Feng Shui Home Tips For Attracting Wealth 2015

Feng Shui Home Tips For Attracting Wealth in 2015 can greatly benefit someone who is looking to find financial security and stability in their life. It is important to remember that this type of home decorating/organizational system should not be used as a quick-fix, but rather, as a tool for creating an atmosphere that embraces balance and nourishes our energy fields.

By incorporating the principles behind feng shui we can begin a year of good fortune, improved organization, abundance, and success.

Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui Home Tips There are many benefits associated with incorporating Feng Shui Home Tips For Attracting Wealth into your home. These tips can help you promote clarity in the environment as well as harmonizing the energy flow throughout your home.

Uncluttered spaces make it easier for us to focus on our ambitions and goals throughout the year. Also, by allowing Chi (or positive energy) to freely channel around your home, it will help promote positivity and abundance towards achieving all aspirations throughout 2015.

Detailed Instructions on How To Utilize Feng Shui For Your Home Although it may seem intimidating or overwhelming at first glance, accessing the tools necessary to make use of these tips can be made easy with some guidance. First off, it is important to get rid of clutter and open up more space – this will allow for more energy flow throughout your home so fortunate energy can easily move about without being blocked by obstacles or residue from past years.

Another key step would be focusing on colors – opt for jolts of brighter colors when planning where items should go to add extra life into each room.

Add surefire symbols around the house such as bamboo flutes for wealth or arrows pointing towards obvious doors/entrances – this will ensure opportunities arrive at your doorstep. Hang mirrors opposite windows (as opposed to on walls) – this creates further reflection which helps bring wealth into any living space. Last but not least – bringing nature indoors while also keeping caring plants nearby allows air circulation among rooms thus promoting further freshness in one’s living environment.

Overview of Basic Feng Shui Principles For Attracting Wealth

Feng shui home tips for attracting wealth has become an increasingly popular field of study. Practitioners of feng shui believe that correct energy placement and flow within a home is essential to creating a prosperous living environment that encourages the generation of wealth and abundance. According to traditional feng shui principles, there are several steps one can take when attempting to improve their luck with money and cultivate wealth.

Steps To Attract Wealth With Feng Shui

  • Be sure to declutter your home regularly. Having mess around will create a negative energy which will block any incoming wealth.
  • Placing natural objects like plants can bring freshness and energy into the space.
  • A prominently displayed citrine crystal in the living area or entrance hall serves to amplify positive energies leading to greater opportunities for prosperity.
  • Objects such as pictures, symbols, or artwork should be chosen carefully according to traditional Chinese beliefs about color meaning.
  • Bright colors like sunshine yellow or cool navy blue are representative of money and can be used in various areas, including around windows or on furniture.
  • Having aquatic images or water features inside the house adds sparkle and invigoration but it is important not to overwhelm the room with too many features

Key Money Magnetizing Areas In The Home

Though there are no strict rules regarding where one should place items for optimum benefit, there are certain areas which practitioners agree should be given attention first:

  • The main door of the house is known as the ‘mouth’ of chi. It needs keep clean from any dirtiness as this can have a direct effect on how business or career opportunities arrive at your gate.
  • Place aquariums, waterfalls, terrariums or other water elements in southeast sector to promote financial security.
  • Display citrine stone in office tables at Southwest sector to help bring good fortune from employers.
  • An inviting perception of green plants in east direction helps de-clog stagnant energy while promoting new work ventures open up.
  • Hang painting depicting mountain scenery on West walls of bedroom, since this symbolizes upbringing from scarcity and power struggle into abundance.

Strategies for Identifying and Clearing Out Blocks to Abundance

One of the core principles of feng shui is that your home should be kept clear of clutter and disorganization. This not only keeps energy moving freely throughout the space, but it can also help create an atmosphere that attracts wealth, success and abundance. In order to truly make use of all the potential abundance that can be gleaned from an organized home, it’s important to first identify and clear out any blocks to prosperity in your environment.

Mindful Movement

If you’ve identified a certain area of your home that seems to lack energy or has been feeling stagnant for quite some time, then it might be beneficial to try mindful movement exercises for that particular space. Mindful movement simply means being aware of all the energy you have surrounding you as you move around specific areas or objects in your home while focusing on what you want those objects to bring you in terms of success and abundance.

Feng Shui Picture For Wealth

Move those items gently while repeating affirmations and visualizing yourself being successful with whatever goal or desire you have in mind. As the energy starts shifting and begins circulating where those items were before, new opportunities will start manifesting as welcomed distractions from old habits which were perhaps preventing growth in certain areas.

Visualising Success

Another great strategy for creating more attractive surroundings is visualization through art. When we look at a piece of artwork depicting success (for example, a landscape depicting a beach house), our minds often begin to effortlessly perceive “success ideas” vying for attention in our subconscious; ideas which are key pieces for living a prosperous life.

This concept doesn’t really mean buying new pieces of artwork rather than displaying ones already owned, because those images can easily take us back into our own past experiences with each ‘visualized reminder’ subtly allowing us greater persistence towards future goals.

Surround Yourself With Symbols

Finally, one should never forget the power of symbol-based reminders when attempting to attract wealth within our homes. Symbols act as representations that could potentially allow us access into understanding and developing more meaningful relationships with ourselves; something essential when pursuing personal ambition or aspirations related with success and fulfilment on all levels.

Place symbols such as coins, plants or water elements (Buddha statues) around your home’s entranceway – this is where the most luck can be found if your goal is increasing financial security – they offer psychological value rather than completely materialistic return on investment – spiritual prosperity instead seeks permanent clarity over temporary gains.

Strategies for Placing Objects in Your Home That Promote Wealth

One of the oldest forms of Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui is used to attract wealth and good luck. It can be applied using specific home décor strategically placed in certain locations within a person’s home. Here are some tips for incorporating Feng Shui principles into your home:

First, when it comes to adding decorative pieces that encourage wealth, choose items with round or square shapes. For instance, a chandelier with round glass pieces would make an ideal choice. As ancient Chinese beliefs suggest that round objects represent wholeness and abundance, having such a piece serves to enhance the level of chi energy inside a home. Similarly, pictures depicting squares and cubes create harmony and balance in any room.

Second, use vibrant colors like gold, yellow and red that symbolize knowledge, wisdom and creativity to make any living space feel more opulent. Artwork featuring tree images should be placed on walls close to windows to signify growth. Avoid displaying artwork that portrays complex landscapes or abstract scenes since they bring too much stimulation into the living space. Instead opt for simple yet elegant pictures that capture nature’s beauty such as flowers, birds or mountainscapes.

Thirdly – one should consider adding elements related to water such as aquariums or indoor fountains to invite more wealth into their lives. When carefully positioned in the east portion of the house, water features activate forces responsible for creating positive energy flow required for financial success; not necessarily monetary but also spiritual and emotional gains as well.

Using mirrors is also important – positioning them at angles so they reflect auspicious elements into your living space. This powerful technique brings about an increased sense of well-being by amplifying positive energy throughout the house which eventually leads up prosperity on all levels – physical mental & spiritual alike.

Colors and Materials to Choose When Decorating For Wealth

Feng Shui is believed to improve the flow of energy and attract positive vibes into the home. This particular energy helps with wealth attraction. Here are some tips for using Feng Shui when decorating a home:

  • Choose colors that represent wealth, such as yellow and gold.
  • Incorporate wood materials used in furnishings or décor items.
  • Make sure the color palette includes green for prosperity.

When implementing these colors, paint one wall in each room a main color while the remaining walls remain neutral. For example, if there is a yellow wall in the dining room, use gray paint on the other walls. The yellow can also be incorporated into soft furniture surfaces and accessories like pillows, throws and art.

Adding wooden accents such as furniture and flooring, will bring much needed financial luck to any home or space. With this type of material, it is important to make sure it looks well-maintained; otherwise it can have negative vibes that may not attract wealth. Smooth woods like oak and mahogany look especially polished when kept clean.

Green has long been considered a symbol of growth and prosperity in Feng Shui design. As plants are usually green, incorporate small trees planted outside near entryways as this will increase financial luck immensely over time. Similarly, adding green accents such as cushions or curtains inside the house can do wonders for bringing money energy to the living space.

Techniques to Calm and Enhance Positive Chi

Feng Shui can bring wealth into your home in 2015. Implementing just a few tips and tricks to utilize the flow of qi, or chi, at home is an inexpensive and easy way to create a harmonious environment conducive for success. According to traditional Chinese philosophy, qi should be balanced in order to achieve harmony and growth.

First, it’s important to clear the clutter from the home. Clutter stops positive energy from flowing freely through the space, so having minimal items creates a more calming environment where qi can travel and spread around the room.

Additionally, openings such as windows or doors should be kept open at all times; this allows qi to easily travel throughout the space. Being mindful of how these openings are utilized is also important – if there are too many open entrances into the house, then large amounts of qi can pour out freely and quickly instead of keeping wealth inside.

Feng Shui Home Tips for Attracting Wealth 2014

Mirrors can also be used to increase positive chi flow through a space. Utilizing them in hallways or rooms with limited lighting helps direct energy into every area of the house since mirrors act like portals into other parts of one’s life.

The placement of furniture and selected items is also key when considering Feng Shui – while it’s pleasant for guests to observe beautiful photographs or artwork upon entering a home, placing that artwork near the entryway is not ideal. Instead, frame it behind furniture such as sofas or chairs; by doing so, visitors won’t hyper focus on one piece but rather take in everything around them as they enter.

Decorating the walls with colors that embody wealth such as purple, green or gold can help boost prosperity in the household. However, these colors should only have minor emphasis in a room since busy designs full of graphics and multiple colors will impede energy from moving smoothly along; subtle accents rather than bold statements on walls should be considered instead for this Feng Shui tip specifically designed for attracting wealth in 2015.

Finally, using flowers throughout your house symbolizes growth and balance which are crucial components necessary for achieving abundance while practicing Feng Shui. Fresh cut flowers bring life into any home; however it’s best if certain color schemes are followed when decorating – bright oranges represent joy while lighter purples signify luckiness which are both essential elements when preparing a space with this ancient Chinese art form.

Tips for Enhancing Wealth from Each Area of the House

When trying to design a feng shui home that attracts wealth, it is important to focus on the energy in each area of the house. Each space represents an aspect of life, so creating positive energy differentiates success from failure.

South East Corner Wealth Enhancement

The South East corner of the house is known for its ability to attract wealth and fresh opportunities. Cleaning this space is essential, with no clutter or dust accumulation allowed since it can hurt your chances of finding financial success. Enhance this area with items like water features or objects that are round and smooth, as these forms naturally draw in good energy. Crystals, mirrors, or other shiny objects also work here.

Kitchens and Fire Element

The kitchen should be tidy and welcoming since it symbolizes nourishment, both physically and spiritually. Adding fire element items represented by items like red objects or lighting will help energize the atmosphere. Having a nice oven and stove reflects a strong desire for financial growth while keeping up with maintenance and replacing broken items keeps money flow vibrating positively through your home.

Main Door Protection

The main entrance should always have an approachable feeling since it’s what greets anyone entering the home each time they come back inside. Keep extra security if necessary and make sure to clear any nearby obstacles that might bring someone’s confidence down before entering the house that signifies their well-being inside their home sanctuary. Adding a beneficial item there like a wind chime or ornamental plant activities adds protection from negative forces whilst enhancing wealth attraction significantly.


As we have seen, applying Feng Shui home tips and remedies to attract wealth in your life is an easy but powerful way to draw more abundance and money into your life. There are a variety of areas to focus on within your home, and you can begin today by taking action on these suggestions. One of the first steps is upkeeping the space with regular cleaning and organizing.

This allows energy to flow freely through the area rather than getting stuck in a pile of clutter. In addition, you should remove any negative objects that could negatively impact your energy or distract from the positive flow of abundance.

The next step to increase wealth through Feng Shui is by adding elements into the different bagsua areas that are associated with wealth and success. Adding greenspots or representations of water throughout the rooms helps bring a feeling of growth and prosperity energies into the home as well as particular colors associated with each bagua area designed to attract specific energies that increase intelligence and luckiness for financial success.

For even stronger results, you can add affirmations throughout various areas in your home targeted towards achieving financial abundance that further promotes Wealth Chi within your environment.

You can also rearrange furniture in areas so that there is a clear route for Chi energy to move throughout the space without getting blocked off or blocked by large furniture pieces placed incorrectly; this will enhance both physical movement as well as mental clarity for improved decision making when it comes to managing finances.

Overall, implementing just a few simple Feng Shui tips incorporated into daily living helps create balance amongst all 9 baguas – including assisting in purifying one’s environment specifically related promoting wealth accumulations. With these changes, you should be able to feel confident in not only improving wealth potential but feeling supported by abundance flows constantly from all sides.

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