love Finder list, too. White is believed to bring peace and calmness wherever placed and helps make any environment inspired by Yin energy (which focuses mainly on subtle force) more pleasant and nourishing for our hearts.

A great way to combine both delicate white tones plus thematic purple nuances could be through textiles, artwork pieces or furniture; think about painting kitchen cabinets white if there is enough natural light in that area to maintain a fresh feeling of space & life.

Achieving this tranquil balance supported by these two romantic colors is what makes this year’s Sang Yin Love Find so special. Combinations like rose gold and sky blue (with their very gentle air) pair extremely well with either Lavender or White; because they’re softer shades but still induce an imprintable hue when present in modest proportions throughout our environment.

Whether you paint an entire wall one color or choose small articles around your living space, embracing this beautiful mix-and-match technique will definitely set off sparks between you and your partner.

Living in Harmony

Feng Shui has been used for centuries as a means to help people achieve success and luck in many aspects of their life, particularly in the area of love. The 2018 year of the Snake is no exception and there are some specifically positive steps Snake-born people can take this year to increase the chances of improving their love life.

Create Balance

For every room, it’s important for Feng Shui followers to primarily ensure balance. This isn’t just about creating a space that is visually balanced with furniture items but also to make sure that there exists an equilibrium between active and passive energies.

When it comes to the bedroom, in particular, an even distribution of yin and yang energy should be ensured by avoiding too much forceful colors or patterns while simultaneously using light colors like pastels or whites to imbue a calming influence on the atmosphere.

Improve Your Bedroom

Feng Shui experts suggest making changes to improve your bedroom according to how it affects your own personal energy levels. Making regular decluttering sessions part of your lifestyle can provide extra space for items that will bring positive energy.

You should also try hanging some auspicious symbols around your home such as Tibetan bells or Eight Immortals pictures, both of which signify good luck when used properly within Feng Shui conventions. The placement of these niceties is equally important; it’s best practice for them to be placed relatively close to your bed so that you continually reap benefits from having them there.

Choose Appropriate Colors

The use of colors plays an essential role in modern Feng Shuiapplications; all too often we forget the impact they have on our moods or subconscious thoughts. Generally speaking, if green symbolizes an invigorating and refreshing feeling whereas darker burgundy hues would instill feelings comfort inwardness; this being one example from amongst thousands others available when considering color choices.

Additionally, prioritizewarm color hues – like orange – over cold ones like blue so as to increase your chances of engaging with potential partnerswho may enter your home, realm or living space throughout the courseof2018.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that can be used to invite positive energy and blessings into our lives. When it comes to love, Feng Shui can be used to help us create the best possible environment for us to find and embrace love in 2018. Drawing from the 5 Elements Theory, understanding and harnessing the Love Find energy of the Year of The Snake can be very beneficial for attracting new love.

By setting up intention with appropriate symbols in the Southwest corner of your home, which represents Relationships and Love, you open yourself up to having positive energies surround your space. Equally important is paying attention to your Bedroom area (South) which should promote pleasure as well as comfort.

Make sure that the layout allows you good night sleeps in order to attract romance into your life. Include symbols of love such as red lotus flowers or Mandarin ducks which represent pair bonding or consider asking for a talisman from an experienced Feng Shui advisor based on your particular situation and needs.

The 2018 Year of The Snake is strongly recommended to focus on self-improvement, particularly when you’re single, in order to unlock deep potentials that you may not have noticed before. A few simple steps like mindful meditation and yoga are great ways to disconnect momentarily from all negative vibes and reclaim a strong sense of inner power that can ultimately manifest success both in career/life matters as well as relationships.

Furthermore, decorating your walls with artwork depicting earth tones will deeply complement this cycle too. For those already involved in romantic unions need to pay special attention toward their better halves lest any differences arising get settled while at the same time strengthening their relationship further by organizing frequent date nights or planning a romantic weekend getaway somewhere once in a while.

By following these guidelines judiciously we can effectively use Feng Shui locks into our environment; allowing us entry into rich new realms of blessedness while also cementing our already existing relationships further leading eventually to much happiness going forward in 2018.

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